Mortal Kombat X Killer Instinct

I have bean thinking about what A Mortal Kombat Killer Instinct crossover would be like, and I came up with my idea for merging the game play. It would be as fast and combo-centric as Killer Instinct, but it would have Mortal Kombat’s rating and gore content. The Instinct meter would remain, but the shadow meter would be reworked to be closer to MKX’s. Breakers would not be tied to meter though. It would also have the two round system of Mortal Kombat. As for finishers, you would have three options, Ultra Combo, which is executed the same was as in KI. Fatalities, which are executed the same was as in MKX. And finally No Mercies, which would be an Ultra Combo esque eries of blows ending with a fatality like strike which kills the oponant. I am waiting to decide on a roster until we have the full cast of S3.


It would be great. I would love to see the MK cast play like the Ki characters do in this game, it would be a total blast. I also like the idea of trying to merge the two games the way you mentioned.

This is what I would choose for a roster (10 MK + 10 KI)

Mortal Kombat

Cassie Cage
Sektor (Or Cyrax)

Killer Instinct

TJ Combo

DLC Pack!

Noob Saibot



I had it similar. I did it based on rivalries.

Liu Kang vs. Jago
Sub-Zero vs. Glacius
Baraka vs. Sabrewulf
Nightwolf vs. Thunder
D’Vorah vs. Sadira
Cassie Cage vs. Black Orchid
Meat vs. Spinal
Triborg vs. Fulgore
Jax Briggs vs. TJ Combo
Kira vs. Maya
Shang Tsung vs. Kan-Ra
Reptile vs. Riptor
Tanya vs. Omen
Ferra/Torr vs. Aganos
Li Mei vs. Hisako
Scorpion vs. Cinder
Mileena vs. ARIA
Kitana vs. Kim Wu
Kung Lao vs. Tusk
Goro vs. Eyedol
Shinnok vs. Gargos
Ash Williams vs. Skorge (Guest)
Mad Max vs. Joana Dark (Guest)

I also figured to include Frost, Quan Chi, Kung Jin, Bo’ Rai Cho, Daegon, Onaga, Shujinko, Skarlet, Raiden, and Kano. They would be put against characters from S3, S4, or brand new characters. I was thinking it would be multiple seasons long.


I actually like that roster. Unfortunately I wouldn’t hold my breathe on Meat or Kira ever returning, though I do think every character can be redeemed if given enough love lol there are certain characters NRS just seems to want to forget or get rid off asap like Drahmin for example. He was one of the few new 3D era characters I actually liked but I know the team doesn’t really like him, and they killed him off in the comics as soon as he appeared almost :confused:

Yeah, but who else could be good rivals to Spinal and Maya. Ernst maybe for Spinal, but I can think of no one for maya.

Ermac not Ernst

No , just no. I wouldnt want that infecting the holy greatness of all that is KI. I was a fan of MK when it was 1-3 and Ultimate. Every iteration after that to include MKx is a skid mark on the underside of the FGC. Fight mechanics terrible, character animations robotic and stiff, net code is trash. Only thing decent was story mode and graphics.

I’m not sure lol Meat or Drahmin could be good rivals for Spinal, and as for Maya I supposed any MK female could do. I think Nitara would be cool since Maya is like a monster hunter, and Nitara is a vampire…but again Nitara seems to be one of those characters NRS just wants to sweep under the rug and forget about lol

Okay, a simple no would have bean okay. Jeesh, no need to bite my head off.

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Did you know MKX just get new netcode?.. New netcode is very better than before!

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Honestly, in everything BUT a videogame, this would be an amazing crossover. Gimme a MK X KI comic, gimme some MK X KI stories. But there really is no way to blend the gameplay of the two games that make an enjoyable experience. And if we leave the two rosters functioning the way the do in their most recent games, KI characters would dwarf the MK kharacters gameplay-wise.

I happen to disagree. It’s just not very obvious in how to do it. Gameplay wise, other fighters might make for a better crossover, but I don’t see any others being realistic. Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct are the two biggest name American fighters. And traditionally, if a Japanese made game crosses over with an American made game, its the Japanese company that initiates the collaboration, and I don’t think Capcom is chomping at the bit to cross Street Fighter with KI. Warner Bros Games and Microsoft are both American companies. It makes the negotiation easier because both companies speak the same language. Plus, Iron Galaxy and NetherRealm are both located in Chicago, which makes collaboration easier. Finally Ed Boon and Ken Lobb are like BFFs. So many things just line up for this to happen as a crossover. The gameplay would be difficult to figure out, but not impossible as you suggest, and the end result would defiantly be awesome because of all the work they would have to put in to it.

That’d be cool but sadly I don’t see this ever happening…Still it’s an awesome thought

While yes collaboration would be easy, the two games play way too differently to create a competitive fighting game. It is certainly easy to say “Yeah but if they worked together, it can be done”, but the reality is that the two games core fighting mechanics are so different, that what ever came out of a crossover game wouldn’t really satisfy either fanbase.

The idea of the crossover is a great idea, and one that is certainly talked about a lot on the forums, because we all like the idea of having the two rosters square off, but from the view of both a semi competitive player and an amateur game developer, I don’t see a way to make a crossover game between these two that retains both games fighting mechanics and keeps both fanbases happy. I personally would rather see a couple of guests from each game make an appearance in the others game, and have either a comic and/or some story chapters in each game explaining the crossover.

Then again, I don’t want to discourage you from discussing this. Maybe you or someone else can think of way to make the merge of mechanics acceptable or tolerable. But I certainly can’t without get rid of some important items on both sides.

I would just like to throw out an example. What about Street Fighter x Tekken? Those games are a lot more fundamentally different from each other than MK and KI, but they pulled it off and it was awesome. It could be something as simple as taking one rosters characters and making them work in the others game. Or they could try to merge the gameplays, which as you say, would be very hard to do. Not trying to be a d**k or anything, and this is not supposed to sound mean, just throwing it out there.

Don’t worry, this is just a friendly discussion.:wink: You aren’t being a d*ck.

Since we are talking about SFxT, atleast to me it seemed to just throw the 3d fighters of Tekken into the 2d fighting plane of SF and play by the home games rules. We could debate all day on how effective this was as a crossover game, but it seemed to appeal competitively much more to SF players than Tekken players.

This is something that would definitely be considered when making the game, but how do you decide which base game to use? As KI fans, of course we would say “Use KI, it has a better combo and breaking system” but the other (admittedly bigger) fanbase of Mortal Kombat would disagree. This is certainly the route I would choose. Take KI’s base mechanics and add the ability to do fatalities if you get a supreme victory.

But would this appeal to MK only players? I don’t know.

It would be a giant clusterfuck. But I would love to see more death battles.

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Arbiter Vs Predator would make an amazing movie

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Technically SFxT didn’t pull it off, they just took tekken characters and put them in a street fighter game but tekken fans were left waiting for TxSF which never came out.


How about we directly copy Street Fighter x Tekken, and do two games, one following KI’s rules and one following MKs’ rules. Mortal Kombat x Killer Instinct and Killer instinct x Mortal Kombat.

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