Mimics and shadows - Why do they bleed?

As the titles says… I guess it should be happening the same things with Omen as same for the mimics and the shadows. Thinking of bleeding shadows are kinda weird.
However i think they deserve some toch up like glowing eyes, distorted voice. The good stuff.
Not that hard i guess. And @developers would make its body almost invisible like what happens on Fulgore’s teleport. Leaving the thin outter vfx as it is now. Another idea is give’ em tribals or some sort of tatoo through all over their bodies inspired on their insignia and put their insignia at their forehead.
Sabrewulf give us a good example on how mimics should look at first place:

I know it was said they have no plans for reworking on mimics and shadows. However, Im sure this is something we can talk about for a fundraiser or something.

Is this the only question to be asked?.

How about, why is shadows skin purple?. who in the blue hell as ever seen a purple shadow?

Why do both skins look like a cheap work color skin with the same voices?,

No special effect on the voices of mimic and shadows?

And why are people ok with this lame content?

Why couldn’t IG make better retros and alternative costumes instead of this?

Thats a very good question, I can’t say I have seen a purple shadow before. Sometimes, in some animation or comics, there could be a blue hue to black colors/shadows, but yeah purple i have yet to see.

[quote=“Ravenzorel001, post:2, topic:17637”]
Why do both skins look like a cheap work color skin with the same voices?,[/quote]

Because this is an indie-esque game with a shoestring budget. Something so “simple” would probably cost too much for the teams budget.

[quote=“Ravenzorel001, post:2, topic:17637”]
And why are people ok with this lame content?[/quote]

Because the remaining playerbase is mostly made up of hardcore fans, completely devoted to this game. You give hardcore fans a turd that says KI on it and they’ll eat it up. Not saying KI is a turd by the way.

I have no clue, but I suppose it’s tied to the budget thing. Theres lots of readily visible developing shortcuts in this game especially with character models and animations. One blatant example is being able to change character color but not the whole character’s costume however, since the other “part of the costume” consists of permanent ornament pieces.

I honestly feel that if this game didn’t have the name Microsoft backing it, people would be more accepting of KI being an indie low budget title.

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As far as I can tell in relation to KI “shadow” is a form of astral energy similar to ki, not an actual darkened image caused by something blocking a light source.

Anyway, personally I think it’d be kinda neat to see them bleed out purple or green smoke.

I did, just close to the dinosaur, the werewolf, the vampire, the ice alien and the giant golem


I personally don’t question it much it could be linked to the whole character asset itself perhaps.

I don’t think this is an issue big enough to warrant a fund over. This is honestly just a nit-pick.

If you REALLY wanna do an explination I think the simple theory is mimics are ment to be as close as possible to the originals, but the colors result in just how they are made, beyond that they’re pretty close to their original counter part right down to the blood in their veins

So you can kill them :wink:


Are you asking this question from a lore perspective? Because in the lore, I believe Mimics are alive, living, breathing entities who were created by Gargos’s will. They are similar to Omen in that they were created by Gargos, but are different because they were created for the purpose of existing / living on the mundane plane to fight and kill humans.

Shadows are “alive” as well, but are completely different. They are essentially UT grown clones of the KI fighters who were infused with Shadow Energy. IDK or remember if they are cyborgs or whatever, but they do have “Shadow Brains” which were derived from the DNA and fight recordings of the KI fighters the copy. They come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that some are evil copies, and others are benevolent, but they are all “alive” in the sense that they are sentient beings.

Does that answer any of you questions?

Come to think of it… does Omen bleed?

And Aganos?






Just asking 'cause I never actually noticed…

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I hope this answers your question :grinning:

Nah. Im trying being serious here. Many issues with game visuals. If shadows are purple then what is black? So confusing. Like MK characters as Noob Saibot being purple and Rain being black. Color rave.

Agreed on this.

Otherwise OP, I think it’s a nit-pick if you’re just trying to change visuals for the sake of change, but if you’re asking from a lore perspective I think Wheels here got it down pretty well.

Humm… I cant see something so clear about mimics. I’ve seen Sabrewulf calling them homunculus. If so they are alchemy beings. But i disagree simply for the reason of being classified as ASTRAL clones a dozens of times through shadow lords. As for shadows i guess they are ultra advanced holograms made with the dark essence of energy and stolen DNA. A projection of the essence of the fighters. In my perspective, shadows are more like vultures. Not blood and flesh clones. They should be closer to what real world shadows are. Having just the shape and shade of characters. The main body should be invisible leaving that vfx layer as it is.

What specifically do you meant by the term “Alchemical beings” ?

Astral Clone refers to the fact that they were created from Astral material…the same material that Omen, the Omens (?), were created from. The key difference between the Mimics and the Omens though is that the Mimics were created also with “mundane” material as well, which is how they can exist on earth the way they do.

FYI: Omens are purely a spiritual beings, thus him / them only being able to exist on earth by possessing a vessel, or manifesting with an over abundance of Shadow energy…or was that Astral Energy. Regardless, Omen emerged in the mundane plane after splitting with Jago, and the others have only existed only in wholly corrupted areas of the Earth during Gargos’ invasion.

No. The Shadows came out of pods; they were grown by ARIA at secret UT facilities. IIRC, they were freed by an ARIA mimic, with a plan to undermine UT’s efforts by turning their own plans against them.

This is one of the coolest piece of evidence for how powerful Gargos is actual, as he created mimics of ARIA, a being who is characterized as a singularity of human intelligence. Gargos, on a whim, created dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of ARIA mimics, all with the capability of being her intellectual equal. I forget the counter organization that popped up after Gargos’ invasion, but it was stated that an ARIA mimic was at it’s helm, and that that organization was being a major pain in UT’s efforts.

Off top, did you mean to type “vultures”?

Regardless, according to the lore ARIA created the Shadows in order to better prepare for Gargos’ invasion. The program was an effort to improve upon the Killer Instinct fighters, as all their “Shadow Brains” are based off various algorithms collected from the various KI fighters battles. The bodies however, were cloned from the fighters DNA which she collected through the tournament.

They are “Shadows” in that they are copies of the other fighters, not literal shadows in that they are absent light or anything like that. The infusion of Shadow energy was not a part of ARIA doing, well, the real ARIA that is.

Now that I’m thinking about, is it even possible to replay the initial “Shadow Mission” quest line? I’m doing all this from memory, so I’m bound to have forgotten something seeing as I only played the missions once, over 2 months ago.

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Yeah I’ve done it twice now since that quest line was released however it’s pretty rare.

I agree which is why I doubt we have to go have the devs change EVERYTHING just because one little thing like them BLEEDING and what not. I can see why they’d change Omen’s blood it made perfect since the shadows and mimics for all we know are made to some what real and one tiny peice makes up their skin and the smoking effects on their bodies. If they just so happen to bleed, so what.

Personally I think this whole topic is just nit-picking things

At least make the blood purple and green.

I’ve got a similar thread full of suggestions that I don’t feel like reposting. :3

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I’m sure the blood has more to do with the characters rather as they are rather than the skins. Are the skins even seperate models? personally I think ti’s more or less related to the UVmap.

Yes and no.

Fulgore - Sparks
Kan-Ra - Dust
Spinal - Bones
Glacius - Ice chunks
Cinder - Embers

and so on. They all “bleed” but its not always blood coming out.

Ok ok… Shadows and mimics are real clones. But I wish they were just like Omen. Energy beings. Btw, where did you got all that info?