Mid-South-Championship Little Rock 9-10/11

Any of you guys heading to Little Rock, AR for the Mid-South - Championship? Its September 10th and 11th (Saturday and Sunday)
Thompson is scheduled to be there and Im sure a few other familiar names. Im definitely thinking about going as it is only a 3 hour drive from my area.

Check out the link below for the article and trailer. The registration page is below as well.

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Will there be a payout for KI?

Check the web page I linked for all details

I checked and I couldn’t find a payout for KI.

I dont believe there is one, but I dont trust the web pages. the info is never correct nor up to date. Might want to email the TO and ask. I dont see how they can expect people to travel to play KI and there not be some sort of payout even if its small.
AB7 didnt list a payout and I know the KI teams event got paid. Not sure how Sleep and Bass, Nicky, and others can even afford the trip if there is no pay out at all. If there isnt …then Im quite disappointed as KI stole the show as the co main event at AB7.

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Alright man, I’ll ask. Thank you. Can you send me the TO’s email?

Dude I dont have it, I know as much as you do. All i did was google the event and copied the links and posted to here. It should be in the registration page under contact us or something similar to that.

Alright, I’ll check it out

Hmmm… I will ask my parents about this!

At first we thought about going…then we decided not too because of the grandparents having to watch the kids again…now they said they would so we are back on! Whoooo!

Krista wants to go more than I do! LOL…I guess thats a good thing!

Im pretty sure we are going but will have to leave early Sunday so I hope all of KI is Saturday. I also hope they have better info about the schedule than AB7 had… their info was non existent.

Here is the schedule for anyone planning on going!


Is anyone here going to the event??? Am I really the only one? Damn, that sucks! Well packing my stuff up tonight and leaving as soon as I shut down work tomorrow around 4pm.

Im going to miss playing Dark Souls all weekend :sob:

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I really wanted to go, but I don’t have enough money.

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I won the free spectator pass for Sharing the event on my facebook page! Whoooo Saved me 10$ for my fiancee! Its been a great start so far…just cant get the Xbox hooked up to internet in hotels…trying to figure it out but its very complicated.

Looks like me and @KevBones10 are heading to the winners final. Both won the 1st 2 sets. Still a ways to go but we are both 2-0!!! Forums representing!!!
Here is the twitch stream link!

@TheNinjaOstrich @Dayv0 @MandrillManiac @Marbledecker @BigBadAndy @xSkeletalx @oTigerSpirit @Sasuke99I


My Eyedol is ready for top 4…

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Is it still up?


Your hype will be wild when you see my Eyedol…

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Watch stream at 9pm CST

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