Minecraft XB1 group?

Wait, a Halo KI group!? @RGLOfficial and I play together all of the time, but never with other KI players… That’d be nice! Link me to the thread!

Havent actually played with guys from here, but meant this one, in which you are named, that only went up yesterday, so would be nice to have a group together sometime :smile:

Just struck me how 2 threads in short order for games I like beside KI went up :sunglasses:

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So we have 5 people! Great!

I will host the map (i have 150Mbps internet speed [average at ~100 consistantly])

Whenever any 2 or more people want to play, let me know and we will play!

I would like to start day 1 with all 5 of us. Is Tuesday 10am-5pm Eastern good? How about 10pm-1am Eastern?

That wiuld be rough because I have school.

[quote=“MrxFlutterShy, post:24, topic:5334”]
150Mbps internet speed [average at ~100 consistantly
[/quote]Well, while that’s great and all, that’s only half of the story. Since your connection speed consists of a download speed as well as an upload speed. In the above quote, not only do you not give us the other number that’s needed to see the whole picture, but you don’t even tell us which one the one you listed is.

Considering I’m a teacher, that means I have school too, and that also means going early to bed during the weekdays too, so neither of those times work for me. I’m generally available between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. on weekdays and virtually all day during the weekends. Speaking of weekends, my Sundays have been quite slow lately - would that day work for anybody?

Yes, sunday would give me about a 5 hour window of time during the day.

BTW i have 150 download and 15 upload. But because of unknown reasons they average at 100down 17 up.

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I’m from Europe and have the occasional evening to play, so somewhere in the afternoon american time.

I’d join but my Minecraft days are passed. I got into since day one and not that I don’t like it, still love it - just happened to move on from it. I find more enjoyment in Ark, Forest, Long Dark or other types of sandbox survivals. Once I got around to those games, I couldn’t get back in Minecraft.

Have you at least tried it recently? They updated the XB1 version to be on par with the PC version, so we now have bunny rabbits and other really cool things. :slight_smile:

I think I tried it a few months back but haven’t really been on recently to see any new additions. I believe I left off at the CU 19 edition. I wouldn’t mind trying it again, but with all the games that are releasing soon and the few that just came out I would have to be bored on a scale that prioritizes Minecraft to the top of my list.

My game selection goes as follows:

  1. Far Cry Primal

  2. Ark Survival Evolved

  3. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (currently having technical issues with EA server, low priority)

  4. Killer Instinct (will be “fasting” KI soon)

  5. Fallout 4 (DLC incoming)

  6. Any unlisted game, generally anything random depending on mood (Minecraft, curious about update)

Edit: Also, during the week I am usually booked studying or going over homework. I will typically get on most on Friday and Saturday. So I have a limit on the amount of time I play. If it were Summer, believe me I would play everything including Minecraft.

#Hey Everyone!

So we have people from multiple timezones and countries that want to play, so i have some bad news…

1.) We will probably never be in the same game at the same time.

I will open a map, and anyone can play whenever they want if i am on. Just be sure to label “Your” stuff before you leave.

2.) It doesnt matter that i have 150 / 25 Mbps internet. There is a chance that some people may just not be able to connect. Minecraft has always been bad at connections, so everyone BE PREPARED to be told: “Sorry, you cant play on the map, you cant connect.” It shouldnt happen, But if you are too far away or have VERY bad internet, it is possible.

And now this week, the PC gets the 1.9 Combat Update and we are trailing behind again…

At least we can’t be far behind, right?

Well, I do recall MS stating that all future updates will release simultaneously, so… Yay! :smiley:

As for the update itself, isn’t it the 1 with dual-wielding, shields, and new-arrow types?

when will this come out?

Apparently this week, according to IronFlame - assuming of course what I mentioned is the same update he’s referring to. :wink:

Im going to go ahead and open up the world now. Anyone may ask to play at any time i am available.

Im not available now, but in about 4 hours i will be available all night.

What difficulty does everyone want?

  • Normal
  • Hard

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Can I join right now?

Im leaving in less than 15 minutes. In about 4 hours, you can play all night if you want.