Mira Sucks

… a lot of blood.


7 mores hours till the gameplay premiere. wooot

My new waifu.

Ill be on a gd airplane (as always) during the PAX premier. Something to look forward to when I land…

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Wow, looks badass :dizzy_face:

RIP .rash :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Lol nice title had me going

tips fedora

M’Waifu! :heart_eyes:

OH MY FREAKIN GOSH, is that her win pose or smething??? look at that fluid effect! I think I’m gonna have a new main.

I have to admit that now I feel a little sad about her not having a stage… It could have been awesome!

I REALLY REALLY HOPE she has nice animations… at least on par with hisako and rash… FINGER CROSSED

Awsome, someone who can best rash. I cant stand rash. If tea baggin wash bad enough, rash hip thrusts and giration is even more annoying

Well played, OP. Well played. :slight_smile:

Is she being shown off today? Where and what time?

Mira’s gameplay was shown a few minutes ago at Twitch’s Channel, now the Mira’s Full Breakdown will be streaming at IronGalaxy’s channel right now:


They didn’t even show a trailer and they couldn’t perform an ultra.

Her costume accessories looked really cool but some of the colors were all over the place!

Can’t wait to see the trailer.

She has bats and a soul drain and an air grab

Her taunt seems to be ’ you look ???’

Her taunt is 'you look drained’
the previous twitch showed her ultra.
Mentioned trailer maybe this weekend.
Love her, her costumes, her effects, everything.
I can’t wait to get my hands on her. Her sound is glorious

Looks like she will play like Sadira and Omen merged into one.

Here is Mira in action. Not the clearest video but you’ll get a little glimpse. Enjoy friends!



It’s a real shame that all of her effects aren’t red (blood). I’m assuming that they aren’t as to keep in line with the T rating.

Well played, TC :sweat_smile: