Multiplayer fatigue?


This is a lot of my beginner’s blues. It’s exceedingly rare that I block a low attack, and I’ve never teched a throw on purpose

I’m not great, but I still had plenty of hilarious/interesting fights when I switched from Steam to the Windows Store version and had to start from Level 1


In a 2D fighter, down+back should be your default block. If you aren’t actively attacking or trying to move into position for something, you should be holding down+back. If you are defending, you should be holding down+back full stop. Block low and then try to react to an overhead, never the reverse.

Throw teching is a skill that comes from playing more. If you play on a large TV, that will also make teching tougher (most large consumer TV’s have a lot of diplay lag).


No worries man. The game should always be fun, so if it’s not then I support taking a break or playing in less stressful settings! KI will be here and most of us probably will be as well, so whenever you feel like coming back or asking more questions we’ll be happy to help where and how we can :slightly_smiling_face:


When you’re in a stressful period, playing competitively is generally not a good idea. It puts even more pressure on your stressed out brain. Because you actually increase stress, it could make you hate/ blame the game you liked so much. Taking a break or just discussing the game and it’s gameplay on this forum might be a better idea…


Man, Ranked is rough tonight. Is that a Friday-night thing, Killer tier being reset, both, or is it just me?


As in o matches found or tough competition? I noticed I couldnt find a match in Ranked or EX earlier today and yesterday. I found a few but it took a little time.


Tough competition. I finally started winning more often than not in Gold tier, but I just took 8 straight losses earlier this evening. Usually get a mixture of all tiers as opponents; this was 6 Killers and 2 Golds


Ahhh I got ya… yeah man if I loose more than 3 in a row I stop playing. ONce you get on a bad 3-5 loosing streak your points disappear instantly. Thats when I know to get out and come back the next day or later to hopefully keep my points rolling. But I know what you mean , seems like once you get matched against a really high level star player…they just keep coming or you get the same guy 2-3 times in a row! ugh


I stopped “playing to win” in favor of “playing to learn” after everyone gave me things to work on in the replay thread, but, still, the instant spike in difficulty made me curious.

The good news is no one’s really just stomping me into the dirt anymore.


It’s a bit of a Friday night thing. More people tend to hop on once the weekend hits, including some really good players who play a bit more sporadically these days.


I believe there’s something wrong with KI. Since Tuesday I can find ranked matches and everything was normal before that. Also I invited @CodeComplete85 for some exhibition matches and he couldn’t join me. I think there’s a problem with multiplayer. A lot of people on KI Facebook page are reporting the same.


For me there is DLC issue.


I just hopped online to test. It gave me the “DLC taking too long to load” thing when I signed in, but I just chose the “skip” option and went into Ranked. Got a match in the usual amount of time, and didn’t have any issues playing.


I’m also experiencing the DLC issue as well.


Answering no helped for me


But it proves that something is off.


Not being able to invite to Exhibition matches is also definitely wrong, but that and the DLC issue might be two separate problems we just happened to notice at the same time


I can’t find Ranked matches.


Actually, now that you mention it, I started having trouble around 5:20 this morning (PST) getting Ranked matches


That’s great. It’s 2018 all over again!