Mira is Russian!

Had someone comment on one of my videos saying that Mira is speaking Russian, so I googled what he typed and translated it and what she says for her QCF + PP shadow move basically stands for “THE BATS” but she says it in Russian. Cool tidbit I learned. She also says Ya Vay or something along that lines when she recaps.

Cool. What does that mean for Maya though? Then again, Jago and Orchid are siblings and they don’t seem to share ethnicity either.

Judging by her stage, “Latin Russian” should be a word by now.

Apparently they have different mother, so there’s that. Although tbh it’s hard to judge Jago’s ethnicity.

Born Latina, Raised in ancient Native American culture, Re-Raised as Siberian from the Grave.

Nope. She definitely says “Tootsie Wootsie” during the shadow bats!



Ah, so that’s what she’s saying for her shadow. The english phonetic seems to be “letuchiye myshi.” What exactly does she say for her heavy gauntlet attack? It sounds like “rampage” but without the g sound at the end. Or is that the “ya vay” you mentioned? In which case, what does that mean?

I wonder if she has a nice recipe for Borscht.

How is she Russian if she is Maya’s twin sister though? Maybe after she was brought back to life she moved there for a while lol

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That one I dont know but it sounds similar to what Wario says in mario party 1 and 2 when he was voiced by a Russian actor. I cant translate that one.

She reminds me of Decapre who is also russian

Do you have a source on the different mother?

It would have been cool if they had the same parents. I’ve read of twins being born with different skin color do to their grand parents.

It’s a thing, wish it was the same in KI.

Why do you think they don’t have the same ethnicity?

“The journal revealed a startling secret: Orchid had a younger brother—the result of her father’s affair with a foreign aid worker whom he had saved in Pakistan. She couldn’t pronounce his name properly—Jacob—and called him “Jay-go” which made him laugh. The woman had disappeared in the foothills of the Himalayas soon after their child was born, and Jacob had not been able to track down her or the baby. He wasn’t present during the birth, but he knew that it was a boy.”

Later in the text it is suggested that said boy is Jago we know.

Pretty sure while we know nothing about Orchid’s mother, this passage reads as if Jago’s mother was a different woman.

It’s definitely Rampage. I dropped all of the audio but voice, you can hear the G without everything else going on.

I’d like to know what she says for instinct activation. I hear “vampira” but I’m not hip to the first word (sounds Russian).

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I thought you meant Mira. Ha.

IG will probably confirm something eventually. I wouldnt have known without the Russian guy commenting on my video.

I’ve dug a little on it - I think it’s “Tuman Vampirov”, which would mean “Vampire’s Mist” more or less - but I could be wrong.

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Tibetan my man :grin:

Mira and Maya have the same parents. :smile: