Music on season 3

You probably aren’t going to agree with me but so far for season 3 we have 4 tracks all Metal/Rock and not one Dance/Techno track, if you listen to KI1, KI2, KI seasons 1,2 soundtracks there’s a lot of variety on those and so far i feel that this new guys in charge of KI’s music are not capable to go out of their confort zones.

Man i really miss Mick i think he was way more creative and capable of handle this job.

I hope some of you agree with me on this.


I can’t agree with you on this one. I like every single track, and I actually feel like they are pretty different from each other. I think I’ve seen a few other people saying things like you did about the music, though, so I don’t think you’re alone.


I get what you mean but I do like the current tracks. I like Celldweller just fine but I can’t help but be a liiiiiiitle worried about some of the future tracks

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I’m a big fan of the new S3 music, for sure. But I like that style of music. In fact, the tracks that I dislike most in S1 and S2 were the non-rock tracks, so I’m personally happy that the first 4 tracks have been rock/metal music, because it means you can hum along to them. It’s hard to hum along to some of the S1/S2 tracks.

They said there was a variety of music in this season though, so I guess we just have to wait for the others.

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Well I do notice that Celldweller and Atlas Plug are incorporating quite a few styles into one track. Rash is a rock n roll kinda character who has a heavy tone in his classic Battletoad game. Im not so sure techno would work with Arbiters theme, it would fall a little flat, and dance wouldn’t fit. Kim Wu would be the only theme that could be what you’re missing but I feel like it has been well executed so far.

I somewhat agree with you actually. Needs a bit more variety. Kim Wu should have been more of a k-pop beat.


i dunno i feel like it already has that feel already…its just not…you know orchid level

thats why I feel like they missed an opportunity with kim wu.

I agree. Its very clear that almost every element of their music is based on a guitar riff.

It sounds more like: “Celldwellers album of Video game Character themes, Featuring Atlas plug (the guy who understands that more instruments exist than guitar)”

The songs sound GREAT. Every single one of them. But that doesnt make the OPs statement any less true.

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Nothing beats Orchid’s track, imo. Though I do like Tusk’s and Sadira’s as well.

But yeah, thing is… Mick Gordon did a FANTASTIC job with most of the soundtrack for the two first seasons, so Atlas and Celldweller have a certain standard to live up to. However, we ALL have to remember - these are other people handling the soundtrack in Season 3! They won’t make the music sound exactly like Mick Gordon’s, because they aren’t Mick Gordon!

As for the quality of the tracks of S3 we’ve heard so far, I think the new guys are doing quite alright. <3

We’re not saying we want them to try to copy mike Gordon.

Just add more variety to their tracks instead of always falling back to the guitar all the time, it doesnt make what they’re producing bad just a bit “samey”

So far we’ve had 4 tracks with 4 more coming, And so far the guitar has been the main instrument used in all of them.


this is exactly my point. they sound great yes!, but it lacks variety (in the genre department), like you said all 4 tracks are based of a guitar riff.

Also i know for sure there is at least 2 other metal/rock tracks coming (gargos and the boss from the other game cant be mentioned here).

So yeah i have my reasons to be worried about the soundtrack this season.

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you are totally right, its exactly the same im feeling

we should probably wait till the next characters come out.

Why wait? Better to voice our opinions now before the last 4 tracks are out.


I dunno I feel like I’m biased because I listen to mostly rock/metal but the songs don’t feel that samey at all.

Kim wu is very unique especially with the vocals, the oriental instruments.

Rash as well with the 8 bit sounds. And a completely different rhythm

The only songs I could justify as sounding similar is arbitor and tusk since they both have that…two steps from hell/immediate music type of feel especially with the vocals. Simply from the type of character they are.

Granted tusk could have gotten a different song but you would be hard pressed to say that a completely different genre would have fit not just his character but his stage more…

Edit:lmao I forgot that H word is a censored word loo

I agree with you on this, I miss Mick Gordon’s style. I love what he did with the main theme, Orchid’s theme and Glacius theme. I wish Mick continued with Season 3.

Well I say this because if you think about it, some of the track variety we’re wanting may not nessicerally suit the current characters we got so far.

So until we see a character were some of that stuff is appropriate, then we can say whether or not there is little to no variety.

However I’ll agree that so far Mick has done everything from season1 to season2 etc. He’s done alot for the series, atlas and cell have only done 4 characters so far I don’t think they have enough yet to flex their abilities.

I would agree, I have a different issue with Rash’s them but guitar is expected for that one. Kim Wu’s theme has the least metal rock elements and her being a young spunky character it’s fine for her to have them. Arbiter’s theme sounds fine.
What irks me is Tusk’s theme, it starts off sounding appropriate to the character with slow heavy echoed chanting, but then just turns into guitar riffs with a bit of chanting in the background. Though it may be be rock themed around his country of origin, it doesn’t actually suit his character at all(from what I can tell so far). Considering Tusk’s KI2 theme was one of the most notable and well remembered themes on the soundtrack; I would have liked his new theme to have some homage to that.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of guff on Tusk because he looks like really generic, I’m hoping has some depth in his lore but hearing him have a generic rock theme doesn’t bode well. I would personally prefer a version of his track with just the chanting and all the guitar riffs removed, I hope there is some happy middle ground here.

im sorry but i think a dance track will fit a LOT better either on Rash or Kim Wu.

Regarding your point about Mick listen to the first 4 tracks from season 1 (Jago, Saber, Glacius, Thunder) and then listen the first 4 from season 2 (TJ, Maya, Kan Ra and Riptor) All different!

Even tho Riptor’s is not the best at least is different.