Mustard Bats

yup but in a large scale its not acceptable for T rated games.

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I don’t think her “blood” attacks coloring has anything to do with the game’s rating, you could ■■■■ on someone in KI and they erupt into exaggerated anime blood showers as it is.

So Infilament is a scholar and a connoisseur.

And just better than most of us. :heart_eyes:

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Dude let it go and move on. this is a trivial stuff, no need for all this commitment.

I wouldn’t mind that if they could change the color to. Granted I got no plans to main so I really shouldn’t be throwing my hat into this ring.

I think you are jumping the gun WAY TOO FAST.

Personally I don’t get why you feel this way lol I like it. However im not a color intrinsic guy. In usually find with anything as long as I can see.

The amount of blood coming from Mira’s attacks is WAY more significant than the blood splatter that comes from the characters. To me it’s almost unnoticeable.

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Wait, you know I’m satirizing the scumbags who rant about SJWs, right?


No I didn’t lol I could not detect that. My bad xD

Maybe they’re literally so far beyond the pale that it’s literally impossible to satirize them without being mistaken for the real thing? :unamused:

Heh all I know is that if you care they much for blood in a game that has blood already then you are just a bandwagon hopper.

Er, just to restate: I doubt I could care less about the goddamn blood in the video game.


We need more Mustard Bats.



Maybe the default Mira blood effects should be mustard, so we get more mustard bats.


Oh jeez I am tired. I read that as bustard mats.

It looks just as out of place as Spinals PINK skulls.

#ketchup bats


How do people argue colour when her life-drain grab look so weak?

Like a Hollywood actress pretend peck on the cheek.

And how have they allowed all this new news to leak…

And haven’t said anything about the broken Shadow Jago bundle for the week!

The end.

Not exactly on-topic but okay.