Mortal Kombat Tyrants Above

I think it’s a lie but from what I saw on the wiki it kinda looked real here’s the link to it.

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It’s an empty wiki page on a FANON wiki… so no, not real.

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Oh the link must have messed up just look it up.

Wonder who even took the time to write such a long, rubbish article. It even says “released” April 2018, as if it was written by some time traveler.

Oh well, at least they’re imaginative! :expressionless:

Says the article is not found. If they did say that it was released April 2018, that’s kinda silly. They already have a well established timeline for how they’re bringing out MK and Injustice which puts the next MK’s launch in 2019, but oh well. I’ve seen a bunch of leak type stuff recently, which is actually kinda fun right now. It’s nice to see MK sort of “back” in a sense, even though I’m sure we won’t actually see the game until E3 2018.

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Just look it up because it didn’t work right.

Yeah, Ultra Combo forums are bunking up the link, due to its format. Google works just fine finding it.

To be completely honest, I can’t tell if this is someone just fantasy booking the next MK game or if they’re trying to make this seem like something that’s legit. I mean, impossible release date aside, it talks about a “press release” when obviously there wasn’t one, since no other sites have any mention of this game.


It took me to the Error 404 page instead for me here as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Just search it.

Even that logo looks incredibly fan-made… Don’t buy into it, guys.

lol, I dont think anyone is. I think we’re all just kinda…entertained by it and it makes us daydream of all the cool MK11 possiblities :crazy_face:

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