Mira's recapture missed

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for some reason,when i did the recapture, the combo keeps getting dropped, i dont know why?

Do you have a video? Sometimes if the opponent is too low to the ground it won’t recapture. That or maybe the KV meter was too full and it was blown out.

You sure it’s being dropped and not just blowing out due to full KV meter?

If you record one of the instances and post it here it would be helpful to be able to tell you exactly what is happening and why.

it hits twice, i think hes hitting the character with the first hit and the scythe itself is missing the opponent and so the recapture misses. ive had this problem many times, i think he might be doing it where the spacing is off or timing

Heavy reaping can hit twice and not recapture, if the 2nd hit connects with the opponent too close to the ground.

Do you think that’s working as intended? I’m not being facetious, I’m genuinely curious.

For example, if I launch the opponent with heavy Trephine and I have half a KV meter still to play with, and I catch the opponent in mid air on their way down with shadow Blood Seekers, shouldn’t I be able to recapture them with heavy Reaping (which doesn’t currently recapture in this scenario, likely do to what you assert above).

Would being able to recapture in this situation be OP? Definitely curious what @TheKeits thinks as well. Again, not trying to suggest it should, just wondering why it doesn’t from a philosophical standpoint.

Well, honestly I’m not sure why it doesn’t recapture when too close to the ground. I think it should work, but don’t really mind it too much as it’s pretty specific.

Worst of it all is that if it doesn’t recapture, our opponent can quick rise and we’re pretty negative in some situations =/

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