Mid South Championship 2017! Sep 9th and 10th!

Roll call for Killer Instinct in Little Rock, Arkansas MSC (little brother tourney to KIT)
Hosted by Ian from KIT and Jonathon from Panda X Gaming.

Last years KI top 3:
1st @KevBones10
2nd @FallofSeraphs76
3rd Gothcycle

Here are the links for Facebook, Registering, Room rate, and Schedule!


Hope to see you there!!! and PLEASE SHARE!!!

KI Top 4 will be the only part on stream at 4pm central on Channel “TXKHotsuace”


@Sasuke99I @TheNinjaOstrich @HWSlenderCashew @MandrillManiac @ItzTymeToDul @Dayv0 @STORM179

I am sooo excited about this! But @FallofSeraphs76 and I are very scr-ewed because Nicky will play KI tournament. :frowning:


You can do it!

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maybe he wont show up…I find it odd that he would travel all the way from Connecticut or Boston…wherever he lives just to win 50$. Just like last year Thompson was supposed to show and he didnt.

Nicky is a road warrior so he might do it for the fun of it but he would be loosing money. A room is 120$… food at least 100$ for 3 days. registration 30$ + 15$ per game. Plane ticket… no telling but it would cost him 500$ or more just to win 50$.

But if he is there thats cool too, Id like to play him and have a better chance to talk to him since there wont be many ppl there for KI.

Hey dont count out Gothcycle… he got 3rd last year but he has gotten WAAAAAAYYY better with Sadira… like super super good… dude wrecked me bad last week. I usually beat him 5-1… he 5-0d me.
Between the 4 of us its gonna be super hype.


If he shows, beat him. That’s all there is to it SwiftRage


All signed up for KI and Injustice! Wow that SmashGG website is a real piece or work…SMH!

Now I have a splitting headache from all that BS ( I literately feel like if I looked in the mirror I would see EYEDOL! lol)
… will have to deal with the hotel site tomorrow before I break something here in my office.

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yoo kev wreck him i belive in ya

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Hotel booked! Very cheap for a very nice hotel and room. Only 98$ with a 6$ full breakfast fee for 2! And I dont mean no BS breakfast… this is a made to order restaurant breakfast…3$ each!
Out of all the touneys Ive been to and and hotels that they are connected too… this one is by far the best hotel of them all. There is no need to go anywhere…full Pizza/burger/ beer restaurant on the side and the hotel has a breakfast lunch diner with room service.


@FallofSeraphs76 What time will you be be there?

I just signed up for KI tournament, but not Injustice 2. I will play Injustice 2 casuals. :slight_smile:

I wont be there until 11am…maybe 12 noon. I signed up for IJ2 but only for fun… prob wont have much time to practice either game. Ill have my son with me so my main focus will be on showing him the tournament and making sure he is having fun.

KI starts way too early IMO…not sure whats the deal with that. like 1 or 2pm?

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FYI everyone…KI top 4 is the only portion on stream and will be at 4pm on TXKHotSauce channel.


Lets hope they get a late start.

Injustice pools are at 3pm and Top 8 Sunday at 2:30pm.
( I have no idea why I signed up for that… I wouldnt be able to do a Sunday top 8) Im sure Ill get 0-2 anyway LOL

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I thought it’s 2pm?

Not according to the spread sheet…look again

I made it in top 4!! :smiley:
@MandrillManiac @TheNinjaOstrich @Dayv0 @Sasuke99I @STORM179 @SonicDolphin117 @HWSlenderCashew @ItzTymeToDul @WrathOfFulgore


yoo good stuff

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Go get em’!

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GGs everyone! Until next year! Fight on!

I won’t post results so people can watch the stream and find out but we had some really close and hype matches for sure!


Thanks. I was really ALMOST defeat Nicky, but I screwed up my Eyedol. Lol


That tea bag got in your head. Then when you started it back and trying to taunt during your combos…to me…that was a mistake. Trying to focus on doing that instead of winning. IMO

But hey its all for fun.

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1st - Circa Nicky
2nd - KevBones
3rd - Gothcycle

KI top 4 stream start at 04:35:19