More Retro item on ki season 3?

hi, first excuse me if this as been already been asked i didn’t scroll througt all topic, if that as already been answer please just give me a redirection to the topic that seem like this one ^^ and closed this one (admin)
and please excuse my english ,it is not my main language but im trying my best ^^
i would like to know or suggest?
i would find awesome if in season 3 you could release more “retro” goodies to all caracter in the game like “Ki2 costume?” for season 1 caracter that was in Ki1 and Ki2? and even season 2

like “Orchid” i see that she have her retro look (snes style? if i could say?) in the arcade she was less censored? maybe im wrong for ki1 ,but in ki 2 you can understand what i mean, not just for “fanservice” she is really awsome in the outfit in ki2 the boot and overall the way she look

Thunder , or Chief Thunder can you bring some more retro accessory to make im look like he was In Ki1 ? i’ve made my best with what i have but … the mohawk … is not that long, and looking that it was (i’ve grown with ki1 on snes and gold on 64, and playing a lot on arcade when i’ve got the chance but now im playing way too much on one :stuck_out_tongue: (nostalgia)and as much that i love the arcade Ki1,2 i must say the new version is the version to go too,
and i must say you’ve made awsome job on what you bring till this day but im sure im not the only one who want Killer instinct (xbox one) to be “The ultimate version” (when the game will be finished with all season release (hope to get more :smiley: ) when your vision of the game will be “Final” to have all Ki1,2 caracter that now missing ,but im pretty sure they will be all there sooner or later, with all costume from all version of ki (via accesory) and i welcome even newer stuff :slight_smile:

like i’ve said im new to the forum,maybe is has been asked lot of time and i dont want to create a other one that bring nothing new to the table:P if a topic is exactly the same as this one "Admin: feel free to link to this topic via a link and lock this one :wink: )

thank you to all the team that made me buy a xbox one just for that damn game :wink: and i dont regret it ^^ i cant but in word how much i apreciated dusting off one of my all time classic fighting game and see the vision you have ^^
and maybe? bring back in time when it will be possible …Ultimate? (i’ve seen shadow jago made one to me it was so awsome :slight_smile: )
No mercy?
maybe in season 3?

have a good day and thank you for reading me

KI2 Orchid was deemed sexist by the devs and the costume will not come back

KI1 Thunder was deemed racist by the devs, and the costume will not come back

we are all expecting them, nothing confirmed yet.

As of now we know nothing about season 3, we don’t know if/who is going to design the retros.

Welcome to the forum and have a nice time here

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Welcome to the forum, OP! Hope you enjoy it here.

I’m guessing that we’ll see some other type of match ender. They’ve mentioned that Ultimates are hard to do just because of how the stages are built and how camera angles might be an issue and what not. It’s why only boss Shadow Jago can do an ultimate on Shadow Tigers Lair.

As for humiliations, no mercies etc… I tend to doubt they’ll put no mercies in because this isn’t an MA game. They’ve honestly had to do certain things with the gameplay so as not to get an MA rating (I believe Fulgore’s throw is an example, as he’s not actually “stabbing the opponent”).

That said, if they can get away with a robot turning someone to stone and having them blow away, I’d think that there are ways that they can incorporate no mercies without being giant gore fests. Question is… Would people want them in such a way?

My guess (and this is just a guess, of course) is that we might see the return of one classic form of match ender and then something entirely new. Hopefully we find out soon!

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thank a lot for your time and answer :slight_smile: that sad to heard about their retro costume (i’ve search a little and read, and i’ve read that their is a little controversy on this :stuck_out_tongue: (i may just add, i dont want to participate in a debate or start one … maybe bring the retro costume and hide the “too much skin?” (like i’ve said that way more for the look of the costume then seeing her butt…) :stuck_out_tongue:
*without bringing argument to debate i will just say like i’ve seen in a other topic , look at “sadira” if we’re talking too much skin :stuck_out_tongue:
and chief thunder… i must say …i dont want to debate their decision, but … maybe just add a “mohawk”
but that is longer than the one in the game? (i’ve try my best to make him look like the Ki1 but the hair feel a little short :stuck_out_tongue: )

but i can live with it ^^’

thank once again for your time and answer i really apreciated see you soon :slight_smile:

sorry for multiple post (on my screen it was glitch)

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I could dig a longer Mohawk for Thunder. Not sure if that’d be an issue with collision detection or anything like that though.

oh ! ^^ i didn’t realise the game was rated T ,that explain a lot of thing now XD
thank you for your answer and explanation :slight_smile: i wasn’t aware of that (ultimate would be complicated and the “Why” this or this because of T rating ,make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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once again make sense :stuck_out_tongue: the way the game are more complex to code today ^^ hit box and all …didn’t think of it hell do i think some time :wink: (Just kidding :wink: )

How racist??? He’s look fine to me…

pretty much the same thing i’ve said to my self :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure either Adam or one of the DH guys addressed this directly back in season one. They wanted an authentic look for his modern style. His previous look was deemed to be a bit of a 90’s era caricature of a native American and they didn’t want to go in that direction again because it was a tad on the racially insensitive side.

Whether you or I think his old look was racist or not isn’t overly relevant. This was the direction they decided to go for the character and I personally think it works.


yeah you got a point :wink:

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Funny thing is the Thunder fans who are not happy witht he retro have it way worse than the Orchid fans.

I dunno. Thunder’s retro looks okay to me, even in spite of his comically massive trapezius muscles. It’s just not his old look, which to many is a bigger sin.

Yet Orchid’s was a rush job that, from a sheer quality perspective, doesn’t look that great due to the hair, the face, the texture of the clothing, the accessories, etc.

Some might not like biker Thunder, but they had to do something with him. I think he looks pretty decent. I’ll take that over some sort of odd Russian looking military uniform, a cowgirl accessory set (with branding irons?) etc that Orchid got saddled with. Still don’t get how she didn’t end up with some cool spy / secret agent gear.

I suppose it’s debateable depending on your taste though. :smile:

Well yeah that’s true the hair and the face could use some adjustments. As for the accessories, I’m not sure what to say about thos ebut I do no me and my bro aren’t a fn of the retro Riptor’s accessories ourselves. But other than that, the retro looks great, I expected the tail segments to act the way they do due to the bone rigs.

Items? No thanks.

New and improved retro outfits? YES.

I think it’s fair to say that in season 3, I.G has no excuse to say that there won’t be any ultimates made for the KI roster.

And of course… i want sex appeal costume from the girls!

I can’t take it anymore!!!

That’s right. They have to use their precious time to bring season 3 characters and ultimates for all of the roster. It’s all that matters right now.

As for the retro item, Why not some retro stages.

I would actually like some accessories for Retro Riptor like something to actually make her look dragon-like or something