My Personal Little Character Ideas

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my thread! I had another one set up long ago, under a diffrent account, but I can’t actually seem to find the thread anymore, which is a shame.

Put simply, I’m going to toss up some character concepts here, and if any of you guys want to comment on them, share ideas and maybe even suggest new concepts for me to try, go right ahead! Feedback is the father of success, after all. :slightly_smiling:

I’ll put the very first one up starting from my next post, so keep an eye out!

For some reason I read the thread title as “My Little Pony Character Ideas”


First one right here. Introducing…


BACKGROUND: Creatures not from this world sometimes manage to break into this world, despite the barrier between worlds being strong and the crossing of realms being dangerous. Some break in out of sheer curiosity to see a whole new world. Some break in to cause havoc and fulfill their ambitions. Some break in to stop that second group, and prevent them from causing trouble. Some just end up here. The Dame is of that last category, a shadowy creature without much of a body ordinarily. To compensate, she crafted herself a mighty, towering body, pillar-like in shape and opulent in style, and set about establishing herself in this new place, and seeing if the locals enjoy fighting as much as she does.

Personality-wise, the Dame is kind of full of herself. Regal and hammy, certainly, but also quite condescending and arrogant, quick to put down opponents she sees as unworthy. She’s also quite temperamental, largely around her true face…she keeps it covered with a special covering, but once it’s revealed, she goes absolutely ballistic!

APPEARANCE: The Dame is, as mentioned above, distinctly pillar-like in look. Her upper body is basically a large cylinder wrought of gold and engraved with various patterns, and atop it is a large, stylish crown, studded with jewels. The front of her pillar-like body is actually a large stone mask, albeit with part of the top-left section cracked off to reveal a shadowy mass underneath, showing off a glowing eye with distinctly-feminine eyelash patterns. Instinct mode cracks this mask off entirely for a while, revealing another such eye and a jagged-line mouth of the same style.

Below the waist, she has actual legs. Linking up to an almost-unnoticeable lower body, her upper legs are essentially columns of stone with gilded spheres on the top and the bottom to help her articulate. At the ‘knee’, her legs turn into large feet, styled seemingly after high-heeled shoes. The ‘foot’ part is stony and the ‘shoe’ part is golden, though the high heel itself is articulated with another spherical joint at the base to allow a greater range of balance.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: Dame Nemesis is a large-statured fighter, about the same size as Aganos. Of note is that her buttons don’t do what is expected of them: her Punch attacks use her mighty legs, whereas her Kick attacks instead employ shadowy, hand-shaped familiars to attack for her. Being large in stature, she doesn’t have a very fast walk speed, nor a very fast forward dash, but her backdash is a quick backhop, allowing her to effectively put a bit of space between her and an oncoming attack she’d otherwise be caught in. She’s fairly unremarkable in the air, too, but generally serviceable.

Her unique mechanic is Timing, represented by a pair of coins above her Instinct meter. Timing is gained over time, and used in a number of her special moves, allowing her to, if done at the right time(generally if her move would counter an enemy’s attack), turn her move into something a bit more powerful, or something that puts the foe at a more disadvantageous position for the following comboes. When a stock of Timing is expended, it leaves an outline.

MOVES: The Dame’s specials are as follows:
-Smash of Contempt: Dame Nemesis brings her right foot upward and then down fiercely, stomping first with her articulated heel and then with the rest of her foot. The upward kick doens’t hit in front of her, but does hit anything jumping toward her, dragging them into the stomps, which are Overhead attacks. The stomps also hit prone opponents. If Timed, the second stomp is followed up with a HUGE kick of her left foot that recaptures. Shadow Smash of Contempt features additional stomps of the foot(not the heel) after the first one, and follows up with the huge recapture kick.
-Caress of Spite: Dame Nemesis lashes out with her familiars, sending them out in a straight line. If they hit an enemy, said enemy is dragged closer toward the Dame for better comboing. Diffrent buttons send the hand out further or nearer. Cannot be blocked, but can be backstepped or ducked. If Timed, the hand moves faster and lands a punch before grabbing. Shadow Caress of Spite is a proper grab, launching out a big hand that grabs an enemy, crunches them twice and sends them at the dame for more combos.
-Cold Ironside: The Dame steps forward harshly, attacking with the side of her cylindrical body. This is a big hit that pushes an enemy back a bit when it connects and has a longer stun. Can be followed up on, whereupon the Dame fires away with a HUGE heelkick that knocks an enemy down. If Timed, the heelkick is followed up on with the Dame’s hand familiars picking the dazed enemy back up and setting him down on his feet for a recapture. Shadow Cold Ironside follows the side-smash up with rapid kicks to precede the heelkick, after which the foe is grabbed.
-Harsh Mortar: The Dame fires a large ball of energy out of her crown. This shot arcs and soars through the air before plummeting to the ground. Mainly anti-air and anti-distance. Dishes out one hit. If Timed, the energy ball explodes for a few more hits, and works as an Overhead. Shadow Harsh Mortar fires a ball seemingly made of wispy faces, which explodes in a bigger radius for multiple hits.

"Those who see my face must die!"
INSTINCT MODE: The Dame’s Ire.
This mode sees Dame Nemesis’ face-cover crumble to dust, rousing her legendary temper. In addition to the usual benefits of being in Instinct mode, this puts her at full Timing until it wears off, letting her tear into enemies who do not pace their attacks effectively with contemptuous ease. When it wears off, it still leaves her with two stocks of Timing to use. In addition, it increases the power and size of the familiars generated by her Kick attacks.

