How do I delete a thread?

Hi, I was originally hoping to edit this thread I’d made, but it seems I can no longer update the opening post anymore. Why, I don’t know.

So rather than spamming the artwork forum, I’d rather just blow up/delete the original post and start over when I have a lot more content to post (which probably won’t be for a while anyways), so people can see the new stuff up top. Is there any way to do that, or do I have to ask to get it taken down?


There’s not a way to delete or close a thread yourself that I’m aware of. You’ll have to request one of the mods close it for you I suppose. I’ll tag a few. @rukizzel @CStyles45 @TempusChaoti

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But I feel like that’s not fair… I mean why only dev can delete or close down thread…

Reason behind it is that conversations are left to the community, and as a general rule I sort of like the committee being able to decide what threads live and what threads go on to the afterlife.

I get lots of requests of people wanting to close their threads because someone doesn’t agree with them, but I will never oblige. Why close off conversation? Actually you’ll notice we generally don’t close any threads unless they are egregious in nature, or simply are talked about in another conversation (in which case we will start to lock & redirect).


But my thread “Someone cyberbullying to my little sister” is fake because I don’t have sister… One of my friend make this thread, he’s very stupid… I want you delete my thread!

that thread was fake? why would you do that?

He says one of his friends made it. I’ve left my computer on, and away at a friend’s house, only about to click send on a person, cussing them out and saying all sorts of terrible stuff.

That person, (this is pretty funny) was actually you @FallofSeraphs76 . I slapped his hand, and yanked my computer away. I couldn’t imagine the things you’d say back if that happened. LOL

I would have probably gone silent for a couple of years. XD

I forget what thread it was on though… :confused:

No way? He was kidding around or really pissed at me? wow! dude I went off on a weed smoking troll last night on MKX. He was running his mouth for 30 mins and I never knew it, only seen the audio signal flashing up top…put on my headphones and he was just a cursing me and talking trash…I finally had enough and blew him up…he was the biggest douche i have ever met online…for real!
Kano silenced him 4-0…he did beat me though when i switched characters for some fun. But he couldnt beat ole Kano… he packed his bowl and smoked away in preparation but nope, Kano cut em up!

Anyways…yeah fake thread are not cool man lol

You just happened to be his target, because you were the last person to comment. LOL

That’s why I don’t hardly talk in Fighting Games. I don’t want to hear the screams & curses someone spews my way due to me kicking their butt! XD

That’s fair. I just didn’t want to spam up the artwork forum thread, because I can’t edit my OP anymore. Guess I’ll just wait until enough time’s passed so the old one can fall to the very bottom of the forum before making a new thread altogether, haha.

Because I let my friend use my iPad, but I forget log out on ultra combo forum… I was never notice until my friend told me about thread. I was really, really angry at my friend. He’s idiot! >: (

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