My theory on a new mechanic

I’m calling it now Tag Team

I want it to be more Stage Ultras especially for Season One Stages


Of course Ultimates for everyone!!!

Maybe its just because im knew and haven’t completely learned what to look for, but it would be cool if we could (While keeping the current breaker system in place) use a shadow bar (or 2 bars) for a breaker.

For example: You are on your second health bar, and you are in the middle of eating a combo that will finish you, but you don’t want to take the risk of guessing wrong, getting locked out and losing the match, so instead you could sacrifice your shadow meter (if you have it) for a guaranteed break. I am thinking it should cost 2 shadow meters/bars though, just so its not abused/overly done.

So basically ■■■■■ Fulgore and make Omen broken? Edit:Scr3w is censored?

I don’t really play those two or know how they work, so that’s my bad for not knowing and suggesting that. Though I am sure something could be done to make sure Fulgore benefits, and something to prevent Omen from being broken.

Like I said though, I am still pretty knew to the game and still learning how certain things work/function, so it was kind of just a random thought, not a serious idea that I think needs to be implemented or anything lol

You can combo-break at virtually any point during a combo except during openers and most enders, so there really is no need for your suggestion. Furthermore, there HAS to be risk involved somewhere, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the whole back and forth the game offers. Simply using resources for a guaranteed break isn’t enough. Also, shadow gain isn’t exactly balanced between characters (as mentioned above) and would be easier for some characters and harder for others. Furthermore, combo-strings would become a lot shorter as it would encourage people to go for guaranteed damage with little or no chance for breaks or risk getting combo-broken, especially when the opponent has shadow meter, which should be most of the time. That would make the game far less interesting to watch for any viewers. Besides, how would you activate such a thing while keeping it easy to do and without it interfering with something else?

Once you learn the system, and how to read your opponents (which I admit will take time - use the practice/combo-breaker training modes!), you’ll see just how easy and “free” combo-breaking already is.

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A “burst” system of guaranteed break for resources doesn’t really work for KI. In systems that have such a mechanic, the game is largely balanced around it. KI isn’t, and for shadow at least, the resource isn’t really evenly available across the cast.

As an aside, I lol’d when I read “nerf blocking”. KI’s offense is potent almost to point of brokenness half the time, so the idea that blocking should be nerfed or penalized is quite amusing. :laughing:

Maybe its a graphic upgrade? Idk. I’m fine with the graphics now i think they are beauts! But if they upped a bit to make it feel new that would be immediately noticeable.

Anyone keeping up with Keits tweets? It seems like it isn’t just one new mechanic but several. It also sounds like he is implying what we see in the world cup won’t be the entire set of new mechanics so what they show off might look broken and unbalanced.

Keits Tweets!
Cool expletive. Like ‘hells bells!’ or ‘Thralls Balls!’ or ‘sweet merciful chode-nuzzler!’

Damnit! I was gonna play KI, but now I have to listen to a stream about KI :confounded: