Missing Lore Dossiers (The Hatchery's Secret and The Umbral Militia)

Greetings. I’m missing three dossier files (well, besides the obvious Mask of the Ancients). I’m missing

  • The Umbral Militia III
  • The Hatchery’s Secret II
  • The Hatchery’s Secret III

Now I know that to get The Hatchery’s Secret ones I need to get all the five stalker pieces, I’ve got four so far. But how do I get the Umbral Militia ones? I don’t remember how I got the first two ones.

Some help would be appreciated.

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Have you gone through the Shadowborn missions?

The ones about the Shadows escaping? Yes, I think so.

If so, then you should get something called Shadow Rouge; just some missions where you have to fight random shadows. I think that is how you get the dossiers, at the least I believe

Hatchery III is bugged, so just worry about the other 2 for now

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Since it isn’t listed here, I believe I have a breakthrough.

First off, Umbral Militia is tied to the Ultratech Leak Side Mission. Just have an agent of Ultratech in your team, survive long enough and eventually the 1/4 Leak Mission will pop up. Do it enough times with different selections and you’ll get all the dossiers.

Second, Hatchery’s Secret is not bugged. It is just super random the way it progresses. I can only speak to what I’ve done in the past few days as I don’t recall the how and why of I, II, IV and V dossiers. So, Hatchery III. Go through the SL playthroughs in until you get the 3/3 mission on the hatchery base. Inspect the Incubation Equipment after defeating the three Riptors and you’ll get a quest item called “Wyvern-X”. Now, just do missions. I say this because thinking back, I don’t recall any specific theme that leads to this post fight encounter. But, do missions until you get a post fight text box about a Global Rebellion Commander who wants to talk to you. Select the option to speak or listen to him and when he speaks to you, he’ll recognize the Wyvern formula and take it from you. You’ll then get an item called “Security Codes”, or something like it, and the box we’ll explain that those codes are for an old base that the Commander served at early on in the Rebellion. After getting the codes, do a few more playthroughs and hit the Stalker Side Mission when it pops up to get enough transmitters to unlock the third part. Beat the Riptors again and this time, instead of just Inspecting the Incubators or the Security Console, you’ll have a third option to activate the Console. Hit it and you’ll get some consumables and the third Hatchery Dossier.

I have done that quest fully 3 different times. So from.my point of view it was/is bugged. I will continue to do these quests until I unlock all the dossiers anyway.

I need to also figure out who unlocks the season 1 character dossiers. I am missing alot of them. I am missing at least 4 from each S1 character.

With the Wyvern and Security Codes? I’m sorry to hear that then. I thought I had found the answer.

Yes, I have done the whole entire quest several times. I have several dossiers to collect, so I will keep trying. Thanks for trying to help.

This was the way I got the missing dossiers. The Wyvern-X and the Security Codes way.

I’ve got them all now. Missing the Mask of the Ancients one only.

And the Owl ones.

And the character dossiers which are a pain in the ■■■.

Thanks everyone.

Happy it helped, if at all!

And for character dossiers, I seem to see more drops in higher difficulties. So if you can, play on Challenging or Godlike if you don’t already. Also, you can them from any character battle, not just mimics. So go after the recruitment battles, Shadow fights and normal non-mimic encounters to increase your opportunities to snag dossiers.

Have you picked update the Kilgore dossiers also?

Did you use different characters for each run through, or the same 3 characters each time?

I can do the higher levels, but I will not be able to keep using a different 3 characters for each time. I have beat godlike, but I need a certain group to do it.

I only got one Kilgore dossier. I have no clue how, must’ve been the Hot Lead quest.

I always had an Ultratech guy, in my case it was Cinder :heart: and Riptor. But I had to do the whole Stalker quest twice. And restart a lot so I could get the 5 Stalker pieces. It’s always a mission where there’s two non-mimics Riptors the one that starts the Hatchery’s Secret quest.

And then after I got the Wyvern-X thing by looking at the incubators, it was just random luck so I could get the after-mission briefing thing with Commander Gruhb. Grabh. Ghrub. Grubh. The Global Rebellion guy. He’d give me the security codes.

And then do the Stalker quest again for the final Hatchery mission, after that then I’d put the security codes in and then I got the final dossier.

Shadow Lords is really repetitive but god it goes deep.

I meant how did you get the rest of the dossiers. Dossiers like Jago, TJ, Glacius, and Thunder. Did you use a different group each time, or did you keep the same characters for all the dossiers?

I’ve recently been unlocking more character dossiers now that I’m using characters whom I don’t have at level 50 and don’t use often. Im on challenging and target mimics that I know I need dossiers for with the characters I don’t use for instance right now I’m using Kilgore, sadira, and had thunder but switched him out for kan-ra. If the mimic is one whom I already have all dossiers I’ll just deploy Kilgore since he’s lvl 50 already.

All of my characters are at lv 50, so if that helps, then I am in trouble. I have 200/259 dossiers now. I am about to breakdown and make a spreadsheet of who has fought who, and how many times. It is just weird that I have all the season 3 characters at 100 except Tusk. Season 2 characters are either done, or only have 1 or 2 dossiers. I don’t have any season 1 characters at 100%. As of right now, I don’t thinking getting 100% of all the dossiers is realistic for anyone.

It’s not really that odd that Season 3 characters are at 100%. Rash, Arbiter, Raam and Eyedol’s dossiers aren’t that hard to get, considering they’re so few.

I have Rash, Arbiter, Mira, Gargos, Raam and Eyedol at 100%, they’re the only ones I have complete. Well, sans the Mimics but that’s another thing.

I doubt character lvl factors in at all on the drop rate. Since I don’t have them at lvl50 it makes it easier for me to know who I should use for my next play through that I haven’t already used several times before like eyedol for example, I’ve used him for 15 play throughs and fought hundreds of mimics with him so I assume that the dossier well has gone dry for him where as kan-ra whom I’ve only used through one play through before has gotten me at least 3 in my current one.

The only dossiers that are missing my grasp are the Omen ones. I can’t seem to get them in any way. Not even the Omen missions where you fight two Omens.