Mimic Skin requirements

The green smokey stuff should appear when you actually get into the match if that’s what you mean

Nvmd again XD

I wonder what happens if both P1 and P2 both pick the same mimic skin for the same character? Or do you think they made it so you can’t select the same skin so whoever selects it first is the only one who can use it.

Is there a reason for why some requirements are that high? @TotalJimkata @BlitzedKraig


It’s really weird that there’s such a discrepancy in the amount of wins you need to get some of these. What makes one character worth 10 Mimic kills and the other worth 15 Gargos runs?
You know at first glance I thought the Mimic requirements were pretty reasonable. 30 Mimic kills, with a Gargos win counting as 5? Not bad. A few runs through the mode and you’re bound to run into enough mimics to unlock a few of your favorites. But 100 kills with of that one mimic? That’s pretty grindy.

I don’t necessarily mind grind as my collection of Lvl50 characters shows, as long as the grind to get each character’s skin is is equal. I certainly don’t mind playing a ton of this mode, but man…
Maybe if killing mimics with a character it’d lesson the burden.

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Kinda shocked at the limitations, no accessories? Can’t even use them in SL mode. Despite them actually being costumes you can’t use them on your shadow lab shadows and they only have one “color” when selected. Seems like they would have simply been better off as actual character colors or an extra equip slot for existing costumes instead.

I feel the 100 mimmic characters were done, so some people would just buy or use KI gold, instead of the grind. I have noticed that shadow jago shows up alot more now.

Part of me wishes that you could not use KI gold for the mimmics. It should have been done just like the color 9.

15 SL play thoroughs to get Rash’s mimic skin? Wow thats a lot of effort for the same exact out come of a long drawn out story mode.

Wait…so you have to defeat 100 S Wulf mimics randomly through out the game or while using S Wulf defeat 100 mimics of any character period?

You have to kill the wulf mimics with any character

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I don’t know if anyone has tested this or not, but as far as the “defeat Gargos” requirements, do the characters in question have to be the ones to deliver the final blow, or is it if your party beats him they get it counted?

I’ve been informed now that they can just be on the team.

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this has been Killer Grindstinct for some time now

I said eff it and bought a Fulgore mimic skin, he’s my fav character (him and Rash, but I don’t want to spend money on Rash since he’s green already) so I don’t feel like it’s a waste, plus I didn’t know we would get a retro mimic skin too which was a pleasant surprise :slight_smile:

Actually I have to say, Rash’s mimic skins are two of my favourites. Yes, he’s already green, but they’re actually quite different. Well worth the effort.

Of pressing Y.


hahah I saw one in someones video today, not sure if it was a standard or retro one, didn’t look bad at all it’s just my favorite ones are Fulgore and probably Sabrewulf, will definitely get that Rash skin, one way or another :wink:

I completely understand why people are buying these mimic skins right away. Some of these requirements require quite a bit of patience and grinding, and many people are just not interested enough in the mode to play it for that long. I know that if I didn’t have patience and enjoy Shadow Lords, I’d find it a tedious chore (I think SL needs more spicing up, maybe return the old mission titles instead of locations, but back on topic).

At the same time though, this factor sort of ruins the satisfaction in unlocking the skins legitimately. I grinded the past few days and finally managed to get Cinder and Omen’s skins (yes, I’ve beaten Gargos over 5 times already, praise me). Then I watch players and streams and go online and people are already using those high requirement skins and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially because if they got the skins that fast they probably didn’t even touch the mode. And that saddens me.

Thanks for also thinking that it is upsetting to see someone buy a skin that you took the time to unlock. I thought I was alone.

I like that you can’t unlock all this skins in 2 hours of play. The skin unlocking is part of the replay value.

I’m perfectly satisfied with the skins I bought personally, I consider it as my reward for going Ultra paying off. After all, they gave us that KI Gold for something and otherwise it would have just sat there.
I’d have been a lot less inclined to get skins with gold had I had to actually buy some, so people with no gold will feel differently.

I figure the most optimised way is…
Rash + Arbiter + Gargos for ten runs.
Rash + Omen + General RAAM for five runs.

That’s assuming you beat Gargos on each run, then do clean-up for mimics you still need. But does that not sound incredibly tedious?

Obviously you want people to be inclined to spend their money, but we’re looking at borderline mobile gaming tactics here.

I got Omen and Cinder’s skin legit and I’m working on Arbiter. I know it’s kind of tedious.