Mimic Skin requirements

Hey guys, thought I’d put together a quick list of Mimic skin unlock criteria since some are different. Some are nice and simple, and some… are gonna take a while.

Defeat 100 Mimics (!?):
Shadow Jago

Defeat 75 Mimics:

Defeat 50 Mimics:

Defeat 30 Mimics:
Kim Wu

Defeat 10 Mimics:
TJ Combo

Defeat Gargos 15 times with:

Defeat Gargos 10 times with:

Defeat Gargos 5 times with:
General RAAM

Eyedol is still locked, for now.
Defeating Gargos with any “Defeat Mimics” character adds five to that character’s tally.
Any mimic skin can be unlocked for 900 KI Gold (and with some of those requirements I wouldn’t blame you).

For the record, buying every mimic skin would cost 22500 KI Gold (23400 when Eyedol gets his).

So, gonna put that 18k to good use?

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Lol I already bought Spinal, Fulgore, Gargos, Rash, Shago and Jago. Probably gonna get Glacius too, and Eyedol when we can.

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I don’t get why some are 100, 75 or 50… Seems crazy high.

Too right, here’s what I would have done:
All characters at 30 mimics. Maybe 50 at a push.

For the “Defeat Gargos” characters I would extend that to “Defeat Omens and Gargos”, and I would add a +1 to those characters’ tallies just for being in a team that defeats Gargos.
Because otherwise, say you go at Gargos and ■■■■■ up, that’s a whole run of Shadow Lords just pissed down the drain.

It’s probably just a knee-jerk reaction, but some of the requirements seem grossly unfair.


Ya the whole team should get something like +5 for beating him +3 for teammates also 100 shadow jago my god I’ve seen two!

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Also for the characters that it’s strictly best gargos is 0/10 mean 10 times for Twice for the plus 5.

I had 2 unlocked when it was done installing. Riptor and Sadria. I have a few more that will unlock with just one or two fights.

I don’t think the ones that need to beat Gargos don’t get the plus 5 also.

Shadow Jago will be hard. If you plan on just fighting the mimmics. I have seen more than two, but I know it is less than ten.

That’s true, the ones who require defeating Gargos do not get the +5 so should have their numbers divided by five in my opinion, or have it include Omens as I mentioned.

I mean otherwise that’s fifteen clears with Rash getting the Gargos kill.

Fifteen clears!

With Rash!

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Ya I think this needs toned down just a tiny bit.

Also sad no omen or shago add Ins yet :confused: also weird mimic skins can’t be seen in the store where you customize fighters

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How do I unlock a skin. I have 10/10 for aria how do I unlock it!!!

I have 17/10 for Kan-Ra but no skin.

All you have to do is beat one more Kan-Ra mimic for it to register. You’ll get a pop up after the victory stating you unlocked it.

I just beat an omen and randomly got the ARIA mimic skin.

Had absolutely zero desire to beat 100 Hisako mimics…I just spent the gold.

No idea why some of them would be so prohibitive though. That’s pretty crappy I think :slight_frown:

Also wish I could use different colors with the effect.


How do I use the skin

Nvmd found it

Why is there no aura