Mira gameplay thoughts?

So they just showed Mira off quite a bit, what do you guys/girls think?

Like her?

Love her?

Hate her?


Here is the video show today

I like her but I probably won’t be able to play her well . her style isn’t my playstyle

Completely missed it!

Would someone be able to post a link to her reveal sometime later in the day?

Kind of the same for me. I love the character, I think she looks great but the way she has to be played (Damaging herself with certain moves, then using other moves to try ad get that health back) seems like it might be a little difficult for me lol


There’s a twitch archive in the thread “Mira Sucks.”

I’ll have to wait until I get home to see the stream they block streaming video here at work.

She’s op, please nerf.

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One question why does she loose healed cause I was at school so could have the volume up

How do I feel about Mira? Well…

I LOVE high damage characters and weapons in my games. Obviously this has to come with a sacrifice, like slower attack rate, low ammo, or in Mira’s case sacrificing health, but nothing is more satisfying than just SMACKING someone with a huge amount of pain all at once.
Not only is she powerful, though, she’s FAST. Her air mobility and her specials like Mist Form and the cannon drill make her a character that can close distances quickly, which I really like.

She’ll work well juxtaposed against my Tusk. She’ll be my glass cannon, he’ll be my juggernaut, everyone will be eating massive damage all day long.


I have to agree… I haven’t changed mains since I chose Sadira all the way back in S1… however, upon just seeing Mira, I’m going to dive head first into this crazy combatant. Sadira will always be my main, but Mira will be my second… FOREVER!!! :smiley:

By by Rash! I Kills you! :smiley:


I’ve been touting the idea of a health-management character for over a month - I just thought it would be brilliant for Eyedol. Still, it makes perfect sense for Mira as well. Vampires have to regain their health by feeding. I’ll have to see her in action in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing ;).

Still wish they made her a monstrous vampire character instead of humanoid, but she does seem cool.

Are there any other fighting games where a character uses their own life as a resource for specials?

ALso, didn’t like Cammy’s sparrow torpedo thing…could have same effect with a different move animation IMHO, but thats ok.



Health management character?


Wait, did I call this? How does her “health management” work?

a bunch of her specials and movement options user her lifeforce so her health drops…but that segment of life is what she can gain back via her vampire powers…

I’m in love.
I won’t drop Sadira but I might drop Orchid for Mira because evil chicks ftw!

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Amen! Evil Chicks is where it’s at! Dangerous Divas of Darkness RULE!


I can only think of 2, but they don’t do it on the same scale as Mira does. Skarlet had a special in MK9 where she could take a chunk of her own health and throw a ball of blood at the opponent, and Kotal Kahn in MKX can slash himself which takes a bit of health that can give him temporary buffs, but nobody does it on the same scale as Mira as far as I am aware.

Hmm… I just saw it on stream and I wasn’t too far off. On the combat trait thread, I suggested a system where she passively loses health slowly throughout the match, as truly lost health but denoted by a change in color, that would stop dropping and allow her buffs as she began drinking from her opponent via specific enders and building a bar. The higher the bar, the more buffs she gets, the less health she loses and even begins to gain back health she lost, but only what she’d lost to the “hunger”, not more past that. And what we get is converted health that is used for specials, not buffs or passive loss, and can be recovered using a specific attack that replenishes only converted health.

I’m pretty proud of myself. Wasn’t too far off. I’ll count that as a win.

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I can’t wait to get my paws on her! Why can’t I have her NOW!!! NOOOOOWWWWW!!!

I think there’s going to be a lot of potential with her bats. I’m wondering if we can time them to be used a little bit like Glacius’ Hail, where you can time them to be used during combos, as projectile manuals.

rubs hands evilly.

I’m loving the risk/reward style of play she has. Mira might just be the monster character that pulls me away from the humans. Not completely though, the humans will always have my heart on lockdown lol.