Dropping Combo After Throw+Enmity Strike+Axe Kick

Is this working as intended? :confused:

I was trying this new set up but she always drops the combo even with the kv meter low.

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That’s weird.

At first I thought maybe you were hitting the f.HK too early (while H.Dagger was still connecting) so the dummy was getting launched by the final H.Dagger hit, but after a few more views I see the f.HK actually connecting last, so it should recap, but isn’t.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a blowout, Jago is still in a jugglable state. Perhaps the final hit of H.Dagger is connecting on the same frame as f.HK, and so the dagger’s launch property is taking precedence over the recap.

It reminds me of a similar scenario with Ibuki’s Bomb in SFV wherein you can connect w/ Raida in a juggle on the same frame the opponent is hit w/ the Bomb, so both hits occur in tandem and circumvent damage/stun scaling for one of them.

@developers ???

The axe kick connects, then the last hit of the projectile connects, preventing the recapture. You can see the hitspark from the projectile appearing AFTER the axe kick has connected. It may not be 100% clear to see because the final projectile hit is connecting during the hitstop of the axe kick.

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The really confusing part is the combo counter only accounting for 4 hits. That’s where I get lost.

Ok, I think I have mastered it now. Need to wait A LOT before input roll + f.HK. In this one video is even more difficult to see the hitspark appearing after the axe kick. Have to put youtube in 0.25 speed.

Leads to a 67% combo with 2 shadow bars if the opponent don’t breaks the axe kick. 70% with 2 bars+instinct+heavy auto doubles.

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