Mira date?

The launch trailer mentioned an April release for Mira and here we are at April 14th…has there been any mention of even her trailer release?


Really hoping we can get some kind of schedule soon. So we can at least know what time of the month to expect things.

We should see her stream sometime after the 24th. Search is your friend!


Ive been watching the developer post section. Wonder how i missed this???

FWIW, it’s probably better to guestimate the date or a release of a character to be the later weeks/near end of a month as this has been the norm.


I want the secrecy, don’t show or tell us anything, then have the stream like the day before she is released :smiling_imp:


Sorry @MrxFlutterShy I didn’t mean to @ you for this post lol just ignore it


We don’t need a schedule, the end of the month is almost always the date.

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Oh yes, I’d rather like a date with Mira…
Err, I mean, I’d rather like a release date for Mira. :kissing_heart:

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She’ll probably come out sometime during the last week of the month.

They will release Mira on April 30 11:59pm…

I like that that ultra owners get the new characters 5 days early. She will be the last week of the month.

Is that date for more info or release? Because that seems more like a date for Ultra Edition owners to get early access.

That quote was a direct response to somebody asking when we’d see her stream, not her release, unless I misread thins.

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I hope for a Pax East Mira breakdown stream:)

Search for WHAT exactly? These forums are super convoluted lately and i searched Mira, Stream and release but nothing concrete came up…

The top three results of this simple search, “mira stream” are this particular thread, the one I linked Rukari’s quote from, and another thread specifically asking about her stream and when we would see it. The other four are simply threads which both words were used in, even if they weren’t together.

Looking through the two other threads, there’s a lot of speculation, but also direct information from Rukari, which I linked. So make sure you actually check out the threads or posts that the search results are giving you, because what you’re looking for might not be fully displayed in the results page.

The point is that people have a tendency to just create threads rather than using the search function at all, which is how we end up with lots of duplicate threads, which also tends to annoy community members and can start arguments. Searching and then fully browsing the search results can alleviate this pretty easily, and can find you the information you’re looking for relatively quickly most of the time.