Morality of the Killer Instinct Universe?

  • Black-and-White
  • Shades of Gray/Gray Areas

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Is the KI Universe presented from a black-and-white OR shades of gray angle?

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The two big bads are either a megacorporation that ruined the lives of most of the heroes or a demon god who is basically Satan. And the heroes all seem to be pretty…. One sidedly heroic. So……

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well let see. we have vilains like ultratech who did some very heinous stuff/

they violated human rights and the laws of nature and they likely messed up the laws to become the one monopoly of the world.

Soooo you decide from there.

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I voted Shades of Grey, as ARIA and Ultratech, while antagonists and doing bad things, are doing them because she’s trying to toughen humanity up to survive against very real threats that are coming.

Many fighters also have mixed reasons for doing what they’re doing, or their priorities change as the story goes on.


Sadira is actually the hero of the series… … at least in my point of view. :sweat_smile:

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care to elaborate?

I agree, I voted Shades of Grey too. Moreover, it seems like the heroes’ priorities are quite selfish seeing as how their actual end goal is supposed to be the salvation of the planet. Probably something that gives the “bad” guys more power over them


Yeah, their acts do contribute to the greater good. Although, Glacius is one of those who’s goals does involve the well being of others. Sense his job is to protect and serve. The part that would make abit more grey is that he would need to do it by any means neccisary hence one of his endings in season 1 did involve destroying the tech that pretty much blew up the planet.

Other’s like Agonos also did it for someone other than himself, trying to fufill a promise to the king to destroy Kan-ra. Yes, it does involve taking a life, but considering how evil Kan-ra is, it’d make sense,

Now Riptor to me is another interesting debate. We know she has human DNA in her genetic make up. But if you play her story in season 2, you find that she wanted to hunt down and eat whomever Aria sends her after. So it makes me wonder can Riptor have culpability?

I say this because Riptor, while on the villains side seems more like an animal obeying its owner, no one ever considers a dog evil for attacking someone that the owner dislikes even if the owner sent the dog out to get them.

One possible idea could be that she does enjoy hunting and may even get a kick out of making her prey suffer while she is eating or slicing them down as one example. That could be where the human part of her DNA comes from.

Same can also be said about the Fulgore units. They are all machines designed to kill, but they are no different from a gun or a sword. They are just machines doing what they are programed for.

Though Fulgore MK3 is an exception, but whether or not he we can consider him evil is up for debate as well. Sense he does seem to think for himself.

Come to think of it, that’s what really makes the story of KI so deep with its characters. They can lean on the good and bad but still have their own motives that can lead to the same goal. Granted Ultratech’s team for the most part is on the same side. Heck even the good guys eventfully became a team of their own in season 2.

Now the only one that seem more neutral like Sabrewulf, whos goal is for himself and would only benefit himself. Which is to be cured and become human again.

Your thoughts?




Agreed! Not just Riptor and Fulgore individually, the entirety of UltraTech’s non-human units can’t be labelled as evil. I mean come on, the corporation is literally led by an artificial life form. You can’t expect anything you feel is morally right from it. No blaming either. Probably the only inherently evil beings are the Coven, anyone on Gargos’ side and any human bought by the two

Yeah I’d definitely cut him some slack. Lots actually. A lot of the good guys are in bad shape but not as bad as this guy. He needs to get his humanity back first before he decides which side he’ll be on.


Well Aria has the capacity and the free will to do the questionable things sense she intended to do things. She may have had good intentions but that doesn’t make her good. Cinder is also morally culpable sense he did plan on rebelling against her while also willingly siding with her.

This kind of shows that Aria even though she is an AI is capable of choosing good or evil, she just chooses based on logic and not morality.


From what I’ve understand as well as gathered about Sadira and Cinder:
Sadira is overall pure evil while Cinder is, more or less, a tolerable if not lovable jackass.
Sadira and Cinder are both power-hungry as they’re basically AND practically in Ultratech’s and above all ARIA’s plans for the planet (and humanity) only for themselves, and overall both have ulterior motives for doing so.


The only correction to this is ARIA did replace Sadira with Cinder. That happens at the end of his Story Mode. And Sadira is not happy with ARIA at all.


I’m taking the new Disney approach with Sadira. The tragic misunderstood individual who seems rather villainous, but is actually heroic…

Not really… she has zero morals other than making money and surviving. :sweat_smile:


well she is an assassin but there’s also the environment which proves that she is an evil lady There’s a human being wrapped in webbing and probably getting eaten and theirs skulls and bones likely from the spiders victims.


Sadira’s background does allude to some potentially horrific, even downright tragic things happening in her life. I wouldn’t mind if in a future KI the story was somewhat expanded so that we have more of an insight to her as a character.

Riptor…I wouldn’t say she’s either good or evil. She’s an animal, albeit one with human genes and who’s being exploited and weaponized, which in some ways kind of makes her more of a victim.

ARIA - she’s essentially the Supervisor from “Rise of the Robots”. All logic, but with little regard as to what’s right or wrong. She’s definitely evil, though, even if she tries justifying some downright horrific decisions.

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well yeah, she’s using logic to justify her actions on what she thinks is best. It’s not a matter of good or evil to her.

Indeed Riptor isn’t evil, but a victim I’m not so sure of. She was born in a way that breaks the laws of nature. (Both cloning and messing with human DNA) But she seems to be obedient to aria like a dog. No matter how evil the owner is, we can’t hold culpability against the animal they own. No matter how dangerous the animal is.

But what about Sabrewulf? we know that his circumstances while tragic was the result of his own actions. EG: scratching himself on a severed werewolf claw while he was drunk. His motivation is to find a cure which is a motive that is suited to only himself which would make him truly neutral

But it is said, that its not the goal that makes a character good, neutral or bad, but what they do to achieve that goal. ARIA did some very wrong and even evil things to achieve her goal. an example of this would be ironically violating human rights to remove human frailty. She has good intentions but the goal is never justified by the actions.

Heck in many stories some of the worst and most heinous of villains can have good intentions.

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For Jago’s and Orchid’s moral stances:
Jago’s moral stance is overall lawful good while Orchid’s moral stance is overall chaotic good. And what is your personal take on their overall moral stances?

Well, KI1 Sabrewulf was actually completely innocent in terms of his circumstances; in the original game, his condition was the result of a genetic disorder, meaning that he wasn’t responsible for what happened. 2013 Sabrewulf…I honestly hated that revision since they took away the inherent tragedy of that character by making him a hedonist moron, that he was “deservingly” cursed like all the other werewolf characters before him.

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Even if the revision was self inflicted its still tragic. This is because the irony behind being turned into the very thing his family had nearly wiped out in most of Europe.

Now that being said I don’t think he deserved being in those circumstances no matter which version you prefer. Yeah someone gets drunk but I don’t think he deserved getting cursed.