Mortal Kombat X's Animation SUCKS

Just a video that I thought was worth sharing. The video even compares it to KI a little bit so that’s a plus.


Watched like 60% of it. It all seemed like a bunch of nit picking. Who cares about their stances. It works for MK. In motion the game looks neat. Maybe if it weren’t the most financially successful fighting game and it hurt to look at the game like the new King of Fighters game then I’d bag on MK as much as the FGC tends to. The thing is the nether realm games aren’t bad and even if they are they have a ton of content that flat out beats every other fighting game.


Is this video from 2015? I don’t really want to waste time watching it. lol

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Eh…Mortal Kombat has always had stiff animations though, whats new? everyone knew about it but nobody complained because…well for most of us it isn’t really an issue when PLAYING the game

I don’t care about Kotal Kahn’s fighting stance…I just want to beat the crap out of my opponent it flashy and exciting ways, which Mortal Kombat does exceptionally well!

the game is still fantastic if you ask me

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The criticisms in the video seem to talk about how unnatural thing move and feel. Sure it looks ok in other games but for a fighting game realistic animations that makes sense sells a character more. It makes them seem feasible in a real world scenario. Throwing a punch should feel natural. You create more impact by moving your body in motion with the punch, not having the punch separated from the body.

It would make sense if novice fighters are using this technique, but we are talking about MKX who have trained killers. Wouldn’t they use advanced techniques or follow the basic principles of combat? That seems to be the key problem. Why is Kitana, a regal assassin, using crab kicks or Kotal Kahn, conqueror of Outworld, has less imposing presence then leather face? It makes no sense not only for combat but for showing a character through their movements.

It would be comparing it to bad action or bad acting in Hollywood films. Sure Adam Sandler makes lots of money in his “comedies” but nearly everyone sees him as an bad actor.

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I actually think the new KOF transitioned fairly well into 3D, at least animation-wise (graphics have definitely improved since the first reveal though). I’ve seen a lot of people bash the game by saying the new game animates worse than when it had sprites but I don’t see that. Even comparing the two shows the transition well and that was also one of the points made in the video.

It actually came out around a day ago lol

On the contrary, to this day, my dad has complained about it every time he looked at the newer NRS games saying that it looked stiff and not fluid. This was just one complaint among other things. But then again, he’s just one person.

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He’s got some awesome points and NRS should really learn how to animate better. There’s always been something off with MK games’ animations, but looking at it from an analytical point of view, you can really see how bad it truly is!

I could never put my finger in it, but now I understand. FWIW Injustice 2’s animations look just as bad. It’s like they are throwing a punch in the hardest possible way.

This has nothing to do with KI…-_-


Yea it should be moved to the Off Topic section.

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The posture is like this because neither-realm is using stop-motion. they want to give the characters a more realistic look. If they did it like the loose movement, the actors would get too tired from all that bouncing around.

On top of that, you are NEVER!! going to find posture like how you see the doing in street fighter in real life.

So… it took someone over 2 years to make a video about a game? lol
Yeah… that totally makes sense to me. :slight_smile:

I have always said MK’s animation looks rigid and robotic. I don’t like it at all. It’s part of the reason I never got into the game.

You mean you have never seen Someone make a video about a game that came out a few years ago? That’s…surprising.

Eh, most of this is just nit-picky BS. You’re not really going to notice a majority of what he focuses on during a match.

However, I will agree that a lot of MKX’s fatalities don’t flow or make any sense. Many of them seem like they’re a mashup of several ideas, or just overly gory for shock value. Like the Kano fatality featured in the video. Why disembowel your opponent, if you’re going to use your eye laser to burn through their head? Seems like overkill. Most of the time, less is more.

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I don’t search the internet far and wide in search of 3 year old game reviews… so yeah… I find it kinda stupid that someone would make a video complaining about a game years after it’s release.

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This will sound weird to you, but the stiff animation DOES put me off playing the game.

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That’s fine, but stiff animation isn’t what the video is about. It’s about incorrect and/or odd animations, which like I said, are just nit-picks. You’re not really going to notice that Scorpion’s back arm is facing downward in his idle stance during a match.

I mean it’s literally like me making a video about KI talking about how different the combo mechanics is and how it could change fighting games. KI. 2013 has been out for exactly 3 years. I’m not even going to go into the people talking about smash in videos regards to tournaments and stuff.

Character stances and strange animations being a complete turn off from the game is a bit (very) over-dramatic if you ask me…If that is a completle turn off for the guy in the video, he is playing fighting games for the wrong reasons :joy: