rereviewed Killer Instinct

It’s the biggest Italian outlet and videogame press site, and seems like they were so much impressed with the product that they declared it the best fighting game around, giving it a 9/10.

Pretty much the only negatives things about the experience were connected with Windows 10 and UWP problems.

Just a heads up to make the developers proud of their work<3


Yeah I’ve started to see a few outlets reviewing KI again and they all seem pretty favorable. It’d be nice if IGN and a few of the other bigger sites gave it another review as well. I must say though that while I tend to listen to a decent number of gaming podcasts, they all seem to be pretty favorable toward KI, especially Destin at IGN (podcast unlocked) and Giantbomb’s podcast. It’s very nice to see people giving this game the respect it deserves.

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Even if I don’t like I must admit this review is not so bad. I would have put more focus on the price of the different bundles, the cross-play and cross-buy features, the online modes and season 3 new contents ( warning: the reviewer makes reference to leaked material ). At least KI got a good grade…

I’m really happy to see this game getting reviewed and re-reviewed. It’s about time it had a fair day in court.