My theory on a new mechanic

In the Adam Isgreen interview, it was stated that when we see season 3, we’ll immediately know what they did with all that time they’ve spent on season 3 thus far, considering we won’t get the full cast at launch.

To me this sounds like a passive admission that there will be some sort of fantastic new mechanic which nobody has been expecting!
Couple this with the fact that a couple characters are getting reworked and it sounds to me like a recipe for variable fighting styles for each character.

Looking at MKX, the only thing they have on KI is the option to play any given character in 3 different ways.

This would indeed be a massive undertaking. My only hope (assuming my theory is correct) is that we’re not given 3 diminished versions of the former characters…

What do you guys think? What was Adam referring to when he said we’ll immediately know what they’ve been spending so much time on?

Doesn’t ARIA already kind of fit that role of having three different variations of her to play as.


For some reason, I don’t think this would fit KI, although I think it’s an interesting “What if” scenario. I’m willing to be proven wrong though if they do this…

I hope they don’t - I’ve never liked the system MKX has in place.


MKX “variations” were just not done right in my opinion.

Totally agree. MKX did a poor job with many things. I ended up getting my $80 back for that money grubbing disappointment. KI is superior in every way, imo.
I think if they implement fighting variations, leaving all current movesets as one of the options, then we’ll have nothing to complain about.

No way would they do a three different play style mechanic for KI. I mean Adam himself said it, the most expensive part is creating new characters, fighting moves fall under that branch. Not only that but seeing how many characters there will be as soon as KI season 3 launches means they would basically have to triple the amount of time to work to complete the entire roster.

As for new mechanics one of them is Stagger which am not a fan of. You’re basically stuck for the next 5 secs watching as your opponent gets to punish you.

Personally I’d like super jumps for a more arcadey feel but not as ballistic as MvC. Super jumps I feel would also enable those enders that cause the screen to pan out like the original games.

Also another mechanic I’d like is a guard crush, a meter showing how much you can block before your guard breaks.

You may be overthinking the idea of new styles. They could just change stances, add a move or two to complement each new style and switch up some frame data. Minor tweaks to each character would be a large task, but not the same as tripling the current quantity of movesets.

Ugh, I don’t like the sound of stagger. Like that crappy Dizzy mechanic from SF2? KI, with such brutal combos, doesn’t need that. Punishing whiffs and dropped combos is plenty harsh.

I don’t know about super jumps… They’d have to add more verticality to the stages. Constructing stages is the second most expensive part of development.

I’d love to see blocking get nerfed though. Although they ought to balance that by making it a bit harder to keep up pressure.

How do you nerf blocking?

That’s what I was thinking…

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= nerfed blocking.

This game is already offensive-minded enough as it is (no pun intended). Doing that would break this game.

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Kan ra with a super jump along with his sand jump lol no thnx

I thought stagger was it.

i think there is more than just stagger. the new mechanic is so game changing that they cant show off season 3 without it locked and ready

You’d have to really nerf everyone’s offense to keep that balanced though, to the point where it wouldn’t feel like the same game anymore.

It wasn’t my idea. And I highly doubt it will be implemented.
As I said, they’d have to make it a lot harder to maintain pressure if they went that direction.

Man I hope not… I like the variation idea…but I do not like how its implemented in MK. I cant stand that as Kano you cant use the laser while also using the knife. Or Raiden cant teleport with his regular lightning moves.

I think its Ultimates, new moves for every character, and of course the stager mechanic. They arent going to add new mechanics that late into the release without testing it first. thats why shago has the stager…to test it. So far I havent seen any complaints.

I cant wait man…I wish S3 was already here! ahhhhhh!

I know! We were told we’d get more info soon… Not soon enough! I need it now! Give us one trailer every couple weeks or something!

Another thought:

Could it be customizable intros?
Or perhaps MKX style intros which depend on your character vs. opponent? I hated MKX but I did think that was a nice touch.

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