Most iconic final boss in fighting games?

Who do you think it is?

I think it’s a close tie between Shao Kahn and M.Bison (Dictator)

I honestly can’t think of any other final boss that is as well known as these two dudes. Shang Tsung and Akuma are popular but I feel like Kahn and Bison are both pretty famous even outside of the gaming community.

What about you guys/girls?

What about Rugal from KOF?


I’d have to go with Shao Kahn. M. Bison is great, too, but more often than not, he isn’t the final boss. Not to mention that Shao Kahn was never meant to playable because of how OP he is. But the icing on the cake is that Shak Kahn insults you mid-fight.

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I don’t know who that is :frowning:

But that is mainly because I have never played a KOF game outside of the demo for the most recent one lol


How does one not know (at least heard) about one of the most broken fighting game final bosses in history?! He is the codifier of SNK boss syndrome.

Lol like I said, I have never really played or followed KOF before but ill look him up on youtube and watch some videos or something.

He does look kind of cool though, he reminds of Yhwach from Bleach for some reason lol

I think Akuma’s had the most appearances outside of his own game. He’s even crossing with another series right now. That should prove a point right?

Although I love Bison and Akuma, Gill is my choice for memorable boss. Nearly pulled a brain cell when I saw him resurrect himself when I only had 15% of health left on the last round. That fire, ice, Fabio looking punk…

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Lol Gill is pretty sick. I have never actually played 3rd Strike myself but I have always found the character interesting and like reading his wiki page haha

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I beat him on standard difficulty with Akuma, but I do not dare plan to fight him with maxed out stars, not until I get this parry thing down anyway :sweat_smile:

This, basically.

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Twelve in sf3 third strike

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Akuma is probably thee most useless character in all of SF.

Rugal Bernstein sheets on Bison and shao kahn and akuma. Igniz on the otherhand will just overkill them

I agree that for being iconic is tied between Shao Kahn and M.Bison

Heihachi, Rugal, Geese and Ogre are also very popular

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Gwyn isnt iconic but hes my favorite and I cant stop myself from sperading the souls love sorry

He’s not really all that iconic. Most people barely even know who he is.

Shao Kahn by far.

That’s. The. Joke.

I wish they would put him in SFV. I think he, Necro and Q are pretty cool lol

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