Most iconic final boss in fighting games?

A bad joke.

Humor is subjective.

Mimic invasion however is an actuality.

And that was my estimation of it.

Shao Khan for sure. Then Eyedol. Bison never felt like a boss to me because he was playable like everyone else.



Probably Shao Kahn, but personally I’d like to give Cyber-Akuma a mention because on top of all the other dirtbag power-ups he had over regular Akuma HIS HP WAS A HOMING MISSLE!!!

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Oh My, that boss was extremely cheap! whip infinite and you were done XD

I could defeat western figthing game bosses, but I remember the first time I fought Igniz, Rugal, Zero (from KOF). It was hard…
However the boss that really made me suffer until I beat him was Shin Akuma in Capcom Vs SNK 2

Oh, and lets not forget Shadow Jago.He might have been easy to some, but it must be one of the bosses that really kick me out after many years. He was really difficult at first when I didn’t know how to punish or break . Actually, I was destroyed by him =(


Somebody obviously couldn’t beat the greatest boss in fighting game history. Twelve is death destroyer of worlds.

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Obviously the most iconic bosses in fighting games come down to Dantel from Survival Arts

Or in Fists of Fire how the final boss is 3 Jackie Chans


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