STAGE: The Dame’s Throne Room
A former chapel building that the Dame has seen fit to occupy. The arching ceiling can be seen clearly, and the floor is lined with white, marbled stone tiles, some of them cracked. There’s stained-glass windows depicting the Dame being awesome and conquering things, placed there by the familiars that serve her every whim. In the center of the stage’s background is a palanquin…if the Dame is not present as a fighter, she’ll be seated upon this, observing the flow of battle eagerly. To the right is a large pair of wooden doors, and to the left is a small altar with things on it, as well as an organ being played by the familiars. Performing an Ultra Combo rocks the cathedral and makes the familiars float around in a hurry, and the last hit blows out all the windows, letting the light of the morning sun shine in.


…with this one done, I’ve not just shared my first idea, but also put down a template write-up for the others to follow! I’ll hold off on posting the next one so you guys can read and comment for a little bit.

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No comments, huh? Okay, time for the next one. Introducing…


BACKGROUND: Schvaik is a Solwing, a resplendant species of white birds who wield the light of the sun as a weapon and act as servants to the truly-enormous Rocs, who make their homes atop large mountains. Normally content to keep to themselves and tend to the whims of their gigantic masters, which includes tending to their nests and keeping an eye on their eggs, Schvaik’s come down to the surface for some reason or another. Maybe she was ordered to by her caretaker? Maybe UltraTech did something to the nest she oversaw?

Schvaik, being a bird, doesn’t really speak the human languages very well, but she has a special artifact around her neck that translates her thoughts to human language. From this, her personality can be divined: were the situation not so dire, she’d be fairly friendly and eager to dispense knowledge. Unfortunately, she’s in a hurry: UltraTech made off with a Roc egg, and, even if it’s useless to them, she’s been asked to retrieve it.

APPEARANCE: Schvaik is a tall bird, combining cues from several other types. She has a resplendant white coat of feathers, first and foremost, and wears a silver necklace with a blue gem set in. Looking up at her head, long-necked as she is, she has striking blue eyes, the same shade as the sky on a sunny day. Upon her head is a small, peacock-esque crest of gold, and up front is a long, powerful beak with a sharp tip, almost like that of a stork. Her neck is very long, as stated previously, giving her an even more storklike look, and her main body is somewhat slender.

Her wings balance this out, being huge and excellent for flying or smacking others up with, and the very edge has a series of gilded pinions to deploy. Of special note are her tailfeathers: they’re enormous, like those of a peacock, and spreading them reveals they’re mostly gilded with red details. Striking! She’s got the proper avian hips and thighs, neccesary for powerful landing gear, and her thick legs end in avian feet with wicked talons on the toes. She wears silver bangles on her ankles too, each also inset with a blue gem.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: Schvaik is a large-statured fighter, about the same size as Aganos. Her Punches are beak-pokes and swipes, but her Kick buttons do diffrent things depending on where she is: on the ground, they’re wing-slaps, but in the air, where her wings are spread, she uses her betaloned legs. Unsurprisingly, being a bird, Schvaik is excellent in the sky, having a high, floaty jump, being able to dash forward or backward twice, or turn one of those dashes into a brief hover for air-combos. Her dashes are serviceable, but unremarkable on the ground.

Her unique mechanic is Sunlight. Not shown as any secondary bar or trick, Sunlight is put on her through the use of a move and its variations, either as an ender or Shadowed, or when going into Instinct. One can tell when Schvaik’s under its effects because her tailfeathers separate a little bit, revealing more of the red. When Sunlit, Schvaik regenerates white health faster and her talon attacks are more powerful. Sunlight wears off after a bit, though, so make the most of it!

MOVES: Schvaik’s specials are as follows:
-Solar Shot: Schvaik fires pellets of solar energy from her beak. Three shots are launched in quick succession, but don’t do much damage individually. She can angle this: on the ground, it goes forward or diagonally upward, and in the air, it goes forward or diagonally downward. Sunlight adds a fourth shot. Shadow Solar Shot instead fires a thin beam that hits six times, and Sunlight beefs that up to seven.
-Updraft: Schvaik flaps her wings fiercely, creating a powerful gust of wind. This gust hits low, and sends the other fighter up into the air, letting Schvaik take the fight to the skies. Shadow Updraft instead creates a small whirlwind that lingers for a while and slowly moves across the stage, inflicting four hits on contact, the last sending the enemy up anyway.
-Dance of Blades: This move does diffrent things depending on where it’s used. On the ground it’s a series of wing-swipes that dishes out four hits, and in the air it’s a series of powerful diagonally-downward kicks that deals out six. When Sunlit, both versions gain extra range. Shadow Dance of Blades adds two more hits to both versions, and the ground version sends the enemy up into the air.
-Suncaller: Schvaik’s main vector of getting the sun centered on her. She spreads her wings and lets out a cry, centered harsh sunlight onto her. If an enemy’s close, they take one hit of damage and get knocked back. Shadow Suncaller does three hits, and the sunlight buff lasts a little longer.

"(loud birdsong)!"
INSTINCT MODE: Morning Glory.
This mode sees Schvaik’s sacred song put to use, letting the sun really linger on her. In addition to the usual benefits of being in Instinct mode, this basically puts her in Sunlit state for the duration of her Instinct mode, with all the benefits thereof. Nothing fancy, but it works.

STAGE: Roc’s Nest
A large mountainside nest, created by the Roc to house their eggs, and works just fine as a fighting arena as well. The fighters stand on a raised ridge of rock chunks kept secure with bindings made of branches and a covering of downy feathers, be it rubble from old buildings or just large stones. In the background are a series of large eggs, as well as three Roc chicks that watch the fighting curiously. There’s the silhouette of a Roc chick head visible in the foreground sometimes too, but never obtrusively. In the distance is a sunlit sky, with clouds hanging low in the sky. Performing an Ultra Combo causes the sky to black out as a massive Roc descends in the background, dropping dead cattle from her beak that the chicks will eagerly tear into.

