MKXL Beta PC is a Better port than Killer Instinct

Well lookie here color me surprised, like WB/NRS is really trying to redeem themselves, I never expected MKXL Port to be THIS good given how much garbage the MKX port was.

And lo and behold there is a BIG QLOC logo demonstrating the gods of PC port is in charge this time.

Been playing it since yesterday my god, this port is god like how could this be possible? Do you have any idea how hard it is to top the KI port? given how good this port is? but MKXL easily beats it back. No need to disable my firewall like I have to in order to play KI, MKXL just works out of the box as if its a perfect game.

I played against a red dot pinger from Russia and there was still no lag, the netcode seems to be better than KI. Its certainly better than SF5

You cannot use practice only online so its really hard for me to just pick up a brand new character and start playing but luckily from my past knowledge I was able to play Triborg Sektor. I swear the graphics in this game is mind blowing.

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BTW MKXL is currently FREE for the weekend if you guys wanna check it out its Free but only online ranked mode u can select because its in Beta.

Ed Boon says on Twitter he wants to make this even better than consoles.

I just wanted to share this with KI community since both games are similar same gritty atmosphere

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There’s already a long running discussion on MKXL. I suggest you take any discussions about MKXL to the MKXL thread, rather than making a new thread.


Well my post is more about how good the port is, MKXL being a better port than KI is a huge milestone for anyone ESPECIALLY a company with a horrid PC track record like WB

It’s still about MKXL. That thread I linked a while ago has gone from prerelease stuff, to balance issues, graphical mishaps, and even potential PC port discussions. I’m pretty sure that people would be happy to hear that the PC port is finally getting some TLC after being one of the worst PC launches since Watchdogs (or worse, possibly comparable to AC: Unity)

@KingHadu you were going so good…you posted topics asking for help and made discussions that we’re positive…why you let me down T.T

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No crossplay? No TKs.


Yeah I am VERY surprised at this move I was expecting another garbage port the usual WB tactic. They suddenly did a complete 180 turn they fired HVS and Hired QLOC and Ed Boon took personal charge of overseeing this MKXL PC port. I just wish he said something earlier and gave a reason but I guess as a business person he won’t ever do that but he isn’t as evil as I thought he was.

I feel like a kid on Christmas, you know what it means to have this on PC? where would I have ever gotten $400 US for a console with online paywall just to play this one game? especially with dreaded low oil prices and scarce US foreign exchange currency.

Man this makes me happy!!! The fact that the port is even better than KI really really says something here given how good the KI port actually is.


Just an FYI while I agree cross play would be great.

MKXL PC beta currently finds matches faster than KI and SF5 with cross play enabled. And believe me I own both SF5 and KI

Yes I agree cross play would be fantastic but given how popular MKXL actually is “It is the best selling Fighting Game on the planet and by a massive number compared to the competition”, I have been finding people in seconds. And this is just the MKXL BETA most people don’t even know this exist, most don’t even have an internet connection fast enough to download this in time

And just think I am currently finding matches faster than KI WITH Cross Play enabled? so would cross play be great yes? is it absolutely needed? nope.

Did I mention that MKXL features both D-Input and X-Input Support out of the box?

The very same thing we have been asking for since the launch of KI on PC and we never got to this day?

So my Qanba Q1 Fightstick works out of the Box in MKXL no need for JoytoKey that adds unecessary lag

I feel bad for abusing Ed Boon for months on his Twitter page though I suspect he enjoyed it

People trusted NRS once and they abandoned them.
Now they’re trying to win them back with something that should’ve been in since vanilla? I can’t imagine the PC side having a large player base.

Good on NRS for trying but the damage is done already. Kind of hard to trust them.


Its probably a big player base right now because there is only one mode, RANKED? would having casual split the player pool?

Even then this does not explain why it is I can find matches so quickly and 99% of all matches have ZERO lag and plays like offline

MKXL is popular people know its GGPO netcode this game sold something like 5 million copies making it the biggest selling Fighting Game in the world.

The word is out, QLOC logo is in the intro for MKXL PC. That is all a PC Gamer needs to know if you ask me. Besides MKX is done, they are focusing on Injustice 2 now, there won’t be anymore content for MKX ever again.

So what do PC gamers have to lose? they have the identical console version

Offcourse there is NOWAY I am going to buy injustice 2 because I expect the same thing to happen again, WB has not regained my trust at all not even close. But for MKXL? its a done game and the Free beta is flawless what more could I want anyways?

and im here try to fix teredo issue i did everything still nothing :smiley:

actually you do NOT need to interfere with anything regarding Teredo.

I would advise you if you live in the first world and can afford a console and online paywall to go for it.

What game ur having trouble with?

well i have great gaming PC. PC is everything for me i do rather over Console. When i try to play online Xbox App cant get Teredo Adress. I did everything to fix it. Doesnt help anyway i hope Ki sells on Steam so i can play without any issue. Well we know Quantum Break on steam.


Windows 10 gaming is horribly broken, I actually got a 3 week ban on this forum for saying that BTW. I cannot even send my friend a steam request to “watch my broadcast” of KI live stream because well KI is not on steam.
Even worse I can’t use my Nvidia Shadowplay GPU to stream KI on my twitch because guess what? it don’t work on Windows 10 games. So that defeats the whole purpose of owning a Nvidia GPU one can hope KI comes to Steam

I think it will come, because the data has shown only 2% of total game sales happen on Windows store. 98% happen on Steam and for good reasons.

The only thing you can do is to reinstall windows well actually you will do a “reset” on windows 10 and that might fix this issue.

Beyond that the only thing you can do is buy a Xbox One. KI is NOT a great PC port as many often claim yes the performance is great so is the netcode but its one of the most buggy games around. Same issue you have for instance, or me having to disable firewall just to play online or me having to not put on a specific boot for Thunder to avoid KI crashing.

Mind you I own like 100 games over the years and I never had a single game crash on me except Fallout 3 which always had issues with crashing on Windows 7 BTW

Now owning a Xbox one just for KI makes no sense if you ask me just a grand waste of money. Why? because all the best fighters are on PS4 minus KI offcourse.

What I would advise for you since you cannot play KI is don’t play KI. Buy MKXL for PC its a fantastic Port, none of the crappy Teredo and other silly issues you get with KI in Windows 10 and MKXL even supports Dinput and Xinput together out of the box. KI never supported Dinput to this day and I think its obvious by now it never will.

I came to KI because it was the only alternative to MKXL because MKX was broken and abandoned on PC. KI is a really really great game but trust me its no Mortal Kombat and yeah you get to play Predator in MKXL how cool is that?

I will tell you though if Console gaming wasn’t so expensive I would use it over PC anyday. And I tell you this as a PC gamer since 1996

The only issue I have with console is the price its very expensive and you are forced to pay $60 to access online otherwise you have a offline brick. A PC you only need to change a video card once every 7 years and maybe add a stick of ram, every 10 years you can put in a higher core CPU if you don’t already have it.

But these days new CPU is meaningless with only 5% improvement a year

about windows 10 you have great point. I think microsoft developers does not invest to windows 10 Games. To be honest im tekken fan i was about to thinking to buy Tekken 7 on Steam (its in the shop but not buyable) and i saw akuma and i give up.

i love tekken when it was tekken even bought ps2 for Tekken 5 think about rest. Well when i update my pc to windows 10 i saw Ki on Windows Store and i said lets give a shot and i really like that. Personally Xbox is waste of money why should i pay for playing online ? thats not make sense to me. Oh well i would definitly buy Ki DE for PC.