Mimic costume feedback, impressions & suggestions

Has anyone worked out how to unlock mimic skins yet? Or is that not possible until the 20th?

Not possible till the 20th

We’ve been told the guests get unlockable mimic skins too but they’re not canon so the characters don’t appear in Shadow Lords.

I see you fixed the shoulder there lol

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You make some valid points, but I think this whole thing it stands to make one thing clear. We need a color wheel.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of keeping custom skins. However, I do think that we need to go ahead and get on the devs case about giving us a way to customize them ourselves.

In many cases with just about every character the character costumes and colors clash with each other horribly.

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Another random mimic idea: What if the mist was purple? At least if there’s a mimic mirror match.


I’m kind of hoping that the “shaders” mentioned will allow us to have multiple skin/smoke colors. I’d love to have a purple skinned Shago with color 10.


Eyedoll skin 10 looks awesome, but id like to fiddle with the color combos too

Eyedol skin 10???

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I think that might have been a typo. :smile:

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One thing I’d like to say about the Cinder one. Based on the initial artwork, I was expecting the Cinder color to be a mix of green and red. I was disappointed when I found out that it was green and blue and not what the picture looks like. That’s al.

The hellboy skin. That wasn’t skin 10? I thought it was. Maybe it was skin 9.

Were you playing as Cinder when you fought him?

If so the mimics take on the coloration of color 2 in a mirror match. He’s green/orange if you fight him with anyone else.

Oh ok. That would explain it actually. Thanks for clearing that up.

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I just beat gargos on normal with riptor and got a perfect on him. I thought the reward would be greater. How do you unlock the mimic skins? Os that something that comes out with the launch?

No problem, I first noticed it with Jago.

This has me really intrigued though, its like the skin colors are independent from the clothing colors. I guess that’s what Adam meant by “shaders” in that SL stream. If so I can use the green Shago costume with the mimic shader and get a badass looking green outfit.

Wish I could make the skin green.

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I want that purple Tusk as a color anyway. It looks majestic as ■■■■

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Purple is my favorite, Glacius color 7 all day.

I’d like it if all the mimics had a distortion effect to their voices. Not necessarily deeper, just some kind of filter that makes them sound more “corrupted”.