Mid-South-Championship Little Rock 9-10/11

You Killer Instinct Mid-South Championship results!!!

1st place - Kevbones (Eyedol/Arbiter)

2nd place - FallofSeraphs76 (Omen)

3rd place - Gothic1cycle (Sadira)

4th place - @WarlordRenegade (Sabrewulf)

Thanks to Jonathon and Pandaxgaming for putting on an amazing event! It was very well organized, much much better than Absolute Battle 7. Not as much KI support as AB7 but never the less enough for a great tournament! Hoping to make the KI portion of the event much much bigger next year!
We even got paid!! Whoot whoot!

The arcade set up was awesome as well! Thanks to Z82 Retrocade for setting up just a taste of what their Arcade has to offer. If you are ever in the Sherwood, AR area check it out!


I feel great! :slight_smile:


No mention or props to 4th :confused:


Hey dude!!! Sorry about that man, I couldn’t remember your GT! (I forgot its in my Phone Notes app)

How ya been? Lets play some sets online soon!

FINALLY GODDAMNIT XD been wanting to see your faces!


Its not the best pic for sure…for some reason i look fat in that picture LOL. Im definitely not fat!


I’m sorry who is who from left to right?

Nvm your wearing your shirt. Lol

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Lol. This is not first to reveal my face.

My first reveal face from “Brandon Alexander and me!”

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I’m registered for NEC. you’ll see me in december.

What’s NEC?

Northeast championship. It’s a tournament in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia? I can’t go that tournament because it’s very far for me…
I’m sorry :frowning:

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What about tennesse? I’m going to KIT.

I think we will all be at KIT. Thats Kevs home town basically


I live in TN! I will go! :smiley:

You should go to KI World Cup 2017.

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:slight_smile: dope.

If I make any top 8 between now and KIT sure.


For sure add me on XBL we will get some games in sometime, it sucks they never made an attempt to rebroadcast the top 4 or even upload it he finals to YT like they did the other games. Couldn’t get Jonathan to respond on twitter to me about it either.

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