Multiplayer fatigue?


Im not sure how many new players are here, but i think im stuck in a multiplayer fatigue right now. I pretty much lost my interest in the single player modes (at least i cant play SP more than 30 minutes), so nowadays multiplayer is the way to have some fun in KI. Honestly, the experience is hit and miss… there is two kind of matches basically:

  1. Getting wrecked by better, experienced players. I know a lot of people think this is the way to learn the game mechanics and stuff, but im not learning anything in these matches. All i see is they know my character well and they make superdupercombos. Nothing else. I feel really tired in these matches and after a hard working day the last thing i want to do is face against these opponenst. Training, Dojo, Multiplayer, learn, learn, learn, its like a second job… dont get me wrong, i know multiplayer needs time, training, etc, but its just painful after a while.
  2. Playing against new players. The other side of the coin, these players cant play the game so im wrecking them fast to move on to find someone else who wrecks me.

I really love the game and i dont want to leave the universe of KI but there is nothing left to do anymore. Multiplayer needs too much concentrating, too much effort and i dont really have the nerves for that nowadays.
Anyone else in the same situation as i?


Of course getting wrecked is no fun and it seems you aren’t learning anything. So you need to find some friends online that are close to your level so you can play first to 10 wins or longer and have fun in an even matched set. You can look to the “good games thread” here to try and find those players. Or you can find an experienced player that’s willing to not use there main and maybe even the playing field or just hold back and teach you without wrecking you.

Until then you just have to take the luck of the draw in ranked or…USE THE FILTER IN EXHIBITION. No one seems to use this amazing tool!
What rank are you? Silver, Gold? If so remove Killer from your search results and you should have a better chance of matching with your rank.


I can identify with the frustration. I’ve lost 5 Silver-to-Gold Promotion matches over the last 2 days, 4 of them matching me with tough Killer-ranked opponents (the other was a pretty-good Shago, and Shago’s movements just break my brain).

If you’re playing Ranked, I recommend getting out of that. I recommend playing Exhibition, maybe adjusting your search preferences to try to get the right range of skill, and finding someone “within your reach”. It would be nice if you were perfectly even, but just as long as neither person is totally dominating. Then rematch a lot and get into a “conversation” where you’re learning each other’s habits and adapting to each other.

Then try to make friends so you can have matches in the future.

I’d do more of this, but I’m new to the Xbox Live system and don’t have a mic, so I don’t really know how to communicate with other players.


You can use any head set with a microphone and plug into the Xbox controller 1.8 mm jack.
Even a Iphone earbud set with microphone box on the cord can work.
Gamestop has several cheap head sets that are wired straight down to your xbox box controller for 20-30$ minimum.


@FallofSeraphs76 Oh, I’m on the Win10 version, but I assume the process is still not very complex. I just haven’t picked out a headset or standalone mic (since I have some excellent headphones already) to sit on my desk


Annnnd make that 6 matches. Another Killer, another 300 points to gain back. Rage intensifies.

On the other hand, I am getting better at reading people, not getting stuck in the corner for the rest of a life bar, etc. Skills are accumulating, at least


Good for you at least. :slight_smile: Your improving, not the point loss, lol. Im always stuck in a corner and cannot do anything if i fail the combo breaker. My skills are going backwards in the last 3 days because im raging more than improving. Im totally calm, no problems at all, its weekend… then im playing some Killer Instinct multiplayer and my brain is blowing up, especially if i have to play against Shadow Jago. This is the point when im usually try a different game or put it away for a few days but i have a bad feeling im not gonna play it again if i leave right now. Its always hard to go back to a game which is hard to adapt in the first place. Its so sad because i was disappointed in many fighting games in the last few years and this is so good…


Will try that if i recover my mood back to play again. Ranked is far from my taste (too much pressure) Exhibition was my place to fight against people. Sadly i lost my true will to improve so im unsure about everything right now. It would be nice to get it back somehow… :slight_smile:
EDIT: Just played 6 multiplayer matches, i need a new heart… :smiley: Will upload a video today for analyzing!


I recommend playing Exhibition and using the filter option the way @FallofSeraphs76 suggested, and also suggest trying out the Shadow Lab and playing there. The Shadows AI strikes a pretty good balance between human skill and single player lack of pressure, and the matches you play there should help acclimate you to playing people and help you get better at the game.

I always think playing humans is the best thing you can do, but getting curbstomped isn’t fun and tends not to teach you anything. You’re probably better off playing filtered Exhibition and Shadow lab in the meantime. Also please feel free to use the GG’s Thread to try and find matches with people here - can be a lot of fun playing with folks and making friends. Hope that helps!


