Need help with PC edition

Yesterday I bought the definitive edition for PC so that i could have all of the current characters. The only problem is no one is unlocked except for killgore because he is free. How can i fix this problem? i have tried restarting my computer, restarting killer instinct, and tried microsoft support but they did nothing. Please help

I think you should also have Jago as he is a permanently free character I believe since Shadow Lords was released. (Maybe you need to play Shadow Lords once to unlock him.)

I’d maybe go to a mircosoft store bro. For certain KI PC questions, me and seemingly everyone else in this thread have gotten absolutely zero response (not support, I’m talking simply response) from any of the devs.

or here

or here

We did get a dev response in this thread, shout outs to @rukizzel!

Lastly, this thread talks about why your characters may not be showing up and gives some solutions

Hope this helps!

So i’ve got this problem and both microsoft and one dev here couldn’t help.

I purchased a hard copy (CD) of Killer Instinct Definitive Edition for Xbox One, When I go to the Microsoft store to install it on my Windows 10 gaming pc, I can install the regular free game. But, all the characters are grayed out and it says that I have to re-purchase the definitive edition again for the pc. I don’t think this is right for me to have to re-purchase the game again. I also read somewhere that if you owned the game when the pc release came out, that people that have the game would be provided with a way to play it on the pc. Is this true? I want to play it on my pc too now. But I will not buy the game a second time. Any advice would be appreciated.