Mira is Russian? Or just stay there?

“In the Dalmatian region of Croatia, there is a female vampire called a Mora or Morana, who drinks the blood of men” wiki

MORA? It may be just coincidence but cmonn :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I want to know how she is Russian.

Or she is not sister Maya, or was it just the briefing for the music to be made!

And still seek explanation for the beetle in her hands!
Her story, be related to the russians became more difficult to find explanation for the beetles

Any theories?

@TempusChaoti we will have to wait to know that? :kissing_heart:

Maya’s backstory said that she died in Siberia. The coven that took her is from Russia.
And I want to argue with you on the beetle point but I don’t know for sure what it is yet, so I’ll hold off on it.


This is why I think they should’ve continued doing the extended back stories it simplifies things story wise.

haaa NICE! I did not remember that detail! haha