Minecraft XB1 group?

…and this is what I DON’T like about you owning the KI MC world. Most people aren’t going to be able or willing to “stay up all night” or even for a little bit, meaning it’ll likely not get very far off of the ground. Furthermore, for people like me who would still be willing to give it a chance, we’d have to start much later after the world’s already apparently started, thereby giving us little to no choice as to how the world itself is going to go at 1st. Basically, by the time I get in there (this Sunday) an idea can already be put into motion that I may not like or agree with and then I would simply have to either “when in Rome” or not participate at all, again making the world itself far less successful. I would rather have it set up at a different time where it’s more accessible to “the working man” because I want to be there from the very beginning.

That being said, I’ve had numerous MC games with 5+ friends with little to no lag, and would still like to host the world myself, especially since I’m available at most normal hours, like right now (unlike Fluttershy). So in other words (regarding my connection), don’t knock it until you try it. :wink:

Calm down.

This is just ONE day.
I am free during the DAY tomorrow.

…and I, by and large, won’t be. I won’t be home until after 3 p.m. eastern time. In fact, as of last night, I’m officially booked every weekday for the next 2 weeks +1.

Oh, and I am calm. I just think you’re not taking enough into consideration 1st before, well, jumping the gun.

#So here is how the world will work.

Do whatever you want. Every project and area will have a label on it if a project has started there.
No one can disagree to a project.
You can either join in the project, or not. But once one has started, that space is taken.
If you dont like the space, you can just move to another space and start your own projects, and label them as “yours”.

The resources will work like this:
Everything is shared, unless you are saving up to build something.
If you are saving a resource, you must ASK be taking from others, if they say “no”, then you must gather those specific resources on your own. (or with a partner if it is a 2 person project.)

Trolling is fine, but NOT in a destructive way. You must be able to personally undo every bit of damage you cause. But you will only HAVE to undo it if the other person asks you to.

As for the start of the world:
If it is your first time in the world, you can ask for any help you want. But some people prefer to not ask for help in the first few hours. That is OK. A new player can isolate themselves untill they have a house and basic needs, then re-integrate with everyone else.

I know this is a lot of reading, but i believe these concepts are basic and fair enough that they are common sense.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! if someone accidentally destroys or kills another person there is NO PUNISHMENT. i trust that the person who accidentally hurts someone else will be kind enough to help fix the damages.

This alone is already NOT okay. Why? Because I’ve been the victim of this kind of thing before. I spent hours in a friend’s world building a castle only to come back the next day to find it turned into a crack den. I was not amused by this and decided to watch their world burn. Needless to say, I was no longer welcome there.

I’ve decided to start my own world - it’s available NOW. Here are my rules:

  1. if you gather wood, take all of the wood out of the tree, so we don’t have floating trees.
  2. never grief other players - this includes hurting them, killing them, killiing their animals/pets, stealing from them, or destroying or modifying something that belongs to them.
  3. if you explore caverns, place torches on the right side so you don’t get lost.
  4. if you create a mine, use ladders or a waterfall to get down. If you use the stair method, actual stairs must be used.
  5. a path, trail, road, or track must lead to anywhere of importance to facilitate fast travel.
  6. every person is allowed their own private property. Nothing is to be taken or modified from said property without that owner’s explicit permission. Property boundaries will be decided upon by the world owner (me) to prevent property disputes.
  7. every property must have a sign that that indicates who the owner is.
  8. every property must have a mailbox.
  9. projects are agreed upon by majority vote by those that participate in the world that are also in this thread (to facilitate those who may not be present at the time).
  10. the world owner has final say when disputes or objections arise.
  11. when something of value is discovered, the person who initially found it gets it unless they say otherwise.

Google it, it’s all over the Mojang twitter and everything. And yes, the one with new shields, dual wielding, the flying wing things armor, end cities, at least 2 new enemy mobs, being able to re-summon the Ender Dragon, potion tipped arrows, and a long change list of things.

Unfortunately, there will not be a simultaneous release of this content to the consoles yet. It will still be some time before we can use this content ourselves, but for a short period, the console versions were on par with the PC version. However, I don’t think 4J will delay this new content for the console quite nearly as long as they did for the previous content updates. Seeing as they had both console and PC version on the same ground, at this point, it more or less just seems like a catch up game than anything else.

#OK well…
Apparently Galactic geek is so passionate about this, that he has taken over the thread and the Minecraft world. I think his rules are WAY too OCD, and based on the fact that his last post was a tale of REVENGE, it really worries me about how well he will host this world. But if you guys for some reason prefer his rules over mine, then go for it! My world is also open to anyone, and i will be up all night tonight if any of you would like to play now.

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No reason you folks can’t have multiple worlds with people working their projects in each one. Its supposed to be about fun, isn’t it?

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I think having 2 available worlds will be nice, bigger chamce of 1 being available to join. I dont see the problem.

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I’m just going to stick to my world. I got two Iron Golem farms, some automatic crop farms, a darn good (almost hyperactive) slime dungeon for exp and slime blocks, tons of potions of all varieties, and just lots of resources in general. I like taking my time and building houses and stuff.

This is why I stick to Ark with my girlfriend.

Too many rules, too much unnecessary bickering back and forth over comments and ideas, the need to abuse the heading system, issues in leadership and so on.

Just enjoy the game, play when you guys are open to - why the heck does it have to be a dedicated world for all, desire for power or something? Just join or invite someone to a world and enjoy, but if the need for a dedicated system stands then rent a server on PC.

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OK im officially abandoning this. I have gotten no requests to play, and as far as i know, neither has Galactic Geek.

Im sure the “bickering” scared people away, so as of now, i will not take any time with a minecraft world. The offer to play is gone. Any requests should go to Galactic Geek.

EDIT: OP updated to point to thread for other worlds.

My MC world is sad and lonely… :’(

Hahahahahaha. Just working on my city every weekend.(city as in 1 incomplete building only)

Had a lot of fun with @Sasuke99I and @RGLOfficial yesterday. We should play together more often! Maybe next time we can tour each other’s worlds for a bit.

I’ll probably play a lot today, since I’m on holiday, if anyone is interested.

@ZDhome, @Draigh, @oTigerSpirit, @IronFlame, @DoobyDude23, @KevBones10

Sorry to disappoint, but I never got into Minecraft more than watching other folks play. Even if I did play, I would probably enjoy destroying everything anyway (obviously, with backups created so everyone doesn’t lose their shit over it).

Thanks again for another random tag.

I love Minecraft, it has a unique premise that spawned many influences to take an approach on the creative side.

That said, I overdid it with Minecraft, I literally played since day one of its release on Xbox and played straight into its release on the Xbox One before just stopping.

Currently I’m enjoying Ark as my “crafting survival” experience. But feel free to post content or anything unique you happen to make, still very much interested to see the creative things people come up with.

Join my world(s) for a few minutes. I’ll give you a tour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Going to have to take a rain check on your tour Geek, currently invested in my farm at the moment.:sweat_smile:

But it’s not raining. The weather’s perfect!