Mods for PC version?

Does anyone know if it’ll be possible?

Its not looking hopeful.

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How so?

I hope not. if modding ever touches multiplayer everything will be ******


I am pretty sure mods, in regards to this game, are always reffered towards aesthetic stuff like the so-much-asked-for reworked retros.


Most likely so, but what about xone players that wont be able to do it? and you know someones gonna mess with the model scripts like MK and have arbiter throwing out kan ra moves

I’m soooo looking forward to reworked retros. That and a way to implement them on XONE. Yeah, I know… it’s a bit too much to ask but who knows?

Usually it takes a few weeks

I fear that modding KI is more difficult than regular games since it’s a windows store app. It shouldn’t be impossible to mod but getting other’s mods to work on your version may not be as straight forward as you want it to be.

I have still to install it so I can’t be sure.

[EDIT] just googled it and it doesn’t seem that hard actually.


Look here:

Phil Spencer addressing UWP and how mods will be supported in PC. Not sure if just PR, but we will see. I hope IG is also looking at this and will release patches if needed.

pc mods should be a thing me in others will find a way to mod the apps

As long as mods don’t affect game play I’m good.

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Right now you can’t mod games using the UWA platform. That goes for Rise of the Tomb Raider (W10 store version) and Gears of War Ultimate as well.

Microsoft is getting a lot of flak from the PC gaming community about this, so it could be fixed later. Right now it’s not up to IG.


It’s silly, but the only mod I want is to use the old audio files for the voices.

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According to Phil in the video, mods will be supported along with other things PC gamers are requesting.


Yes, he has said before he is aware of “the list” of UWA limitations that they’ve been called on, but I don’t think they are going to actually work on it in the near future. They are looking for ways to allow modding without losing control of how universal windows apps work or exposing a backdoor.

-“We heard the PC Gaming community loud and clear”
-“You will be able to disable Vsync, enable GSync and FreeSync in May”

Sounds like they are working on it, but at this point I don’t know if it is PR or if they are going to deliver, I don’t want to be naive, but I would like to be able to trust MS. I have many reasons to doubt MS, but I trust Phil, he has not disappointed me yet.


As of right now I don’t think modding is possible to due the UWP in which all games in it are made. Phil Spencer has spoken about how they plan to make changes and additions to it later on which may make modding possible.

In fact it’s not even possible to access the folder in which games are installed to through the app store


Damn. So it’s the way the Windows store is set up? I know SFV ran rampant with mods in the first 2 weeks. Is data mining even possible for KI?

Modders like life will find a way.
(Cue goldbloom and Jurassic park theme)