Mira gameplay speculation thread!

First things first, we don’t OFFICIALLY know the name of the teased character at the end of Tusk’s trailer. Until a official word from the devs, lets try to avoid naming her for the sake of the discussion.

And now, lets go to the point: what do you think its going to be her fighting style and moveset?

This are my thougths:

She will have a special mechanic that allows her “sacrifice” some of her lifebar,inflicting potential damage to her, and then some of her moves will be powered up. To avoid this huge risk, she has a command grab (the one we saw) which allows her to store one “blood meter”. She can use her command grab, use a powered special, and dont inflict white damage on her. If she uses the shadow version of this grab, she heals her potential damage and some of her lost health.

Her combo damage enders hits hard, but otherwise her neutral damage its average. She has good ground mobility and air dashes. Some of her moves are very unsafe if not powered up.

During instinct, she transforms in a more “nosferatu alike” vampire, making all her moves powered up without blood, and her command grab always heals her.
Blood power: she infuses herself with blood. If she has blood meter, she uses one charge (can store 2 at once) when enhancing a special move. If she doesn’t have any, she deals about 5-7% potential damage to self. Medium version enhances 2 moves in a row(15% potential damage to self). Heavy version heals about 15% potential damage, acts as medium if she doesnt have blood meter.

Vampiric bite: command grab, fills “blood meter”. Enhanced version ignores one hit. Has great range. Can be used in air
Night flight: a charge move, very positive on block when enhanced. If used airborne ist a divekick
Blood fest: a furious slash, enhanced version deals a lot of chip damage and staggers on hit

She works a lot like shago, but without zoning tools.

  • super fast full screen forward dash.
  • bats and other spooky creatures help.

I’ll definitely call that this character will be a mix of zoning projectiles/ magic containment and command grabs

The name was shown

Where? If there is an official source, I will change the title.

It’s really unofficial, but Adam already “confirmed” how you pronounce Mira’s name. I don’t think we should wait honestly. Leaks happen.

Anyways. She will obviously have a bite and I do believe in a blood meter. I just think she’ll have access to different moves when she is full. Like a super dash, or something.

Bite, “Bat Teleport”, a big “throw” move (like a full screen wall splat) based off her super human strength. Maybe a DP than can be cancelled into a divekick (actually, that would be too awesome).

No you are correct, you don’t have to change until maybe tonight when we get the release trailer!

it hasn’t been official but it was shown with the current season font


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I want psychic power or blood whips and strings
Somethings going to project from her palm

I think and like the idea of a (blood) transfusion ender. Where as instead of a damage ender she takes the white life she has created in the combo and transfers it to her life bar, sacrificing damage for potential health.

I think that this could be an interesting mechanic and give you an interesting gameplay choice whether to continue pressure or run and recover the health. Also gameplay choice as to get damage or go for the transfusion ender and potentially recover health.

I think that this kind of thing would really fit with a vampire type character.


IMO teleport characters must be a minority. Teleports usually are strong tools that avoid zoning, and give their users big advantages hard to balance.

Fulgore, Spinal, Kan-Ra, Shago and Hisako already have one. Maybe only one more its enough. If this character has one, I expect to be the last with one

I’m aware of the “rumors”. But yeah, no name until official statement. I like the whips idea

Everytime I see “first things first” I immediately think of Iggy. She totally ruined that term for me lol

As for gameplay, I think you make some solid points, it would make sense for her character. I personally think she will be a Rushdown Projectile character similar to Spinal using bats and command grabs to get in and deal damage. Maybe said command grabs do potential damage because they add a bleeding effect. Hmm lot of cool stuff I see happening with this character.

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vampires are known to be very fast and very strong.

dont use weapons

obviously suck on blood

all the cliche stuff we’ve seen in story after story.

Mira will probably be all those combined.

Mira Kan Ra ending

HA! you won’t be needing this!!! (Blood sucks out)


I have a feeling she is the reason Spinal got his Meter/Instinct draining abilities taken away. It makes sense for a vampire character to be able to drain resources from the opponent. Maybe that bite move we saw in the trailer functions similar to Spinal’s old curses, or maybe when she bites it doesn’t drain over time, but just takes a small chunk away immediately, and then the shadow version would take a chunk of Instinct meter or health.

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Gentlemen, lets avoid using names until an official announcement, please

Much appreciated!

I think she will be a big debuff/curse character. Probably more so than spinal or omen. Her damage output will be minimal but her tactics will revolve around crippling your opponent with curses etc.

Edit: I like the idea of a character that does minimal damage outright, but she can also do something to prevent combo breakers for a short time.

That sounds a lot like Cinder!!

With this particular name and subject, you don’t need to worry about being locked for using them. I’ve been given direct instruction that that’s OK!

Anything else you might have heard about which hasn’t been directly shown in a trailer or on a blog here on the official site, is an invitation for thread remodeling, removal, or even a vacation.


Thank you!!

I will stick to the actual title until her name its released tho

@Ishmae1: Our teased #KillerInstinct character has one of the best j.HK I’ve experienced in a fighter. +her other tools, she has so many air setups!”


I am hoping for some blood magic in her gameplay. Weaponizing her blood, healing herself by taking the blood of the opponent (maybe through the move we see her do in the teaser), stuff like that.