My Blades will Pierce - Maya Tech Thread

Daggers! Daggers everywhere!

Have only really played Maya to 50, but a couple of things I really enjoyed along the way:

HKD>dash, [hold HK]
Corpse hop. Gimmicky, but can work. Not meaty, but can bait reversals. Catch jabs w/ cr.MK, but gets thrown.

HKD>dash>EX.Dagger(4) x INSX
Auto-fills pips, meaty. Dash is framekill and closes gap off of throws. Bait SC’s, or cheap unblockable w/ xx>cr.LP LP x H.Dagger.

(full pips)HKD>dash>TK.H.Dagger>H.Tumble, juggle
Unblockable>juggle that can recover both daggers and cashout, but at variable costs - can pick up both for free and cashout for one bar, or can require a bar for movement and an extra to cashout.

Very slight differences in timing and height on the dashjump TK.Dagger will affect the followup juggle path, but ideally the instant H.Tumble will catch the purple dagger as it bounces away, and a couple of tumbles forward (or an EX.Tumble) will reach the yellow. If you are a little late, you will have to be able to recognize and improvise your juggle path. In this case it is often easier to chase the yellow, which will provide a side-switch to EX.Tumble into range of the purple.

Oh, and the throw>unblockable> setup @khronosix posted about, the gist of which is:

(full pips)throw>H.Dagger>dash [HK]>>
This one is wonderful. You can do everything except pickup your daggers free. Recap and establish a counterbreak choke-point w/ dash.HK, or hold it to bait timing locks w/ cr.MKxx, which leads to an HKD w/ sweep, a cashout w/ EX.Upkick, or enough KV to Tumble into your purple dagger. Go nuts. ILY khronosix.
Dropping Combo After Throw+Enmity Strike+Axe Kick