My original Char - WENDIGO - concept

Basic and brief history

Was an archaeologist who worked in an old indigenous cemetery and found a hidden vault. There he found a black heart embalmed. In time she began having hallucinations and dementia. She was fascinated by the heart, he had a power like a drug, an addiction, she could not control the anxiety and fear of someone stealing. So she did the only thing he could think to always have the heart to her. She ate the heart!

She was possessed by a Wendigo spirit … and finally the spirit was free again. The curse is not yet complete, so your body is not 100% monstrous. The spirit must eat strong beings to complete his body, and finally get rid of human bonds. That’s when the spirit feels the energy coming from the struggles that occur in the Ultratech region.

She has arms and legs “burning” with a ghostly green flame. She can spit that fire acid, and uses his head to overthrow attacks.

During the instinct body is completely monstrous (but in a spiritual way, as a green fireball) and she has almost complete reduction of damage. As the legend of the Wendigo says, no weapon or power hurts your body.

Briefly, and I hope you like the idea and visual.
I’ll create characters with the desires of you. I will follow the ideas I read here in the forum, or whatever is asked of stereotype!
Ninde means “heart” in the indigenous language of the Ojibwa, which is where it comes from the legend of the Wendigo


I like the Wendigo of yours.

Check these out!

I hope you’ll find these interesting.

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Have you played Until Dawn? THe Wendigo in that game is awesome!


I love your character templates, @Zeybuccaneer! You were the creator of the only Eyedol design I really liked.

I’ve expressed in the past that I would LOVE a Wendigo in KI. It absolutely smacks of potential, and would be a great addition to the “monster mash” thing KI has going on already.

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yes! Awesome for sure! For this reason I tried to do something very different from him and latest games :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you and I would also like to see, has the potential!

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they could make it a reaper thing as an alternative.

A kind of succubus + reaper demon!

if i had to pick one of your ideas to be brought into the game… THIS WOULD BE IT

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I was thinking, I’ll compile all my ideas and try to look for some indie games company that wanted to make a fighting game = P

Smaller companies looking for new ideas who knows!


Kinda looks like an alt for Sadira. Would rather the Wendigo be a creature than a woman dressed up, Looks too ‘Cosplay’

Are personal choices: P

I created it to be exactly the opposite. A half monster, half woman, no pretty face, no human hands or feet, but feminine body, a half succubus half human half wendigo lol

I love all of your concepts but this one is my favorite. I like the story and concept a lot. I would put money down for a character of this kind to be released. I would possibly prefer a more beastly appearance but your work is pretty interesting!

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tks dude :grin:

I can see the wendigo as a mix of the legend, Darkstalkers’ Sasquatch & the gameplay of Michelle & Julia Chang.

There’s still hope!


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(this post typed in the writing style of TOOLASSISTED)

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hahaha we have one last spot in S3!! MAYBBBBEEEE

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I will tell you that a windigo is not a character you’ll see this season. :cry:

However, we feature windigos prominently in the world fiction. You’ll get a taste of how soon enough. :grin:

@Zeybuccaneer Yet another nice concept!


@Marbledecker the dream is… frozen?! lol

well… Season 4 is right there around the corner! :laughing:

And thanks Adam! I’m flattered :flushed: