Minecraft XB1 group?

It has come to my attention that a few of us here like mMnecraft. I think Minecraft is really only fun with friends, so if we get 5 people, i would like to start a world with you guys!



I already have 1 or 2 worlds you guys are more than welcome to help add to, 1 of which I’ve spent well over a year working on with 90+ different people already. Just ask and I’d be happy to give you a tour (warning - it takes over an hour to complete the tour itself). I think you’d love it! :wink:

I was thinking about a world ONLY for KI players…

But i’d like to see it.

BTW are you in?

Am I in? Of course! Duh! :stuck_out_tongue:

…but um, who should host the world? Please let it be me. Pretty, pretty please! :smiley:

I don’t mind being in. Survival or Creative?

I like survival, but im sure the majority will request creative.

Nah, I’m a survival guy myself. I like the idea of people “earning” their keep. It’s what I did in my other world that I mentioned earlier. It helps add more life to the project while also upping the satisfaction quota.

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FINALLY someone feels the same way i do.

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Same here. I love survival.


I have a creative world that I am working on. It is a city. Haven’t even finished the first building lol.

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i know that feeling

You want to do something so bad but no time. I am just entering that world for who knows long. Want to join to see what I have?

not tonight.

I have a survival world that is just a giant hole, i want something to be in it. but its been over 4 years.

I quit Minecraft because lave destroyed my stuff…

There many monster into my huge house! I have worst life in minecraft! >: (

Sorry to hear that.

Gotta be careful.

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That’s why I give up. : /

Just curious but how exactly did Lava go inside your house?

LOL! No, I accidentally fall into lava… My whole stuff are gone…

I am very sorry.

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Lol. We have a halo KI group, now we are goong for a Minecraft KI group.

Count me in, I love the game but gave it a rest because doing it alone takes to long to build something worthwhile. Never played creative, survival guy myself, like to work for it for the satisfaction, still proud of my first house :grin:

That said, any ppl here play the fable legends beta and care to have a go sometime? (Maybe we can get a Fable Legends KI crew together too :wink:)

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