Mid South Championship 2017! Sep 9th and 10th!



I wonder why that was a mistake. Can you explain me why?

If you dont understand why that’s a mistake…then you have a long ways to go in the world of competition.
Look up the word Humility, study it, and apply it to your daily life.

Nicky Tea bagged you to get into your head…it worked. You were so worried about returning the favor and trying to make your taunt flashy and your tea bags flashier it cost you the match that would have put you up a match. ( you posted the video clip above and said “Thats how I screwed up my Eyedol”…not sure why you are asking me why I think it was a mistake when you already know the answer.)
Nicky was NEVER nervous, he was more relaxed that someone on 2 Xanax bars. You were nervous and worried. When he tea bagged you , whatever game plan you had went out the window and you panicked.
Then your final nail in the coffin was switching to Eagle.

Kevin, you are too worried about what everyone thinks and if you win or loose. Yes winning is great and that’s why you compete and practice…but you have to understand there is always a winner and a looser.
If you cant have fun and relax you will never beat Nicky when it matters.