STAGE ULTRA: The Roc chick in the foreground will vanish back. Upon the last hit in the sequence, the other fighter is knocked up a bit, and intercepted by said Roc chick, leaping in from the background with a flying kick! It lands in the background, and briefly pummels the fighter it caught using pecks and stomps before grabbing their ankle with its beak, spinning around twice and flinging them off the edge…only to lose balance and flop onto its back, flailing about as it tries to right itself.

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Glad i wasn’t the only one thinking that XD

Ha, a response! Glad to see you here, man. But please, do elaborate a bit on what you mean…?

I read his comment saying that he thought he read my little pony character ideas

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The lack of comments so far is kind of embarrassing…I mean, I figured you’d LIKE some new stuff few would suggest, or new spins on old stuff! Well, I’ve got another one. Something more…insectoid this time. Here comes…


BACKGROUND: Not all monstrosities this world knows are crafted by human hands. Some are natural, and merely require a tiny little nudge to come to the fore. Berzeliant is one of those monsters. A massive insectoid born of nature rising again in an otherwise-uninhabitably-polluted subterranean place, she’s truly a hulking mass of powerful muscle and chitin that seems more like platemail. Fortunately for the world, this massive beast is quite docile, and prefers to just keep to herself.

UNfortunately, UltraTech’s mining operations broke into her underground hive, and she quite objects to being intruded upon thusly. Fighting to protect her hive, her minions and her egg stash, she stands tall and wields her bulk with unnerving amounts of grace and fluidity. Ascertaining her personality seems tough, as she does not speak the human language, but she seems quite fond of honey and dislikes bright light.

APPEARANCE: Berzeliant is, truly, a massive, hulking abomination of a bug. She’s comprised of three clear segments: the front, the center and the back. The front segment is almost spherical, with her head set in the middle, giving her sort of a ‘hunched’ look. Said head has a long, sharp proboscis, and looks out at the world with red compound-eyes on the sides, and an extra one on her forehead, letting her ascertain a far wider degree of motion. Her shells look black, but being lit shows them to be a very dark, dull brownish colour. Her two first limbs are here, simple arms with two-segment fingers, each ending in a sharp-looking claw. The shell on her back splits apart to reveal clear wings.

The center segment is a smaller semi-sphere shape, with lighter armor that just attaches to the front and back, and is supported by her second pair of limbs: a slender, muscular upper leg, and then enormous pillars of flesh, covered with a chitin ‘sole’ and layering panels on the front, meant to move and to defend. Fitting, as they tower up past her head! The back segment is also largely spherical, but less so naturally, and more because it’s quite bloated, the chitin panels giving way to clear skin that holds a distinctly amber-like fluid…most likely, this is a special kind of substance she intends to feed her young in time. This rounded mass is held up by her last pair of limbs, looking quite similar to the second set, save that the forelegs don’t tower up quite so high.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: Berzeliant is a large-statured fighter, about the same size as Aganos. Her Punches are actual punches and pokes, but her Kick buttons are shoves and slams of her second set of limbs. Being so enormous and heavy, berzeliant is not very good in the air: she can’t even jump without using her wings to help her lift off! Fortunately, she has no need to: she’s an absolute monster on the ground, dashing faster then a creature her size has any right to in both directions, and her forward dash even has a single hit of Armor on it, allowing her to simply shrug off a weak hit to get stuck in.

Her unique mechanic is Flies. Instead of a buff for Berzeliant herself, Flies act as a debuff for her enemy. Using certain attacks, she’s able to put her horrible minion bugs onto her enemy, letting them cling and generally be awful. The presence of these gribblies unnerves her foe, increasing the amount of damage they take from attacks by a little bit and decreasing the quality of their block, allowing some chip damage through. Eventually, though, the other fighter’ll shake the flies off, so make the most of it!

MOVES: Berzeliant’s specials are as follows:
-Slam Tremor: Berzeliant rears back a bit, and slams her forelegs down onto the ground, causing a shockwave where she hits the ground. Two hits…the first is an Overhead as she brings her legs down, the second one is a Low-hitting shockwave that can hit a prone enemy. Shadow Slam Tremor sees Berzeliant charge forward while stomping like this four times, for eight hits.
-Sonnet of Flies: Berzeliant’s main method of getting Flies on enemies. She sings her horrid song and sways from side to side, dishing out two hits to a close-by enemy. One high, the other medium. On either hit, if the enemy is struck, they get Flies attached to them. Shadow Sonnet of Flies dishes out five hits in the same pattern, each applying Flies if the enemy doesn’t have them.
-Startling Charge: Berzeliant braces herself, popping her wings out, and then charges forward at lightning speed, hitting an enemy once on impact, and once when hitting the other wall if it’s within range, wall-splatting the enemy. Shadow Startling Charge deals five hits as it goes along, and one more if the opposite wall is reached.
-Sharp Kiss: A grab attack, featuring Berzeliant lash out with her hands a bit in front of her, and, if she grabs an enemy, prods them with her proboscis twice before tossing them back again. This also lets her Flies attach. Shadow Sharp Kiss is more of the same, save it’s just one poke and four instances of suction, doing more hits and turning a bit of empty life into white damage as well as attaching Flies.

"(warbly, off-key buzzing song)!"
INSTINCT MODE: Summon the Cavalry.
This mode sees Berzeliant’s song…well, summon the cavalry! The titular cavalry are wasp-like bugs that attach to her carapace and forelegs, chasing away the flies that normally live there. This allows her to put Flies on enemies with all of her Kick attacks, and attacks that’d normally put Flies instead put Wasps, which are like Flies except moreso: they do their job better and are harder to shake off. Wasps will immediately shrivel up and die once Berzeliant’s out of Instinct, though.

