Need help KI definitive edition only season 3 unlocked

i got KI definitive edition but only season 3 characters are unlocked i tried using my account on my cousins xbox to download them everything but the characters are unlocked

That seems to be a more of a common bug. Are you playing on PC or console?



when I look in the microsoft store i can see the characters that haven’t been installed but i cant download them

Okay, I suspected you were on PC, as this seems to be more of a PC issue than console.

The Microsoft Account you purchased the game with, is it the same account you use to log into Windows?



Is your Microsoft Account properly under your region? For example if you live in the US, is your account’s region the United States?

yeah i checked that awhile ago while i was trying to get my dlc

Okay, very good. I’ve seen issues where people had changed their region, and that bugged things up.

What I’d recommend trying:

  • Uninstall the game completely.
  • Go to the Microsoft Store App and Sign Out.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • Go back to the Microsoft Store App and Sign In.
  • Re-Install Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition from the store page.
  • Once it’s clean installed, reboot your PC again.
  • Launch the game, and see if the issue is resolved.

by reboot you mean restart?


i have notifications for every character but its still only season 3 that unlocked

Hmmm… and when you check your installed games via the Microsoft Store App, and expand on Killer Instinct, are there any files or anything that still need to download that you manually can?

i can see all the dlc characters but i cant download any of them and it says this product cannot be installed on this pc

Okay, my recommendations now are:

  1. Inquire on the game’s Discord in their Tech Support section. There may be other users there who can assist.

  2. Reach out to Xbox Support (they may redirect you to Microsoft Store Support) since your product is not functioning correctly.

i joined th KI discord a while ago and asked for some help no response yet and i have been trying xbox support but they havent been able to do anything the last one i talked to straight up said to just refund and didn’t try anything else

I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not sure what else to recommend. Typically when I see someone having this issue it’s usually on PC and the person is usually using a different account for Windows from the one they bought the game with, or they’ve changed their accounts region to one they’re not actually in.

Since you’re saying none of those situations apply to you, and a clean install has not resolved the issue, the best thing I can recommend is official support. I suppose you could try to Support section of the Xbox Discord as well.

If you are unable to resolve the issue and they are offering a refund, I’d recommend that so you don’t loose your cash.


ty for trying to help

Of course, and I hope you’re able to resolve the issue.

Another alternative is the Steam version of the game, which does not have the character unlock issue.

i somehow got the season 3 ultra edition to work