Mortal Kombat 11


Kitty Khan LOLOL

Im really hoping Reptile makes it too. Really suprised teh Kombat boys didnt make it. Also glad cyborgs didnt make it.


What kind of issues did you have with Reptile?

I’ve been hearing form speculation that frost might become a cyber ninja to a degree.


The problem is every game they keep nerfing Reptile, either in gameplay or the story. Story-wise he went from Shang Tsung’s personal hitman to a jobber no better than Baraka, and gameplay-wise they either rehash his old moveset in the blandest way possible or just go in weird directions with his moves (Crab stance, etc.). The idea that in the old timeline he became more beast-like due to separation anxiety was potentially interesting, but ultimately went nowhere. In the new timeline he’s too one-note, as they mainly focus on him trying to revive the Zaterran raptors by gaining the favor of people who can bring the dead back to life. All while making him have less and less relevance in the overall story of MK.

I remember how great Reptile was in the old trilogy, especially his UMK3/Trilogy version, but he almost feels like he’s an afterthought now (despite being one of the original 8 characters in MK history). I’m not saying they should just keep him as human Reptile forever, but either they should try harder to make him good or just give us a more interesting reptilian character at this point.

What happened to Reptile is pretty much the reason I don’t have character loyalty anymore, since what happened to him can happen to anyone on the roster.

EDIT: Didn’t want to double post so I’ll put this here.

NRS confirmed the next stream will happen tomorrow instead of today, at 3PM CST. Maybe they’re planning something big considering the sudden change.


Welp, it won’t really change my point of view. I still think he’s awesome in my eyes. But I do think they need to move him forward. like have him interact with Khamelon. Heck they could have Khameleon be a member of his race that never left earth realm.

while I can see the appeal of Reptile’s human skin design, I also consider a few things.
First, palate swaps wouldn’t necessarily work for games like MK anymore. Second it went nowhere because they tried to explain why Reptile’s design kept changing. It’s kind of like trying to explain how Motaro lost his back legs in the story which never worked either. Third, I think don’t a reptile in human skin reptile can reflect his origin story anymore. Fourth, I’m willing to guess that if they had the tech back then reptile probably would have scaly skin and not human skin.

Personally I think Reptile’s had worse things happen to him than a change in his design. Like
Being left tout of a roster, getting killed in his own ending in MK4, and loosing to striker of all people.


This design looks much better then the one we got imo.


Oh my GOD marvel vs dc??? ED BOON quit playing

Storm or Psylocke in the hands of NetherRealm :exploding_head:

ed boon quick questions


@StarElite023 rather than double post, I quoted here :sunglasses:

I do have a couple points I’m reserving until we see her variations/ gear :+1:t5::crystal_ball::crystal_ball::sunglasses:


He said 25 to start and 30 to finish what does that mean? 5 hidden characters or DLC?


If I recall there was a hint at having more dlc groups than Injustice2

I’d wager it will be at least 3 ‘seasons’ of 3-4 characters each season


So 25 on the base roster, 5 characters for DLC? Which means Reptile will have either get that last slot. ubless he end sup being the second DLC character.


He said 30 something. So somewhere between 30 & 40 characters total.


30 something at base? or 30-40 total if you include potential DLC?


Total…why dont you just watch the clip? 30 somthing total…its a rapid fire interview so his answer are quick and off the cuff… nothing he says is 100% concrete…all vauge answers.


All those DLC slots,

I’m now willing to bet on the return of Shao Khan’s ex, Sindel, I cannot wait for the potential banter between the two/ Sindel-Kitana, Sindel-Jade,
even Raiden-Sindel (loved his mention of Sindel in Injustice2 with Starfire)

only bummer is that she would potentially return in default as revenant without an (Un-undead?lol) variation


Probably including DLC. We already know of 6 in the first Kombat Pack, and its unlikely there’s only going to be one. I’d wager somewhere around 35-38 total characters.


My gues snow is Reptile will have to be DLC.


my guess now is reptile’s sitting this one out


That’s what the problem is, unlike most characters Reptile’s place in the timeline has basically stagnated to the point where he could just disappear and no one would notice. Also I disagree with Khameleon being retconned into an Earthrealm raptor, since I always liked the idea of the last 3 Zaterrans in existence with their own goals (Reptile and Khameleon trying separate means to revive the raptors, Chameleon only caring for power). Considering his MKX arcade ending though they could introduce a new Raptor character based on that, especially with the time warping now.

As I said earlier they don’t have to bring back human Reptile, but they should still make his evolutions more meaningful, hence why I didn’t like how lizardman Reptile came and went (like how in Armageddon they just retconned his Shaolin Monks design as default for that game). Also tech-wise they kind of had it back then, I mean they just made a snake head and photo-shopped it on the human actor for MK2/UMK3. I’m guessing time was the issue since Midway had a history of rushing productions out the door.

Also as for the last 3 statements, those happened to a lot of other characters as well (a lot of bad endings in Armageddon for example), and Ermac of all people lost to Striker as well. That’s more standard fighting game stuff in the grand scheme of things. At least he wasn’t made into a joke character or something.


best to not get your hopes up about reptile, it seems like you are banking heavily on his return and you will be in for huge disappointment. just sayin


Well I wouldn’t want that personally. If he doesn’t make the base roster I will still support him for DLC. It will be a long time before we get MK 12.

While yes it will be a huge disappointment but at least it keeps me enthusiastic about the game even if the roster likely disappoints me in the end. But I’m not gonna give up, even if Reptile is left out of the base roster I still have hope that he will be DLC. Which is what he will have to be if it end sup like that. Which I can’t see why they can’t add him as DLC heck Sektor, Cyrax and Smoke became DLC in the form of triborg.


do what you want, just throwing that out there