STAGE: The Deep Hive
An underground cavern, inhabited by Berzeliant’s insectoid minions…many of whom are as mutated as she is. The fighters stand on a walkway wrought of hardened wax, and in the background is a large, paper mache-looking hive, from which speck-like bugs occasionally flit. Large bugs are close to the hive, maintaining it, as well as the walls and the floor. A river of honey flows from a cavern opening near the left side, all the way through a gulley in the background’s floor and out the right side into a pit. Some of the larger bugs just look at it, completely mesmerized. Performing an Ultra Combo causes the cavern to shudder, and the bugs buzz and hop with every hit, reacting to the music. They go ballistic on the last hit, as if cheering on the winning fighter.

STAGE ULTRA: The last hit sends the enemy sailing through the air and into the honey river, splashing some of it on the spectating bugs. The other fighter flails helpessly as he or she is dragged by the current, and the formerly-spectating bugs follow along the shoreline, eager to see what a splash the intruder’ll make.

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No replies all this time. That makes me very sad. But, much like TJ Combo, I’m back now, giving you another reply and another concept. Never mind that Season 3 is done, I’m just going to keep doing this because I enjoy it. :stuck_out_tongue:


BACKGROUND: It’s easy to forget that UltraTech has a standing army. Between all the crazy stuff they roll out, the common soldiers sometimes get completely ignored. But that does not mean they’re not potent, capable fighters, and the Ultraforce stands head and shoulders above the lot. Brave men and women inspired by Ryat Adams’ vision, they fight hard to safeguard his holdings and defeat his enemies, utilizing intense training in athletics and martial-arts, cutting-edge nanofabric body-armor and a suite of specialty weapons to prevail over whatever fighters stand in their path. Only the very best of the best get the chance to join the Ultraforce!

APPEARANCE: Ultraforce members come in male and female varieties, but both are dressed the same. They wear face-enclosing, metallic helmets, rounded up front and slightly squared in the back, with a mouthguard and a yellow visor that has a slight circuitry pattern engraved on the inside. This helmet is attached, via a thick cable that sprouts from the lower back of the head, to part of the backpack of their chestplate, kind of a cross-shaped affair with extending heat-sinks on each ‘point’ as well as in the middle, linking up to a processor that translates the wearer’s thoughts into action, letting them switch weapons on the fly and repair damage to their armor quickly. Said chestplate is smooth and covers their chest and upper body completely, with small pauldrons added to defend the arms, but cuts off at the abdomen, where black, skin-tight, glossy material takes over…kind of an undersuit. Around their forearms are thick, metallic bracers with glowy lines…these are what their weapons link up to. Their hands are covered in metallic gauntlets with thick, black material to cover the hand and prevent chafing, most notably seen on the palms of their hands.

Around the waist is an armored belt, the buckle being the UltraTech logo, but otherwise, their lower bodies are covered in more of the skin-tight material. Their legs are covered in knee-height metallic boots, boxy in style, with small thrusters built in to assist the height of their jumps and allow them a bit more push when it comes to dashing.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: For the most part, the Ultraforce members are fairly solid fighters with dependable moves. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. However, their gimmick changes how they play: they equip Weapons, each of which changes how their moves are performed and work. They have four ‘modes’ to switch between, as follows.
-Bare: No weapon equipped. This is their stock mode, wherein all their moves behave in a natural fashion.
-Ogre Baton: Boxy devices worn on the forearms that link up to large tonfa, the business-ends of which are shaped like studded kanabo clubs. The Ogre Baton is a powerful, heavy weapon that slows the Ultraforce’s attack speed in return for greater attack power and a bit of armor on their specials and some heavy attacks.
-Ray Blade: Boxy devices worn on the forearms that generate energy blades of various types. The Ray Blade is powerful and long, but has a limited battery-life that recharges as it’s use is conserved, meaning the Ultraforce trade in hit amounts for hit power and better reach.
-Thundering Cutter: Boxy devices that terminate in small, oval-shaped chainsaws. The Thundering Cutter is a highly-effective weapon that hits many times and mulches guards, allowing the Ultraforce to dish out more hits and deal more chip-damage. However, these roaring monstrosities are quite cumbersome and hard to stop, meaning there’s noticeable after-hit lag, and also have shorter range. Pick your attacks carefully!

MOVES: The Ultraforce’s specials are as follows:
-Takedown: An advancing grab that sees the Ultraforcer charge forward and tackle an enemy to the ground, then landing a single hit on them as they’re prone. Weapon effects are applied to only the last hit if they’re equipped with one. Shadow Takedown gives the charge more reach, and results in a more brutal takedown worth three hits.
-Projectile: A ranged attack that changes greatly depending on what weapon the Ultraforcer has equipped:
–Bare throws a frag grenade that arcs and explodes upon contact with an enemy or the floor, dealing one hit of damage. Shadow Projectile throws a cluster grenade that deals four hits instead.
–Ogre Baton unleashes a blast of compressed air forward. Doesn’t have a lot of range, but does a bit more damage. Shadow Projectile unleashes a bigger shot worth four hits.
–Ray Blade launches a crescent-shaped energy shot that arcs forward and upward lazily. Deals one hit of damage. Shadow Projectile launches a full circle that pierces and slightly drags the enemy, meaning it can deal between two and five hits depending on the enemy’s position.
–Thundering Cutter unleashes a blast of lightning that deals two hits of damage, but needs to vent heat afterward. Shadow Projectile makes the lightning blast more potent, dealing five hits of damage.
-Upstrike: A jumping uppercut, nothing special. Is affected by weapons, though, which affect both the height of the jump and the number of hits, as well as their damage. Shadow Upstrike always leaps at the highest level, and adds a two-legged stomp-kick to the end, resulting in a floorsplat, both of which do an extra hit.
-Switch Up: This move allows the Ultraforce to switch out their weapons. The order is Bare - Ray Blade - Ogre Baton - Thundering Cutter - Bare. The move has a delay period after being used.

