My KI drawings and whanotnot

ETA: Thanks to all who’ve shown interest in my KI art, but after much deliberation, I’ve taken it down from Imgur and elsewhere, because it’s more important I focus on my original works right now for a variety of reasons not worth getting into here, lmao.


That some sick art man! Great job! Just wondering, think you can do one with Jago too?

thats really goob bro # +over9000

Funny you should ask about him, I actually did draw Jago not that long ago!

I’m fascinated by the trope of “hero gets corrupted and turns bad”, so I wanted to explore that with Shago.

… Unfortunately, postwork on this kinda washed out some of the obvious details and transition from Jago to Shago. Whoops. XT


You now have my utmost respect. Awesome Jago pic :joy:

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Now I really want poster of that Sabrewulf and that Fulgore side-by-side as if they’re preparing to fight.
Sick stuff man, do you have any of Orchid?

Amazing stuff! Thank you for sharing!

I see yu drew Orchid withut those goggles lol

Yeah, I figured Orchid might be a little off the rails, but she probably wouldn’t wear her industrial goggles into a diner, lmao.

Yep, I did draw Orchid earlier in the year. And since I’m here…

(I realize her goggles here are waaaaaay off-model. In my defense at the time, this was my very first time drawing her. I do plan on doing something new in the future, though!)


Alright, and since I now have ultimate powe—I mean, the ability to post multiple images in one post, here’s what’s left of my KI stuff (I’ll update the OP at a later time with these):

Cinder! After that roleplay-esque stint on the official Twitter account after he dropped (ngl, I miss Mike Robles a lot. He was great), I had to draw smug ol’ Ben. He’s incredibly fun to draw, largely due to his personality lending itself to more exaggerated-ish ideas.

Last but by no means the least, it’s Maya. I started this back in April, and only got around to finishing it this past August. I really like Maya as well, so she’s a favorite to draw whenever the mood strikes.

And that’s it for now! If I can figure out how to draw ARIA without wanting to slam my head against the wall out of frustration, I may have something in the near-future. XV


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she looks awesome. Aside from the designers vision of her eith all the extra trinkets and ■■■■■ packs and such.

Not sure if you remember, but there was an awesome first cgi model of Orchids head, and then they chose to cover it up with scarves goggles and glasses and caps.

It was featured in the ultra fan book.

I will be featuring my artwork in the texas show and she will not have all that extra

I salute you.
I absolutely LOVE when artists create thoroughly original compositions. You are a mavel.

oh please do! I’d love to see one with a Firecat.
That being said, I love this one and the Cinder one, so now I have four I want :smile:

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Oh man those are amazing! I’m particularly fond of the Cinder one :fire:

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Awesome art ya got there~!

THIS ART :heart_eyes:

a very unique style

These are just amazing!

Ahhh, thank you, everyone! :>

I will try to do some new stuff. Eventually. Work’s suddenly gotten incredibly busy, so I can’t really promise anything with 100% certainty. (At least S3 will bring fresh material to mine from, awwwh yeah)