Story time. I started out playing the AI and then against shadows until I could do 20+ shadows in survival consistently. Then I decided to try multiplayer for fun. I fought a good match and won, but my heart was pounding. I think I Alt+F4’ed out right after and didn’t multiplayer again for a couple days.

Still, I kept playing and the number of multiplayer matches I could play in a row kept increasing.
~3, then ~5, then ~8, etc, and now I can play multiplayer for a couple hours and be able to fall asleep 20 minutes later. It’s a skill in itself that improves with practice, and so is keeping your cool in a match (I saw your post in the replay thread). Take it at your own pace but trust that it will get better


Everyone’s been there at some point. If you pay attention, you’ll see that even killers have a set of tools and tricks. They are better at adapting, but they always have a game plan. In time, you’ll learn the characters traits and tools. With this knowledge, you’ll identify what killer players are likely to do. It’ll make your life a lot easier. A piece of advice: watch tournaments on YouTube and pay attention to what pro players do. You’ll see a pattern. You’ll learn a lot from it. That’s how I begun to get good at KI. It helped me to properly defend myself. Don’t give up.


Thanks for the tips, but i dont have the will to watch youtube videos and other things anymore. This is just a game, im playing to have fun. After i played 10 qualify matches in ranked (6 against Killer Rank, wow! - i was curious) im putting the game away a bit, it was enough. Its too much effort and learning. Im tired after every session im playing. It feels horrible but i cant play with this anymore.


…ok… well that was a quick turn around LOL. WE hope you change your mind and come back. Just remember, there will always be someone out there better than you and you cant win everytime. Losing doesn’t mean it cant be fun. If you find players you can match up with in the GGs thread and use your Exhibton search filter… you will accomplish a more on average even playing field.
But no matter what multiplayer game you go to next…you are going to have the same outcome.


He needs to understand that losing is part of the game. And it’s very important, cause it helps you to understand what you’re doing wrong and get better. You don’t learn from winning all the time.


Losing blindly is one of the worse experiences you can have in a fighting game. No amount of understanding that losing is a part of the game will fix that. If you lose the match and progress nowhere, it’s not fun. The trick is to learn from your losses.


Hey! Losing is part of the game, my problem is not “losing” itself. Im in a more stressful period nowadays, and when im losing 9 match out of 10, i just feel more stressed out than before. My nerves cant take it and im tired by the learning curve. Yesterday a lvl 19 level finished me almost perfectly 2 times in a row, i watched the video back and honestly i had no idea what to do against it. I mean, learning is a thing, but he attacked nonstop and somehow (i really dont know how) i was unable to defend myself. Maybe it was some delay but i think i was just simply bad. I cant concentrate on KI so hard anymore, thats it. Im still planning to play it i think but only Shadow Lords and maybe Shadow Survival to learn and experiencing other stuff i never risked in multiplayer. Other plan is to grab my mic and if someone beat the sh’'t out of me, im gonna ask how is he doing it, and how to defend myself, there are a lot of helpful players out there. Thank you for your comment!


100% accurate. :slight_smile: My biggest issue with this i have no idea what im doing wrong, even if i watching my lost matches back in the theatre. When the enemy doing a combo which is almost deplets one full health bar, i cant do anything at all. I fail the combo breaker, than it feels like my character not moving, even if the lockout is over. Feels like stuck in a framegap, whatever button i press, my character is not doing anything. I dont understand how to fight against this. Just to be clear, the enemy is not in a combo line in that time, he is cancelling it somehow, but not in a way the DOJO teached me. The end result is this: For example, press back to defend, and the character is not doing anything. Happened SO MANY TIMES, and i have no idea this is a game feature, or i have issues with the connection, or the controller. (I never saw anything like this in tournament fights)

EDIT: Additional texts


I’m so sorry if you’re going through a rough time in your life. I wish you all the best. Regarding KI, I’d really like to take a look on one of your matches to understand what’s happening, but defending properly is maybe the hardest part of the game. When I first started playing KI, I was awful and people used to beat the crap out of me. I see a lot of myself when I read your words. Than I decided to change that. I put a good amount of effort to learn about links, reversals, framerate etc. I watched a lot of tournament matches from top players and then I begun to realize why they were so good. In 3 months I went from silver to killer. I really hope you don’t give up on KI and if you need any help, I’m here for you.


I didn’t mean to diminish what he’s going through. I learned the most from my losses. I was just trying to point that out.


Watch out fro “Smurfs” t…these are ppl that are great at the game but fool you buy being on a "low level " profile. Some do this intentionally and some unintentionally because they uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it months later to get back into the game , therefore their profile level is really low. You think They are a new player and they wreck the ■■■■ out of you!