"Limiters disengaged!/For the future!/Come and get some!"
This mode disengages the limiters on the Ultraforce’s suit, extending the heat-sinks and producing glowing lines across the whole suit. This mode, in addition to providing the usual benefits of Instinct Mode, makes them dash faster and improves their weapons: the Ogre Baton gains a measure of armor even during non-heavy attacks, the Ray Blade deals more hits per swing and the Thundering Cutter vents heat quicker, allowing it to attack faster too. In Bare mode, they instead just do more damage.

STAGE: Ultraforce HQ
The station from which Ultraforce’s commands are delivered. A room clad in metallic plating, the primary features are a raised balcony in the far background, linking up to a doorway, with two sets of stairs leading up to it, and a large holo-table in the closer background, displaying a holo-globe that details active UltraForce operations. There’s a few NPCs in the background too: near the front are a grizzled, Nick Fury-esque officer with camo-coloured armor, lacking a helmet to show off his eyepatch and greyed sideburns, as well as a tall, sexy female medic with white-and-red armor, also helmetless to show off her long, blonde hair. On the other side of the table, near the left-side stairs, are a shorter lady engineer, wearing orange overalls over her green armor, the top half of which unzipped and draped along the back of her legs, as well as donning glasses and brownish hair…and a half-plated Fullgore unit she’s working on. Near the back, on the balcony, is a fully-armored, shiny gold-plated UltraForce commander with a red, cross-shaped visor and a noticeable crest up front. These people watch the fighters as they fight. When an Ultra is performed, the lights dim and the observers watch tensely. On the final hit, they cheer in various ways: the commander grins wide and makes to light up a cigar, the medic leans back onto the table and smiles, the engineer cheers exhuberantly, the half-fixed Fullgore robotically imitates the engineer’s movements, and the gold-plated commander nods once before getting on the comms to notify ARIA of what happened.

STAGE ULTRA: The last hit sends the enemy sailing through the air and onto the holo-table, shattering the surface and sending massive voltages of electricity coursing through the unfortunate fighter’s body. The officer and the medic recoil from the impact, and then the commander shouts at the engineer, who comes up to the front hauling a big toolkit to fix the table. The blonde, meanwhile, sighs and dons specialized gloves to pry the fighter off of the table.

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Truth is, while a good handful of us enjoy basking in details and well-thought out post. A lot tend to just skim, don’t have the time or simply just to lazy to read the entirety of a long post. Not to mention without any pictures, line breaks or bold emphasis. At least that is my general impressions of the forum since my time here.

I like this idea because it brings Ultratech to life. It would show that their force isn’t just comprised of Riptor and Fulgore units but Ultraforce as well. This tells me as a player that the Riptor and Fulgore units are better reserved for drastic situations against heroes like Kim Wu and Jago. Ultraforce as described reminds me of modern soldiers who show heroism and patriotism, those who serve for the greater good and are proud doing so.

However, after Adams’ death and Arias’ misunderstanding of weakness and evolution, we see a shift from patriotism to law and order. Strict rule of the people and intent on ceasing any opposition, sort of like the 1700’s British Army.

Not sure why, but when I read the first sentence an army of Robocop clones came to mind.

Somehow, this is the closest representation of your description, it feels like Ultratech, techy and futuristic. I probably just did your description a great injustice.

That’s a lot to digest, I would get that their normals would be fairly simple but it is their weapons that shift the outcome of the fight. I do like how each of them has a distinct weakness and can ultimately cost a player the match with the wrong weapon in certain matches. Eyedol and Aria are our most unique characters given that they have different tools when in their alternative form. Not one, not two and not even three, but four weapons!

I ultimately was like eeeeh… but after giving it some thought, this would add so much emphasis to learning this character and making him feel like-new despite the amount of time spent on training. However, that would cost leaving beginners out of the target and adding a completely gimmicky feeling to those who already have enough. Still, a character with this much access to tools would ultimately be the downfall, lol. Oh man, just imagine what they player would be capable of in the hands of a pro, which leaves me to suggest an ultimate weakness.

Despite the numerous weakness the character has in each weapon, I feel as if there has to be a way for this character to feel balanced. Perhaps the player must have a cooldown between each transition or just a general noticeable weakness in said cons for the weapons. Like Thundering Cutter is terrific for chip damage and generally safe on so many moves. However, it does terrible damage one opening someone up. Like 2x less than Shago damage. Or like Orge Baton, does stupid damage, almost like Tusk damage, but is terribly unsafe, again worse than Shago. Making the player work for his mixups to open up a combo.

This sounds so badass lol, I can just imagine the character saying “FULL POWER” push a few buttons on the suit and it becomes an instant death machine dealing damage on the scale of RAAM’s instinct damage. OMG! Imagine that! But, it wouldn’t be balanced unless it had a catch right? Maybe the instinct last just slightly less than the average instinct meter, not by much though, just slightly. Not only that but because the player is opting to use Full Power mode on the suit, it would be awesome if the suit would be forced to reboot after instinct.

I mean it would make sense, you exhausted all the battery available in the suit that it has to initiate a reboot sequence in order to calibrate all weapon functionality. Doing so will leave the player at a “stun state” where the opponent has an opportunity to counter the flurry of death… assuming they managed to live through it.

