Killer Instinct arcade - replica build

in 2012 i decided to build a replica off the original KI arcade cabinet,
i allready had a working PCB board from KI but did not had a cabinet to put it in, and importing one from the us was kinda to expensive.

everything i used where all new execpt fro the pcb board and the minitor brackets.
so here’s a few pic’s from my work, hope you guys like it.

also here’s a vid (almost 100% complete)
-> KI arcade replica build

getting ready and got the wood needed

started winter 2012/13 and the best new in 2013 hehe E3 the KI was have now :smiley:

i also have plans to make a second cabinet (kinda a redesign from the original) for the new KI


Man that’s awesome!!! Looks amazing too!!!

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@C88TexAce thx :slight_smile:

Great job on this! Super awesome!

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Mind posting more details? Like materials used, how the artwork was made, etc?

Looks damn awesome man! i recently sold my KI2 cabinet and miss it like crazy

Excellent work man :grinning: :smiley: