Mizumi Han's Appearance Pictures found (not the actual, but close to it)

in order to give a look inside Mizumi Han’s appearance, I combed the interenet and found two pictures, if they look close, just tell me what you think

Mizumi’s regular appearance with her hair change and in a different color (possible color 6 palette with hair style change due to accessories inspired by Pai Chan’s appearance in this pic from VF5)

Her retro with the color Palette similar to Yumi Ishiyama’s from Code Lyoko like I described before from the redesigned idea thread

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Was this supposed to go in an off topic thread?

no, its related to my tessen character idea

Oh okay, cool. So why did you create a whole new thread about it instead of just posting it in your original idea thread? Not trying to be a downer or whatever, and I like the references provided for your idea, but maybe give some context in the original post here?

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I honestly was a bit distracted and had too much to do and just went in for it