There is so much 80’s cheese to this Stage Ultra lol, I love it! It still shows how Killer Instinct has that sense of humor that it once had. Also slaps those in the face who continue to suggest that KI was always a serious game. Sure, it may be more serious than it once was, but that jab at it’s former self would be refreshing.

All-in-all, great concept! I love the design element and also the gameplay mechanics of this character. If only I were an artist, I would be able to draw something to match the description of your idea. Alas, I have no talent lol. Thanks for sharing!



Finally, a proper response! Vidication! :smiley:

Thanks for the reply, and I’m glad that you took the time to analyze what I put down. Means a lot to me. If you don’t mind, and if you have the time, I’d appreciate it if, if you felt like it, had a look at the others I’d put up above as well. I’ll also try and get another concept out tomorrow-ish, so keep an eye out, man!

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…okay, I got bored. Here comes the next one!


BACKGROUND: Another in a very long line of failed UltraTech projects. Sciagurato started off as a simple nanobot treatment to help with surgical procedures, knitting together wounds surgeons cannot easily reach and assisting regeneration of tissue. However, at some point, the colony was tampered with by a spiteful scientist…they were turned from healers to killers, and a disposal program began before they could be unleashed on helpless patients.

One nanobot survived the purge, however, and managed to escape. Eventually finding her home in a junkyard, this one nanobot proceeded to convert local material into other nanobots to reform the colony and get horrible, bloody revenge upon the man who changed them. In order to safeguard themselves, they’ve inhabited a body…a burlap-sack marionette that was intended to be filled with sand, and animate it to enact elegant, acrobatic, brutal violence upon all those who cross their path with ill intent.

APPEARANCE: You know those marionette guys from DmC4? Sciagurato kind of looks like them.

She bears a four-pointed jester headdress upon her head, each point tipped with a bell, and her face is a largely featureless, white mask with but a single eyehole on the right side, which glows red during certain points. Her upper body is largely featureless, if well-filled-out…she’s stuffed to the brim with nanobots! She has generally spherical shoulders and small upper arms, but her forearms are wooden pegs with simple iron balls attached as hands. Nothing terribly fancy here. She also bears a large, scythe-like blade with a hooked tip upon her back, which pokes up above her head, although both sides of it are sharp.

Her lower body is a bit more detailed. Her waist is narrow, her hips are wide, her thighs are thick and her backside is quite pronounced(if only she weren’t a burlap horror filled with killer nanobots, right?). Accenting this is a leather belt sewn onto her waist. Her legs terminate in thick, metallic knee-hinges, which are attached to large blades, like the one on her back. To steady herself, these leg-blades have small, spiky protrusions on the sides that steady her in four spots, allowing her to stand still. These spikes can be angled upward on hinges, however, so they don’t get in the way of skating or slashing.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: Sciagurato’s a normal-sized fighter with an emphasis on powerful kicks. Only her light punch actually uses her hands, all of her other attacks involve her powerful, thick, bladed legs. She’s an aggressive attacker with dancelike movements, a skating forward dash which allows her to get stuck in fast, and quite a bit of range to her graceful kicks. In addition, her unique mechanic helps keep the momentum going, or blunt that of her enemy. She needs this, because, outside of her rushing, grace and aggressive attacks, she doesn’t have much else. Her Heavy attacks and specials, while powerful, are also kind of unsafe when blocked.

Her unique mechanics are Hatred and Spite, twin resources she builds and loses as the fight goes on in a bar above her Instinct gauge. Hatred, built when attacking, is red, and improves her offensive power at the expense of her defensive power…great for keeping the pressure put up! Spite, built when being attacked, is blue, and does the opposite, improving her defensive power at the cost of offensive power. These powers are kind of like a pendulum that way.

MOVES: Sciagurato’s specials are as follows:
-Sciopero Odioso: Sciagulato unleashes a HUGE downward kick that hits twice: first as an overhead, and then again when hitting the ground. Comes out fairly quickly and the last hit knocks enemies down, but has ending lag, making it more then slightly unsafe when blocked. Shadow Sciopero Odioso prefaces this huge kick with two spinning kicks beforehand for five hits.
-La Vendetta di Cigno: Sciagurato prepares a bit, and then unleashes a pirouette that she adds bladed kicks to. Imputs change the angle of the kicks: Light ones to high, Medium ones go low, Heavy ones go straight ahead. Four imputs are all the player gets before Sciagurato finishes up with a wicked flourish that knocks an enemy down, but also has ending lag. Shadow Vendetta di Cigno spins faster and gives the user six imputs instead.
-Abbraccio del Boia: Sciagurato lashes out with one of her bladed legs to impale the other figher, and then pulls them closer to herself, only to follow up with an enormous headbutt. The headbutt does quite a bit of damage, but has plenty of ending lag. Shadow Abbraccio del Boia follows up the pull with a punch to the gut first, and a second giant headbutt after the first.
-Cadere la Spada: Sciagurato performs a backflip, Flash Kick-style, with her bladed legs, and then plummets onto the enemy with the blade on her back. The flip does a hit which recaptures, and the descent two: one overhead and one low. Ending lag’s here too. Shadow Cadere la Spada performs two extra flips before the one that prefaces the plummet.

"(ominous laughter)"
INSTINCT MODE: Sete di Sangue.
This mode sees Sciagurato’s single eyehole glow a bright red, along with all of her sewn seams, and either puffs up her burlap sack body defensively or makes her blades gleam as if they were brand new. In addition to the usual benefits of being in Instinct mode, this basically gives her an exaggerated version of either Hatred or Spite, depending on which resource she had on prior to activation, improving the advantage but making the disadvantage worse, turning Sciagurato into either an offensive powerhouse or a defensive tank for its duration.

