Middle Earth: Shadow of War (Shadow of Mordor Sequel)

Looks like we’re getting a sequel to Shadow of Mordor and it looks SICK. The first game was incredible so I can’t wait.

Gameplay reveal on March 8th! Get hype!


WOW!!! i still havent beat the first one… it got kind of boring after a while. I need to get back to trying it out again.
that trailer was sick though!

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I will be on this game like white on rice. Loved Shadow of Mordor, it was Assassin’s Creed with Batman Arkham combat, but 10x better. I’m also a bit of a LotR nerd thanks to my friend who’s a MASSIVE LotR nerd.


Oooh. I’m excited!

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At last, it took them long enough. Thought they were going to ditch this game, but they’ve finally pulled through.

So it looks like Calibleh-bleh (not even going to try the spelling) has been seperated from the ranger dude. Hmm, this will leave him pretty weak, won’t it?

Thought he was doomed to perish if they got seperated? Been a while, so I forget the fluff behind the story.

Machinima posted a video on Facebook with some details about the game.
The Nemesis system is getting an upgrade. Not only do enemies who manage to kill you remember you and get promotions, they also remember your tactics and evolve based on how you play.

I’m addition, there are companions that will follow you around. Based on your moral choices, they’ll either aid you or actively ■■■■ with you to try and get you killed.

OK so I started up Shadows of Mordor GOTY edition for another try. I haven’t played it in 2 years. I got bored with it way back then because at the time I just got the Xbox One and I wasn’t really into gaming much except KI.

OMG this game is FN awesome! Im blown away, I dont remember it being this great! I have so much more experience at playing these type of games now its just way more epic and fun!

Really looking forward to Shadows of War now!


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Hey guys, have you played Shadows of Mordor? This game is absolutely awesome! I cant believe how fun it is and how cinematic the battles can be. I’m literally blown away! If you haven’t played it or only played a little bit like I did…give it a chance…you wont regret it. It is very rewarding. It has surprisingly taken over my game time…over NIOH, Horizon, For Honor, and even KI!!.

thoughts on the game and the sequel?

Fantastic game. The rivals system was a ton of fun, and made for some really cool and u owe interactions :slight_smile:

Never beat it, but planning on going back and finishing it one of these days. Glad that a sequel is coming out :thumbsup:


I have. I used to game share with friends. So, a friend of mine had it. I really liked the game. It’s fun, and the Nemesis system is amazing!

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Lol. No need to change your post. I couldn’t remember what the actual name of the system was, so I just called it “rivals” :joy:

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I love the cinematic type finishers you can do…I have said “Xbox record that” like 50xs in the last 2 days!
I wish more games were as good as this. It really amazes me how well put together the entire game is. From the Promotion/ demotion scenes, to the side challenges, the power ups, runes, and most importantly the combat.

I hope the sequel is similar… the “War” part makes me nervous, as if there is a new battle planning type scenario. Curious to see how its going to work compared to Mordor.

Yeah, it’s definitely the Nemesis system, but I was like,

“Oh man. Maybe I’m wrong? I can be half-wrong if I add the “/” character!”


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shadows of mordor was awesome! that nemesis system is ■■■■■■■ genius, i loved it. i also like how you have to go and kill the heirarchy of command to get to the big baddie. i also lol at the shenanigans i can do in combat. sometimes id pull a good dozen plus enemies and kill them all.

things can get chaotic with those beasts wandering around that can waste you really fast (as well as the enemy). the recon you need to do on a target to find out what he fears the most was also very cool, i enjoyed it greatly. interrogating the orks, stealth, combat, a very strong game that is to me, uncommon with the LOTR franchise. ill grab the sequel for sure!

So who all here has BEAT the game??/No spoilers please!

I’m currently at the past where I just beat the first 5 War chiefs…I was expecting it to move to the back row, but it hasn’t yet? Rat Bag is now the sole War Chief… I guess I have to do another mission to get it to progress? I blew up the Saruon monument last night…so i have to be close to getting a new round of War Chiefs?

you’re alot further lol

Dude Im only like 17% according to the thingamajig!

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My brother beat the game. I personally never made it past the first act because I was too wrapped up being a back seat driver for him. :joy:

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i never blew up a sauron statue lol, at least i dont remember that happening. what i get for being trashed every weekend after working on the ride. LOL

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I hope they never ever again make the dlc standalone again. WB should integrate new stuff in the main game. The first was my game of 2014 and 2015. I wasn’t playing anything but KI and this for a while.

More than Andromeda, red Dead redemption and Shadow of War is what I have :honeybee: waiting for.
( Aaaaaah!!! runs away after bee sneaks into​ post)