My new killer instinct arcade cabinet :)

Hello Guys

Im back and this time with my new killer instinct cabinet hehe.
yea it took awhile, but it’s finally done :).,
the design from the cabinet is my own (so no pre-build stuff like from vewlix) not that they are bad but i wanted something unique,
its a stand up cabinet with a 27inch monitor.

also where you can find the coin doors on a arcade cabinet i did something else, i made there some room where im gonna put the figures from ultimate source in it (like a small show room) hehe
also i wanne say a big thx to RDM for his amazing instinct art that i used on my cabinet :slight_smile:

also here you can find the topic off my KI replica build (Killer Instinct arcade - replica build)

hehe anyway here are some pic :slight_smile: hope you like it.

Lets get started:

Time for some primer paint:

Final paint:

While waiting for the side art to come lets test some other stuff like sound and the lights :stuck_out_tongue: :

The art has arrived:

Now lets finish it :smiley: :

well i hope you like it hehe, i did put alot off work into it.

and here is a small little promo vid that i made for KI (also to let you know im not good at all in making vids lol)


Mad fkin props dude… :open_mouth:


It’s beautiful! Well done!

How much do you want for it? :grin:

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I wonder what it’s like to have a custom made arcade cabinet instead of an arcade stick.

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Nice choice on the artwork!


That is absolutely fantastic. You are to be commended. Frankly, that machine should be on display at Microsoft HQ.


slow applause


How much? HOW MUCH?

Lol, hate to ask, but would you ever be willing to post the blueprints, materials and costs for this project?


Super cool. Well done dude!

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OH MY GOSH!! =O Amazing!!!

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i would if i had one hehe
i had this design in my head and know what i wanted so i did not needed a blueprint for it.
uh for the materials i did use:
Medium-density fibreboard(MDF wood) for it,
the monitor is a BenQ Zowie RL2755 27 inch monitor
the speakers and amp: hi-fi stereo sound amp (link to what i used ->)
for the buttons i wanted to use gamer finger but since i cound find any anymore i did use just sanwa buttons (silver) and the sticks are Hori Hayabusa HHS-032
and to make the buttons work i did place 2 Brook universal fighting boards into the control panel (easy to connect and just plug it in (i also have on in my fightstick)
atm i did use my own xbox one but i can use a pc to if i wanted.
so the cost off this project was around 1000


That is some crazy good work man!! Makes me really want to build one… or take the lazy way out and get someone to build one for me.


You are a boss.

That is outstanding. I have been wanting to do that for over a year. My problem is that i can’t see it in my head like you could. You would make money if you did make blue prints of the cabinet, but I do completely understand if you don’t want someone else copying your work. :smile:

WOW, just a fantastic job.
Wel done!

If i had 2 k id let you make me one:) this is how ki tournys should be played tho imagine!

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Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Perfect! Ultra Combo! Ultimate Combo! Ready! Fight On! Killer Combo! Godlike Combo! :grinning: :smiley: :sunglasses: :+1: :clap:

Hey, you got an awesome artwork. I’m starting a project of arcade cabinet and I need to find high resolution images to create a Killer Instinct skin for the cab… Where did you get yours?