STAGE: Carnival of the Lost
A dilapidated theatre that Sciagurato has refurbished to suit her style a bit more. Fighters do battle on the stage, with its dilapidated floorboards and damaged decorations, and the background features raggedy uphostery and damaged chairs. Along the backmost walls are two large doors, exits, and lining the wall itself are posters of acts that used to play there. Stage lighting sometimes shines over the seats, revealing spectres sitting in them. Performing an Ultra Combo causes the whole spectral crowd to materialize, who applaud the victor after the last hit is dished out.

STAGE ULTRA: The last hit sends the target sailing through the air and land near the crowd. Two large, burly spectres hoist up the other fighter and drag them toward the central exit door, their protests and struggles useless. When beyond the door, it closes with a chilling slam, the kind that only spells doom.

(Sciagurato’s name and move names are all Google Translated Italian phrases. Any actual Italians are free to correct any flaws in the names.)

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Hey, bet you never expected another reply here! Well, I sort of lost track of this site, but I’ve found it again, and I’ve come back with renewed inspiration, and here I am, hitting you guys up with another wacky character, the likes of which you’ve…PROBABLY never seen before! Introducing:


BACKGROUND: UltraTech is active in a very large range of sectors, from military ops to cybernetics to bringing back the dinosaurs, but what few know is that they’re also active when it comes to medicine. Their latest breakthrough, medicinal gel that comes in edible, candy-flavored gummi form, though, has been in the works for longer, and was met with many setbacks when the gels they made either gained sentience or could not maintain cohesion.

Qube was one of their unexpected successes, created when one scientist decided to increase the cohesion for an experimental mangosteen-flavored gel. The gel attained sentience, but, instead of just quivering in its holding area, leapt out boldly, bodying that scientist in the face, devouring the cohesionless, sentience-less gels and, rallying the other ‘failures’, escaped through the sewers, where they proceeded to build up a little empire of their own. It supposedly developed its particular squared shape somewhere along the line.

APPEARANCE: The shortest section here, Qube is, essentially, a large, Aganos-sized cube made of gelatinous material, kind of purplish-red in colour. There’s a football-sized core inside with a face on it, a pair of dark holes for eyes, a dark line for a mouth and a pair of pinkish circles on the cheeks. This face emotes when Qube does things.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: Qube is a large-statured fighter, about the same size as Aganos. Don’t expect a technical fighter here: Qube’s attacks are simple, and so are its specials. Her Punches involve whiplike, tentacular gelatinous constructs being swung out from her, while her Kicks are usually slides and slams, but there’s the occasional strike with a gelatinous, cubic pillar! Being a cube, it performs better on the ground then it does in the air, and its Heavy Kick is a fallslam that gets it back onto the ground faster.

Qube’s unique gimmick is Mass. Represented by a series of four small blocks above its Instinct meter. Mass is built through moving and attacking, and expended when dashing, using Super Armor or firing Qube’s projectile attack, as well as using Shadow moves. Having more Mass beefs up its toughness, grants it a measure of Super Armor, improves damage during the abovementioned moves and increases the range of Qube’s dashes. Visually, you can tell how much Mass Qube has by looking at it: the more opaque it is, the more Mass it has.

MOVES: Qube’s specials are as follows:
-Qubus Cannon: Qube’s projectile. It launches a cube of material at an opponent, expending a Mass token to deal three hits of damage. Without any Mass, it instead launches a more spherical, slurry-like shot that only deals one hit and splatters, making a mess of the arena. Shadow Qubus Cannon uses two units of Mass, but always fires a barrage of tiny shots that does six hits worth of damage, like a machinegun.
-Flopstep: Qube simply flips forward, putting its front side on the ground and making its top side its front side, like rolling a die. One hit, but it can hit grounded enemies. Shadow Flopstep sees Qube flip forward like this three more times for four hits, dragging its enemy along with it as it goes.
-Giant Bite: Qube’s grab attack. It lashes out in front of it, shaping its cube to be like a huge maw, and bites down for one hit of damage, then follows that up with a blast of material to inflict another hit and send the for flying. Shadow Giant Bite sees Cube’s first hit drag an enemy inside her, where they’re assaulted by the material for five more hits, and then rocketed out the top, suffering one more hit of damage when they plummet down and bounce off the screen before hitting the ground.
-Slip Slide: Qube flattens down and slips forward swiftly, dishing out a low hit that knocks enemies down. However, it can be followed up on in a number of ways, expending a Mass token to do so: by using a light attack, Qube springs up after the first hit and sends an enemy tumbling upward, dealing a second hit of damage when they hit the ceiling; by using a medium attack, Qube instead towers up and turns into a square plate before flopping down onto the enemy for another hit; and a heavy attack sees Qube squish down and strike an enemy from underneath with a squared pillar of gel, recapturing them. Shadow Slip Slide deals four other hits before the one that knocks down, and can still be followed up on in the same way.

"(gelatinous burbly noises)!"
INSTINCT MODE: Supermassive.
This mode sees Qube puff up and crank up the opacity. In addition to the usual benefits of being in Instict Mode, this puts Qube at full Mass and keeps it there, allowing it to make the most of its mobility and really crank out ranged attacks or follow up on some Slip Slides.

STAGE: Sewer Hideout
Qube’s secret hideout in the UltraTech sewers. Gelatinous slime is everywhere here, and fighters do battle on a walkway made of crystallized, strawberry-coloured gelatinous stuff. It’d probably taste like strawberry candy. In the background, a towering castle of gel rises up, generally rounder in style, like a child’s drawing of what a castle looks like, and various human-sized gelatinous minions sloshing about the place, doing gelatinous slime things. A river of candy syrup flows through the castle’s moat, and a pair of Fullgore units, one of which has a Riptor hide draped over its upper body, can be seen on one side, exchanging taunts and hostile gestures with a pair of slimes. Performing an Ultra Combo causes the castle to wobble as it rallies the troops, the drawbridge lowering and banners being raised. The two Fullgores turn tail and flee as they are then chased off by a massive army of multicoloured gels.

