Mortal Kombat X Killer Instinct

It’s under development, Namco is just just doing Tekken 7 first. It kind of makes sense, Street Fighter x Tekken went with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Street Fighter 4, so Tekken x Street Fighter can come out alongside Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5.

Good idea! It should be like a sequel to Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, picking up shortly after that game with Quan Chi or Shinnok forming an alliance with Eyedol, Gargos, or ARIA. Personally, I don’t care if the developers have to tone down the blood and violence for a “T” rating, as long as they make the game. My suggested initial roster/rivalries would be

Liu Kang vs Jago
Kitana vs Orchid
Sonya Blade vs Fulgore
Johnny Cage vs TJ Combo
Jax vs Tusk
Sub Zero vs Cinder
Scorpion vs Glacius
Jade vs Kim Wu
Cyrax vs Riptor
Nightwolf vs Sabrewulf

Would love to see an MK vs KI crossover.

My match-ups would be, going by the 24 character roster that the MK devs (NRS) have been going by, with 12 on each side.

Killer Instinct-

  1. Jago- pretty obvious, the poster boy of the series
  2. Orchid- the series’ leading lady, considerably THE poster character
  3. Sabrewulf- series mainstay/iconic
  4. Fulgore- the ‘other’ poster character aside from Jago and Orchid
  5. Glacius- series mainstay/iconic
  6. Spinal- fits a crossover series that has to do with blood and gore
  7. Sadira- the first villainess introduced in Season 1
  8. TJ Combo- series mainstay/iconic
  9. Maya- love her redesign, hard not to include her
  10. Aganos- big bruiser type character, plus I like his design
  11. Kim Wu- one of my favorites/mains
  12. Gargos- because big bad

Mortal Kombat-

  1. Scorpion- foil to Jago, battle of the series poster boys, both struggle with vengeful spirits
  2. Kitana- foil to Orchid, battle of the series’ leading ladies
  3. Reptile- foil to Sabrewulf, both ‘beast’ type characters and series mainstays
  4. Triborg- foil to Fulgore, utilizes moves from Sektor, Cyber-Smoke and Cyrax (and available in their color schemes)
  5. Sub Zero- foil to Glacius, battle of the cyromancers
  6. Baraka- foil to Spinal, series mainstay
  7. Mileena- foil to Sadira, both agile female villains who use acrobatics/aerial type attacks
  8. Liu Kang- foil to TJ Combo, both arrogant about their abilities, could see them testing one another
  9. D’Vorah- foil to Maya, no real reason other than shameless personal favorite insert
  10. Tremor- foil to Aganos, not very popular but would like to see him get a bigger role/chance in the series
  11. Tanya- foil to Kim Wu, again not exactly an expected matchup but Tanya’s one of my personal MK favorites and both are close range fighters (Tanya utilizing tonfa blades)
  12. Raiden/Dark Raiden- foil to Gargos, with the current MK timeline I could see Dark Raiden as a ‘big bad’ or fanatical ‘at any costs’ role in the storyline

Season Pass (because knowing NRS, it would happen). My idea would be two simultaneous character releases on each side (one KI/one MK):

  1. Tusk (KI)/Kenshi (MK)- Battle of the ‘big Nordic barbarian’ versus the psychic swordsman. Plus both have supernatural swords. I could see a friendly rivalry between the two.
  2. Kan-Ra (KI)/Quan Chi (MK)- Battle of the evil sorcerers. They try to one-up each other and battle for one another’s power.
  3. Mira (KI)/Skarlet (MK)- Mira’s another of my personal favorites, plus she’s a higher candidate than Nitara ever will be. Skarlet is a hemomancer (uses and thrives on blood of enemies) so she’d make a great foil for Mira.
  4. Cinder (KI)/Cassie Cage (MK)- Cinder’s the resident wisecracking and one of the original KI cast. Cassie makes a great foil given her equal tendency towards cutting sarcasm. Plus Cassie’s an MKX newcomer and pretty much the next-gen leader of the series.

Season 2 Pass (if the series is a success, and people do love and want more characters…)

  1. Thunder (KI)/Kung Lao (MK)- Original KI character versus very popular MK series mainstay
  2. Omen (KI)/Noob Saibot (MK)- Troll type demonic/shadow characters facing off
  3. Hisako (KI)/Sindel (MK)- Matches the whole horror theme Hisako has going (onryo vs banshee/vengeful goth queen)
  4. ARIA (KI)/Jade (MK)- Completes having Jade in, plus I could see Jade being a wild card against ARIA

Yo Xbox Scorpio launch title? Would be cool to see this next year. Have this be the final season of KI, launch MK v KI and three years later launch new KI with an appropriate budget.

The only I’d buy it is if ARIA was in it. Otherwise forget it. It would be a disaster all around.

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Aria is worse that Gargos doe.

I like the sound of it, but for me, I’d rather go for SF vs KI. Studying the characters’ similarities to characters from street fighter (Jago = Ryu, Fulgore = Ken) from Infil’s guide, I believe it would be an easier gameplay wise to develop the game with having to focus so much on gory finishers.

Mortal Kombat as great as it is should just stay separate until another successful game with the same amount of gore rises to prominence and a deal is made between said companies.

No one needs another Mortal Kombat vs DC where the violence is stripped down again.