My Season 2 Character Tier List

I realize that Season 2 is coming to a close and I wanted to put this out for everyone to take a look at. Obviously this list is very subjective. Everyone’s opinion will be different and that’s ok. One could easily slide a character up/down and it’d be hard to disagree with their opinion. Also, there is no “order” to the list as the characters are just put into groups.

Would love to hear everyone’s feedback regardless.



Yeah I would say pretty solid tier list. At least for this season :confused:

Yeah, agree mostly, wish Aganos and Hisako were a bit better in the game, but fortunately there are no big tier gaps.

Wonder what the rebalance will do for the game.

Not Bad! Actually, this is where I’d put them!

Good Stuff!

I really don’t think TJ Combo is that low however. But hey, maybe he is? :confused:

First of all, KI tier list it’s really tight. All characters are viable, but IMO some of them have very good MU against others. Given that, in no particular order:

Best character: Fulgore
Top tier: Kan-Ra, Spinal, Sabrewulf, Jago, Sadira, Maya, Omen
Middle tier: Aria, Cinder, Glacius, Shadow Jago, Thunder, TJ
Bottom tier: Orchid, Hisako, Riptor, Aganos

Kan-Ra in Top 6? WHOOOOOOOO!!! I’m glad for he’s my new main! My Kan-Ra just get level 50! : D

Just curious, why is Orchid so low on the list? I have had the most trouble against her shenanigans.
Cinder above TJ and Orchid?
Thoughts on that?

I’ve seen Orchid put in lower tier more often…

Always find it difficult to fight her though…

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I’d probably flip Hisako and Glacius for season 2, but I think that’ll change in season 3. I think the iceman’s moving up in the world.

I’m honestly surprised to see Aganos towards the bottom. I knew he wasn’t going to be near the top, necessarily, but the bottom? I would’ve put him firmly in the middle if anything.

I can see a compelling case for everyone in the top 6, though I’d probably bump Thunder and Maya and replace them with Sadira and either TJ or Jago. I think the others belong up there though, and that you could argue for it to remain as-is.

I don’t think either Hisako or TJ belong in the bottom 6 at all. TJ is a very good character, and I firmly believe Hisako goes even with the entire cast save Riptor. I’d probably bump Cinder down to bottom 6 as a replacement.

Kiets once said something along the lines of “Even though it’s hard for people to agree on a definitive tier list, most people still agree that Aganos is pretty much at the bottom.”

That’s what most people think, just because he is so different.

P.s. I definitely don’t think he is at the bottom.

I’ve taken an entire lifebar from an opponent using only 5 hits with Aganos - he’s DEFINITELY not at the bottom.

Orchid confirmed bottom 3 by this list.