STAGE ULTRA: The last hit sends the target sailing through the air, toward the castle. They impact, but the castle, being bouncy, recoils them away with a mighty push, sending them rocketing off upward and into the distance, where they vanish with a gleam of light and a distinct ‘Ping!’ noise.

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…miss me? Yes, it’s me again. I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve got another fighter idea to showcase. Behold!


BACKGROUND: Sometimes, in this world of sorcery and science, strange things happen. Trilium is one such a thing: an ancient tree, of a species that has long since gone extinct thanks to changes in climate from the days of prehistory, that, nonetheless, never grew part its sprout stage despite putting down a mighty network of sturdy, vast roots.

Staying dormant for quite some time, recent events, especially the emergence of Gargos and Eyedol, have roused Trilium from its dormancy, and caused it to animate a massive lump of soil with its roots to explore the world, and to take the fight to these invaders.

APPEARANCE: Trilium is, fortunately, easy to explain. A massive mound of mud, dirt and soil, kept up by the mighty roots…of the tiny sprout on top. Just a small green stem, three leaves and two round, red flower buds to denote eyes. The mound of dirt sloshes and changes shape as Trilium moves and attacks.

QUIRKS AND STYLES: Trilium is a large-statured fighter, about the same size as Aganos. He’s not very fast and performs poorly in the air, even falling faster when jumping. However, the mighty tree has no need to be airborne, as it performs better on the ground anyway. Its soily body allows it to shape itself for attacks, with Punch attacks and Kick attacks alike being various hand-gestures. With a super-armored forward dash that traverses a surprising degree of terrain, a light Punch that defeats projectiles and a large healthpool, Trilium is a fighter that can afford to let enemies come to him, but can close the distance swiftly if allowed to.

Her unique mechanic is Synthesis. Essentially, as long as Trilium is on the ground and not currently moving, using any attacks besides Light ones or taking damage, it will, at a very slow pace, convert empty health into white damage. Something that further promotes a defensive, kind of static playstyle, as Trilium is well-served by blocking enemy attacks and letting them come to him. Do be careful of grabs, though!

MOVES: Trilium’s specials are as follows:
-Slipcharge: A variant offensive dash, this move sees Trilium duck low while dashing and surge up like a wave, doing two hits of damage on impact with an enemy fighter and ducking under attacks thrown at High or Medium level. Doesn’t work against Low or Overhead hits, though. Shadow Slipcharge beefs up the momentum of the wave for four more hits, the last one knocking the enemy fighter back a bit.
-Fortress: Trilium turns its soily body into a castle, and towers upward and outward sharply. An anti-air knockback move on the ground, dealing one hit and pushback, aerial opponents are instead launched up for one hit, and they take another when they hit the ground. Shadow Fortress sees Trilium launch a blob of dirt after puffing out like this, hitting knocked grounded enemies and Recapturing grounded aerial ones.
-Power: A multi-hit attack with armor, Trilium shapes its soily body into a muscular torso and arms, striking a variety of flex-tacular poses, and moves forward sharply in-between each pose. The moment of flexing provides super-armor, allowing one to catch an opponent off-guard, and pressing diffrent buttons provides diffrent poses. You get five hits out of this at most. Shadow Power has a diffrent selection of poses and provides two more hits to boot.
-Response: A counterattack that sees Trilium try and anticipate an enemy move. If it works, it will lunge out of the move’s way and deliver a big smack with an octagonal pillar of soil, dealing damage and stunning the unfortunate enemy, opening them up for combos. Shadow Response starts up in mostly the same way, but deals five such hits instead of just one.

"(wood drum-like deepvoice)!"
This mode sees Trilium’s two red buds bloom into flowers…their central section is yellow. In addition to the usual benefits of being in Instinct mode, this increases the speed at which Synthesis restores Trilium’s empty health into white damage by some degree, as well as allowing it to work while moving on the ground, and also increases the amount of super-armor on its forward dash from one to eight, giving the sprout considerably more effective range to fight opponents in.

STAGE: Ancient Forest
A forest of immensely tall, petrified trees. The fighters do battle upon a dirt path, surrounded by uneven ground, with small hills and pits, and these stony trees. Sunlight filters in from the canopies above, and occasionally, wild animals can be seen cavorting in the background…small birds, bunnies, a deer and even a bear! Repeated knockdowns in any one area breaks parts of the stone off of the trees, revealing healthy bark underneath. Performing an Ultra Combo causes the trees to shudder and shake off their stony layer and the animals to take cover close to the bear, who shields them by batting these rocky plates away.

STAGE ULTRA: Upon the last hit in the sequence, the other fighter ia launched at the bear, who violently smacks said fighter toward one of the trees. The force of said fighter hitting the tree causes it to buckle and topple over, crushing the other fighter underneath and causing the wild animals to cringe briefly, and then celebrate.


I really love this insect character concept, especially it’s stage.

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At last, a reply! Good to see you! If you feel like it, please elaborate…you might just inspire me to make something else, too!

This is an underrated thread

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I love your tree idea. Ents were my favorite part of the LOTR as a kid. I’ve recently got into Total War Warhammer and one of my favorite factions are the wood elves which have Treekin.

Only thing, unfortunately, I couldn’t see IG make another large character at least until the next iteration of KI. We had way too many in season 3 :grin:

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Ha, another response! Glad to hear you like Trilium, man.

That said, I…don’t see the problem about larger characters. If you scroll up, you’ll see I have many more written out at that size. :stuck_out_tongue:

Play nice.